Episode 035 – The Sleepers Awaken

In which He-Man persuades some loonies not to be evil.

We’re dropped straight into the action this week, with Adam and Teela discovering a dragon-shaped castle in the middle of a wasteland. Teela explains that 200 years ago, this was the castle of Lord Tiran and Lady Valtera, who we see in flashback using evil magic to drain power from the trees and plants in the vicinity, after which they go into suspended animation to wait until the vegetation grows back. Teela claims that the trees have now grown back, so Tiran and Valtera could wake up at any time.


I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you that Tiran and Valtera wake up in the very next scene. Tiran wakes up first, with white hair and a weird face, and heads out into the forest, while Valtera wakes up a little later, looking a bit older but not noticeably different.

Adam, contriving to be thrown off the back of a winged horse, lands right next to Valtera, who immediately magically freezes him. Tiran, watching from the edge of the clearing, for some reason gets super jealous of Adam, and stands about muttering ominous but vague threats.

Sleepers 2

Tiran’s master plan is shortly revealed: he snatches Valtera’s small pet dragon from her shoulder. Adam convinces Valtera to release him so he can help, and then runs off to transform into He-Man. He-Man quickly and easily rescues the dragon, though I really can’t see why he’s getting involved in this petty lovers’ tiff.

Valtera doesn’t recognise Tiran, who starts destroying trees to draw energy from them, prompting He-Man to say he doesn’t like people who destroy trees. It’s nice to see he’s really taken last week’s lesson to heart. Anyway, Valtera lets He-Man into the castle by a secret passage, and en route begins the process of a personality transplant to become good rather than evil.

Sleepers 3

Teela also re-enters the episode at this point, letting herself into the castle and instantly getting captured by Tiran. When He-Man and Valtera confront him, he reveals his identity to Valtera, explaining that the use of the tree-draining magic has warped him. In the course of the ensuing barney, Tiran manages to knock down the entire castle, because he’s clever like that.

Realising that the pet dragon is stuck under a rock, Tiran and He-Man work together to free it, prompting Tiran to understand the error of his ways. Tiran and Valtera destroy their medallions which are the source of their evil powers, and instantly regain their original appearances. They fly off on winged horses, shrieking, “Goodbye, friends!!” while Prince Adam does his stupid winking at the camera malarkey again.


In today’s adventure…

Just as I thought we were going to make it through the whole episode without him, here’s Orko to deliver this week’s moral. He solemnly informs us that although we don’t need to sleep for 200 years, it is important to get enough sleep, and it’s definitely important to try to go to bed at the same time each night, not eat anything much before bedtime, and not get any exercise or excitement before bedtime. Sounds rubbish.

Sleepers 4


Characters appearing

A very small cast today, led by Prince Adam, He-Man, Teela, Tiran and Valtera, and Orko and Cringer for the moral, if that counts.


Excuse given for Prince Adam’s disappearance:

There’s no excuse when Adam turns into He-Man, but once He-Man transforms back into Adam, Adam explains He-Man’s absence by saying, “I was helping He-Man rescue a giant snake.” This is not a euphemism, as there was a giant snake in this episode. I just couldn’t be bothered to mention it in the review.

Sleepers 5



He-Man is more into stupid non sequitur comments than insults this week, claiming that the giant snake is tickling him, for example. So nothing for this category, I’m afraid.


Does it have the Power?

This episode is a very average affair really. I genuinely can’t think of anything much to say about it one way or the other. In its favour, it’s not annoying in any way, but neither does it have a whole lot to recommend it. Perhaps a greater exploration of the theme of using evil powers making Tiran into an ugly person might have helped it, as might a greater justification for Valtera’s rapid change in personality. So watch it, or don’t. I don’t care.

2 thoughts on “Episode 035 – The Sleepers Awaken

  1. It’s a good job the next episode is a classic the search just like the dragons gift following up the terrible star child at least the next episode is a treat testing he mans goodness and an important one for the series! The sleepers awaken is an ok episode but no skeletor but very slow going it’s ok but that’s it!


  2. There really isn’t a lot to comment of with this episode I agree it’s a very take it or leave it adventure an episode without skeletor has to be exceptionally good to be an enjoyable watch but a couple of things I would say that’s popped into my head the morale of evil people becoming good I agree could of been done better but a classic example of the difference between a classic and an average episode the dragons gift never felt forced at any time in this episode he man uses the reference again of I don’t like people who destroy trees it feels forced and not as meaningful when comparing this episode with something classic like the dragons gift, the characters Lord Tirana and lady Valera are ok but I have to be in the right mood to watch this adventure in the right mood I can quite enjoy it but on a bad day it’s quite boring and you think to yourself you just want it to end!! As I say it’s pretty slow going with little action but there are worse episodes than this one it’s still way better than the star child say but it’s just average at best! 6/10 regarding the winking at the end of episodes yes I agree to I have always found this highly irritating!!! The only episode it worked was pawns of the game master near the end of season one but that’s because there was a reason ie the adam he man identity thing and on that occasion it worked but as you say when it gets done over and over again just for the sake of it without any purpose it’s annoying! Anyway to close getting back on topic the sleepers awaken is just an average at best he man episode that for some reason a lot of people really enjoy I find it very overated unlike the next episode that i found one of the most important episodes of the series and underated each to our own I guess!


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