Episode 012 – Evil-Lyn’s Plot

In which I attempt to come up with lots of rhymes for Widget, but give up after midget, fidget and ridget, the latter of which isn’t even a word.

I don’t often comment on the music in He-Man (it’s mostly all the same anyway) but this episode opens with the most sickeningly sweet symphony I’ve ever heard. This is supposed to illustrate the happy and good lifestyle of a bunch of midgets called Widgets including one called Squinch, who live in a fortress and are guarding something mysterious in their mines.

Evil-Lyn's Plot 1

On a ridget above the Widgets, Skeletor is plotting to break in and steal some corodite, which he will use to fashion a breastplate which naturally will help him destroy He-Man once and for all. He leads an all-out assault on the castle, at which point the Widgets send a signal to ask He-Man for help.

He-Man is hanging out in the wilderness looking for people to help, so it comes as a blessed relief to him to see the Widgets’ signal. He arrives just in time: Skeletor has breached the castle walls and is demanding corodite from the Widgets. Once Skeletor has been repelled, the Widgets tell He-Man that they mine corodite, but it’s too powerful for them to use, so they keep it hidden in the mines. I was a tad confused as to why they bother mining it in the first place, but there’s no need to argue.

Evil-Lyn's Plot 2

Back at Snake Mountain, Evil-Lyn and Panthor are laughing their fool heads off while Skeletor berates Beast-Man and Mer-Man for their failure at the Widgets’ castle. Evil-Lyn then disguises herself as a sexy blonde and offers to trick the Widgets into giving her the corodite. She returns to the fortress and pretends to be under attack from Panthor, leading the Widgets to rescue her and bring her inside.

Evil-Lyn's Plot 3

Evil-Lyn introduces herself as Nadira and claims to have lost her family in the woods, prompting much fidgeting as the Widgets to offer to search for them. Only Squinch remains at the fortress with Nadira, and in an ill-conceived attempt to cheer her up, shows her the corodite mine. Of course, Evil-Lyn steals the corodite, but less expectedly, she then transforms herself into a fireball to make her exit.

He-Man and the Widgets catch up with Skeletor and Evil-Lyn in Volcano Cave, the only place the corodite can be moulded into shape. Think Mount Doom, but quite a bit less menacing. Skeletor actually manages to create the corodite breastplate, which he puts on and announces, “Now I have the Power!” which makes He-Man look angrier than I’ve ever seen him before. The Widgets attend to Evil-Lyn, while He-Man and Skeletor duke it out. Obviously, He-Man wins, and peace is restored to Eternia.

Evil-Lyn's Plot 4


In today’s adventure …

Teela shows up to explain the logic behind the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.” The Widgets were taken in by Evil-Lyn looking so sexy, but it’s what’s inside that counts. Teela wisely tells us we mustn’t judge people by their appearance. This is all well and good, but it’s not exactly born out by this very cartoon, is it? Would it really have killed the creators to have a character who looks evil but acts good?


Excuse given for Prince Adam’s disappearance

As the episode begins, Adam and Cringer are pointlessly wandering around on their own, and they transform before they even meet the Widgets, so there’s no need for anyone to explain it.


Characters appearing

Well, we have Prince Adam, Cringer, He-Man, Battle-Cat, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Mer-Man, Beast-Man, the Sorceress, and all the Widgets, including Squinch, Laura and the other one. Plus there’s Teela, who only appears to dispense the moral.



Whoa! There must be something in the Eternian water today. Skeletor in particular seems livid, referring to Beast-Man and Mer-Man as “Witless fools! Dolts! Halfwits! Bunglers! Brainless idiots! Morons!” thanks to their pathetic efforts in storming the Widgets’ castle. He also yet again refers to He-Man as a “fool”, which seems to be his insult of choice for his nemesis. For his part, He-Man also displays a lack of imagination, once again calling Skeletor “skull-face”. More innovative is Squinch’s blistering assault on Panthor: “purple pest!” Evil-Lyn also gets in on the act with “little pests” directed at the Widgets when they tie her up in Volcano Cave.

Evil-Lyn's Plot 5


Does it have the Power?

I have to admit, my heart sank when the episode opened with the Widgets. I’d forgotten all about them, but the moment I saw them, I remembered how irritating they are. Nonetheless, the episode isn’t too bad, concentrating as it does on Skeletor and his blundering cronies for quite a long time. Plus the episode doesn’t have Orko in it, which makes for a very special episode indeed. In conclusion, I’d say this episode is unexpectedly good. (Unexpectedly good for He-Man, that is – don’t go expecting any masterpieces.)


7 thoughts on “Episode 012 – Evil-Lyn’s Plot

  1. If you can bear the widgets this is actually a great story! Evil lyn is definetly at her most devious funny enough it’s the only episode I can really bear the widgets as I’m not a huge fan of them I would have to say this is hands down the “best widget episode” (if you don’t include into the abyss of course which I don’t) evil lyn disguising herself to get the corodite is a brilliant plan to give skeletor more power, the fight scene with he man and skeletor was fantastic as well nice to see a closer scrap between them as usually there more one sided it’s actually for me the 2nd best skeletor he man fight scene after the arena I’d say so if you can look past the widgets then thus is a great ep, great plot great humour too love the ending with squintch telling his widget girlfriend he’s “through with women for good” lol an then gets even deeper in trouble carrying on with “I don’t mean you I mean pretty women” hilarious!! There was one scene that was pretty pointless with he man saving a traveller losing his kart other than that tho I was satisfied an I must admit I don’t like the widgets for this series Somehow Paul dini again brought the best out of them again in this episode the first widget ep an imo the best one overall 8/10


  2. Yup, John thompson is correct- this episode rocks. Skeletor becoming as powerful as He-Man was awesome. Evil Lynn was so evil. Give a point for Panthor and bonus points for He-Man saying that The Sorceress created his vest which gives him strength (a shout out to the early mini-comics) and you have a winner.

    Now, as far as you- Owen- making condescending comments about the quality of MOTU cartoons in general and Orko in particular- you probably should reconsider all the time you are investing in something you don’t appreciate.



  3. Agree Bob (in reply to the comment) and a very good point bob also makes is the sorceress creating he mans vest very true as this was strongly emphasised in the episode with he man saying to quote “that’s what the sorceress fashioned this harness from” emphasising just how powerful an the importance the corodite has, this is definetly one of the classic eps of the series! An regards to the one on one he man/skeletor fight going through all the episodes of season one it’s by far the best one of first season. In regards to Orko yeah I agree love him or hate him I think it would be fair to say he splits the crowd, for me personally while I may not be quite as big a fan as James ettock I still think he’s a lot of fun, I certainly don’t dislike him I’d agree being diplomatic the non Orko fans can be a bit cruel with him I’m somewhere in between imo the 2 outstanding Orko episodes are dawn of dragoon and creatures from the tar swamp Orko is fantastic character in both these eps I find the chemistry every bit as good with Orko and lady edwina as I do with Orko an drew elle it’s just in a different way!! Actually in creatures from the tar swamp if any fans watch this you’ll see if it wasn’t for Orko there’d be no he man!! God bless the power of grayskull… take care.


  4. Fair point Bob. Unfortunately, I’ve written all my reviews now so the time is already invested…

    In my defence, I would say that I absolutely 100% love this cartoon, and I certainly wouldn’t have put all this effort in if I didn’t. But – as is readily detectable by my regular readers – I have a pretty thin skin when it comes to irritating characters. I never liked Orko, even when I was five years old, and sadly my tolerance has only diminished since then. Orko’s not alone, of course: I also dislike many other characters, including (unpopular opinion alert!) the Sorceress, as well as Bow from She-Ra and pretty much the entire cast of the New Adventures.

    I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on the Orko front: as John says, he does rather divide the crowd.

    But thanks for reading and for commenting, it’s great to get feedback. I hope you still enjoy the reviews – they are intended to be tongue-in-cheek, and (most of) my rage is for comic effect…..


  5. In all honesty I think you’ve been very fair on the whole taking all our comments on board, there wouldn’t be any point without them I find the more people’s opinions we hear the healthier that’s partly what it’s about!! I think there’s a way of criticising a character or characters we don’t like I think maybe that’s the point bob was trying to make but as you say I’m glad you love he man as say you wouldn’t of done it an I know I myself certainly Owen am looking forward to your reviews for the second season!! I think the first season overall is generally preferred an while I’d say overall it’s slightly stronger I personally enjoyed season two much more than most I’d say the top end of season two episodes are slightly stronger but there are more weaker episodes than season one weaker episodes so it’ll be interesting seeing the reviews! With Orko it’s people’s opinions so I can’t be too critical but I have to draw the line with the sorceress haha she’s one of my favourite characters but in fairness you did acknowledge it’s an unpopular opinion! We’ve all agreed with some episodes and disagreed with others but I’d like to just say thanks for posting all these episodes it’s been a lot of fun to read! Thanks.


  6. Well, this episode got me a little bit confused at some point towards the end of it: why has Evil-lyn allowed herself to be captured with a single rope (and, which is worse, by a bunch of weak dwarfs)? Couldn’t she have easily got rid of it by magic (she’s supposed to be a witch after all, isn’t she)?

    Also, and most of all: why has Skeletor so placidly let himself to be beaten by He-Man? Wasn’t he even more powerful than him at that specific moment?

    The all of it gives me the frustrating impression that her plot was indeed entirely successful, but even so utterly useless – which lacks some sense of logic and leaves a lot to be desired as a plot, in my opinion.


  7. This is just my theory an opinion.. The rope tied up evil Lyn (by the widgets at near the end) but it took her by surprise so she didn’t see it coming till it was too late, once her hands are tied she’s unable to use her magic, if you look through the episodes in orko return episode orko was tied up with beast man an trap jaw i.e. With his hands by his side therefore was unable to use his magic, it’s the same again with evil lyn in the episode teelas triumph in this episode she gets tied up (just the same as in evil Lyons plot) so she can’t use her magic! I’m sure there’s many moments of lack of continuity as there is in this series, this is just my explanation why evil lyn is unable to use her magic. As for skeletor I thought it was a pretty evenly contested fight with he man when you compare it to many other episodes where skeletor gets defeated far far too easily and quickly. The best he man skeletor one on one fight by far in the series is in the episode the arena it goes on for nearly half the episode!! I’m not too keen on the widgets myself but I thought evil lyns plot was a great episode, again just in my opinion..


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