Episode 017 – Daimar the Demon

In which Man-at-Arms uses magic to discover quantum mechanics.

This episode opens ominously, with Orko complaining that he is bored. There’s only one way I can see this going, and it definitely isn’t good. Meanwhile, Man-at-Arms is boasting that using the Book of Magic, he’s made an incredible discovery: he’s identified another universe, and is even able to bring said universe up on his videophone. This amazing breakthrough in quantum theory does not prove too interesting to the royal family, who opt to get some dinner instead of discussing it further. Naturally, the moment they’ve gone, Orko shows up and off the top of his head, invents a spell which brings Daimar the Demon from the other universe to Eternia.

Daimar 1

Almost immediately, some odd magic causes the royal family’s meal to fly off the table. Perhaps remembering his many peltings with eggs and the like, Man-at-Arms instantly deduces who’s responsible. After he discovers that Orko has summoned Daimar, Man-at-Arms is a little panic-stricken and suggests He-Man make an appearance; if unchecked, Daimar will spin a cocoon and open a pan-dimensional rift, which would be a shame.

He-Man and Teela head off to Castle Grayskull to ask for more useful advice from the Sorceress, while over at Snake Mountain, Skeletor and Evil-Lyn feel a power drain, which they deduce is caused by something near the Palace. Skeletor instructs Evil-Lyn to acquire whatever has caused the power drain, which leads to her teleporting into the Palace and stealing the Book of Magic.

Daimar 2

Daimar creates his cocoon, and Orko goes to sleep against it. When he wakes, the cocoon has doubled in size, and is empty. Meanwhile, He-Man and Teela take an inordinately long time to get to Castle Grayskull, and when they arrive, they find the Sorceress very weak and incapable of saying anything vaguely useful. Fortunately but not surprisingly, Daimar – now about 50 feet tall – has made his own way to Grayskull and is waiting outside for He-Man.

Daimar traps He-Man and Teela in an energy field, but is then distracted by the arrival of Skeletor and Evil-Lyn, who initially fare slightly better but are similarly defeated. Daimar then begins to open that pan-dimensional rift and calls a load of weird ghostly demons to Eternia. Luckily, Orko shows up to ask Daimar why he’s attacking his friends, and Daimar responds that it is his destiny. He-Man then begins a long and corny monologue about how we all make our own destinies, and Daimar can be a nice person if he wants to be.

Daimar 3

Skeletor begs to differ and starts shooting Daimar, and then changes tack again, offering Daimar the chance to rule together. Daimar correctly works out that Skeletor would be a very slippery partner in any such enterprise, and instead chooses his own destiny, which fortunately is to return to his own dimension and take his silly ghost demons with him.


In today’s adventure…

Our take-home from this little excursion is that sometimes problems are really big, just like Daimar. If we have a big problem, there are a lot of people who care about us and can help us to solve them. This is super news. I suppose the writers felt that the audience was incapable of grasping the subject of exercising free will, as evidenced by Daimar’s deciding to choose his own destiny rather than being evil just because he happens to have horns, glowing eyes and the phrase “the Demon” as his surname.


Excuse given for Prince Adam’s disappearance:

There’s no excuse needed, because at the crucial moment, Teela disappears herself, leaving only Man-at-Arms around, and he already knows the secret. What’s slightly odder is that in the very next scene, He-Man is riding Battle-Cat to Grayskull and finds Teela standing around in a field waving a stick about. The only explanation is that Teela had her dinner snatched from under her by magic, so thought the most appropriate response was to go off to a random location and start practicing fencing by herself.

Daimar 4


Characters appearing

Today we have the pleasure of the company of Prince Adam, Cringer, He-Man, Battle-Cat, Orko, Teela, Man-at-Arms, King Randor, Queen Marlena, the Sorceress, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, and Daimar.



As ever, Skeletor leads the field this week, with two distinctly unimaginative offerings: “witch” directed at Evil-Lyn and the by now traditional “fool” for He-Man.


Egg on your face?

No eggs, but as previously mentioned, the royal family’s entire dinner goes flying, indirectly as a result of Orko’s magic. In perhaps a first for the series, this is actually primarily a plot point and only secondarily a misguided attempt to be amusing.

Daimar 5


Does it have the Power?

For an episode where the entire problem was caused by Orko messing about with magic, it’s quite unexpectedly not annoying. Despite the corniness of it, it was quite refreshing to see the monster being talked down by He-Man; in that sense, it was oddly reminiscent of an original Star Trek episode. I wouldn’t say that it’s a real classic, but it’s certainly good fun, and a lot better than some of the recent drivel we’ve had.


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