Episode 025 – Evilseed

In which He-Man and Skeletor team up to defeat a vegetable.

In the Palace laboratory, a computer alerts Man-at-Arms to a burst dam and crops being ruined, which prompts the re-use of animation from last week’s Wizard of Stone Mountain, when exactly the same thing happened. Man-at-Arms attempts to get to the dam to sort things out, but he can’t start the Wind Raider because there’s plants growing in the engine. How mysterious.

Once He-Man and Man-at-Arms get to the dam by other means, they successfully repair it. Talking with the farmers subsequently, they learn that a strange man sold them some seeds the previous day, which when planted caused vines to grow up the dam extremely quickly. Man-at-Arms remains with the farmers to “help”, though God knows what he thinks he’s going to do, or even what he thinks needs doing.

Evilseed 1

He-Man returns to the Palace, where he finds it covered in vines and weeds. The vines advance, forcing He-Man to waste time holding the Palace together, and in the meantime King Randor, Queen Marlena and Teela disappear. The Sorceress then teleports He-Man and Orko to Castle Grayskull, where He-Man voices the opinion that Skeletor is responsible for this little diversion.

He-Man contacts Skeletor via Skype, thus beginning an entertaining conversation where they each accuse each other of causing the vine invasion. This comes to a halt when a third party named Evilseed joins the discussion to claim responsibility. Evilseed looks like a walking stalk of broccoli, and he reveals that he has captured Randor, Marlena, Teela, Man-at-Arms and Battle-Cat. His aims at this point remain unclear, beyond the usual vague conquest of Eternia, and I suspect that’s all we’ll get.

Evilseed 2

He-Man, the Sorceress and Orko take a vine to the laboratory for analysis, where they quickly determine that to destroy the plants, they must make them cold. He-Man enthusiastically suggests getting a big ice ball from the Ice Mountains and smashing it in the sky, to which the Sorceress agrees, on condition that it is done above Castle Grayskull. The catch, however, is that for this to work, it will require the power of He-Man, the Sorceress – and Skeletor.

He-Man goes and gets the ice ball, as Skeletor arrives in Castle Grayskull. Ever unable to see past a quick win, Skeletor engages in a spot of betrayal, but ultimately the three most powerful forces on Eternia unite to destroy the ice ball, which makes it snow. Instantly, Evilseed’s vines retreat, and Evilseed himself withers and presumably dies. Harsh times.

Evilseed 4

In Grayskull, He-Man attempts to convince Skeletor to work together with him on future projects, but Skeletor knows that the series will end and he’ll be out of a job if he agrees, so he isn’t having any of it. Whoever said Skeletor isn’t smart?


In today’s adventure…

Not surprisingly, today it’s all about co-operation. We saw He-Man and Skeletor actually working together, which is something out of the ordinary. Teela explains that it’s sometimes easier to get the job done by working with other people, even if you don’t agree with them. I am perfectly happy with this moral, which is sane and relevant.

Evilseed 3


Characters appearing

It’s a pretty hefty cast list this week, with the ever-present Prince Adam, Cringer, He-Man and Battle-Cat leading the way. Then of course there’s Man-at-Arms, Teela, the Sorceress, Ram-Man, King Randor, Queen Marlena, Orko, Skeletor, Trapjaw, Evil-Lyn, Mer-Man, and Evilseed. And some farmers, who are gnomes of some kind, for no particular reason.


Excuse given for Prince Adam’s disappearance:

“I just remembered something I have to do,” says Adam. Does he honestly think that anyone is buying these vague offerings?



Evilseed calls Skeletor a “bonehead”, and the Sorceress gets a bit vicious by calling Skeletor a “fool.” But otherwise it’s Skeletor who leads the way this week. He calls Trapjaw a “fool” and a “blundering fool” within seconds of each other, and refers derisively to Evilseed as a “cabbage”. He also has a couple of choice phrases for He-Man – “Muscle-brain” being an obvious favourite. In addition, when He-Man first accuses Skeletor of summoning the vines, Skeletor responds with “Back up, Muscle-boy,” which may possibly be the most amusing line he has ever uttered, and I don’t even know why. It made me snort, though.

Evilseed 5



Does it have the Power?

Without a doubt. It’s a convincing threat, with energy-sapping vines shooting up all over the place, even if Evilseed himself looks a bit too much like a vegetable, and doesn’t really have much of a motive (not that Skeletor does either, really). The episode is perhaps a little slow to get going, but it really kicks in when we get the wonderful twist that Skeletor is also under attack by the vines – especially when he whinges that “they’re bugging the big bones out of me!” Once he is allowed entrance to Castle Grayskull, Skeletor’s constant bitching about He-Man being too heroic for his own good is hilarious. Ultimately, I haven’t got a bad word to say about this episode, and it could even be my new favourite.


8 thoughts on “Episode 025 – Evilseed

  1. Right on you said it evilseed is an absolute classic!!! The pace does start a little slow but I love the way this ep gradually builds up to the climax and I love skeletor in this ep my fav line don’t you get tired of being a hero all the time !!!! You can see he doesn’t want to really join forces but once he realises evilseed will destroy everything he has no choice I love how he reluctantly raises his havoc staff at the end it is a real special episode for skeletor there’s more of this lighter skeletor in the season two ep a trip to morania he’s really funny in! Overall evilseed along with the dragon invasion, the dragons gift and teelas quest are probably the strongest episodes of season one evilseed would no doubt make my best ten an all time classic of what the he man series is about and what made it true lily memorable 10/10!


  2. Review made me laugh too especially the bit about he man contacting skeletor by Skype !! Anyway this ep for me is what the he man series is all about I love the way skeletor hates the idea of joining forces but realises at the end he has no choice and reluctantly raises his havoc staff!! This is the first real episode where we see the lighter skeletor which is demonstrated a lot more in the season two episodes a trip to morania is one of the funniest and one of the best! Anyway this episode along with teelas quest, the dragon invasion and the dragons gift are probably the strongest episodes from season one overall evilseed is an all time classic would no doubt make my personal best ten 10/10!!!!!


  3. I believe Mer-Man is in this episode too. He has a hilarious back and forth with Skeletor calling for help, where Skeletor reveals he doesn’t have a good bone in his body.


  4. Contact via Skype? lol

    This one is a gem, a true classic in my opinion… with plenty of funny dialogues and quotes from various characters such as Skeletor, He-Man, Trap-Jaw, Mer-man, and so on!

    Excellent, worth watching episode. Its writers, whoever they were, must have been very inspired this time.


  5. This episode was written by Barney cohen and amazingly it was the one and only he man episode he wrote!! If we’re judging it by this episodes standards it’s a shame he didn’t write many more! Yes evilseed is without question one of the very best he man episodes the ending is just fantastic in that I believe skeletor chooses to team up purely down to the fact that he doesn’t want anyone else to rule eternia, loved skeletors bit of vegetable discrimination one of my favourite lines “who does that cabbage think he is?”!!! Lol. Fantastic episode.

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  6. I think that it is a very good episode too. There was a lot of action. Also, He-man and the sorceress used their brains and knowledge (Maybe it was the only time that we saw the laboratory of Castle Grayskull.) to save Ethernia, which I liked.

    Also, there was some character development between Skelettor and the Sorceress. I personaly think that she was right to say that Skelettor was a fool when he tried to submit her, because without the Sorceress’s help Skelettor couldn’t have stopped Evilseed from conquering Eternia. Skelettor was working against his own interest. Also, I think it was interesting to see that the sorceress didn’t blame Skelettor for attacking her when He-man came back later at Castle Grayskull and asked what happened during his absence.

    The only thing that I didn’t like was that at the beginning, He-man closed the dam and stopped the flooding with only a big heap of stone. I mean: To me, it was certainly not enough to stop the flooding.


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