Episode 059 – The Witch and the Warrior

In which that creepy idiot Malik makes an unwelcome comeback.

Malik, the stupid wizard from the less than exciting episode Wizard of Stone Mountain, seems to have branched out into a new career guarding the Fountain of Life, in the desert city of Arridan, from the evil wizard Kothos. As the episode opens, we find him deciding that Kothos’ attacks are becoming too frequent, and accordingly he contacts the Palace to request the help of He-Man and Teela.

Prince Adam: “Why is there a massive picture of that twat Malik on your wall, Teela?”

As soon as He-Man arrives, Kothos provides a nice big sand monster for He-Man’s delight and delectation. While He-Man is thus occupied, Evil-Lyn sneaks into the temple with intent to steal the waters of the Fountain for Skeletor. Teela attempts to stop her, but during their battle, Kothos arranges for the entire temple to fly away with both Teela and Evil-Lyn inside it. Kothos then strips Evil-Lyn of her magical powers, and abandons both her and Teela in the middle of the desert.

Teela proposes a truce, at which prospect Evil-Lyn snarls and then accepts. They trudge through the desert, helping each other to find water, defeat a Sand Devil, and light a fire for warmth once night sets in. Around the campfire, the two of them grudgingly admire each other’s skills and bemoan the fact that they’re on opposite sides.

He-Man, in the meantime, has been distracted from Teela’s predicament by Clawful, who lures him into a battle in a cave. This battle does not go too well for Clawful, who ends up encased in concrete and hurled all the way back to Snake Mountain, where he is greeted with distinct displeasure by Skeletor. He-Man then gathers Man-at-Arms, Orko and Battle-Cat, and sets off with Malik for Kothos’ hideout to recover the stolen temple.

Clawful: “I think I need to lay off the ketamine.”

Teela and Evil-Lyn sneak into Kothos’ lair, where Evil-Lyn recovers her magic powers. He-Man and his group also show up at this point, and there follows a not particularly entertaining fight with Kothos’ guards, while Evil-Lyn nips off to prevent Kothos drinking the waters of the Fountain of Life. She does this by turning him into a Sand Slug, but then passes out from her injuries sustained in the battle.

Kothos: “I think my finger is exploding.”

Malik transports the temple back to Arridan, then uses some of the Fountain’s waters to heal Evil-Lyn. Evil-Lyn declares the truce over, but decides that she’s had more than enough of the Fountain, and heads back to Snake Mountain without trying to steal it again. Then He-Man revives one of his long-forgotten annoying habits and winks at the camera, which is clearly because the writer couldn’t think of a pithy line on which to close the episode.


In today’s adventure…

Teela is the one delivering the moral, but instead of talking about cooperation, she decides to go off on one about making the best of a bad situation. Yes, okay, that was demonstrated in the episode as well, I suppose, but come on – this episode was a perfect showcase for working together with people you don’t like. I suppose the writers don’t want to make things too obvious, but if you’re going to have a moral segment at the end of the cartoon, it’s never going to be all that subtle, is it?

Teela: “Look, writers! Me and Evil-Lyn are working together! Surely you can do something with that, no?”

Character checklist

Oh, there’s loads of people today. Of course, there’s Prince Adam, Cringer, He-Man, Battle-Cat, Teela, Man-at-Arms, Malik, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Clawful, Kothos, and a whole horde of nameless cannon fodder on both Malik and Kothos’ teams.


Excuse given for Prince Adam’s disappearance

No excuse is given when Adam turns into He-Man. Later in the episode, He-Man transforms Cringer into Battle-Cat, and he does it right in front of Malik, thus completely blowing Cringer’s cover once and for all. Well done, He-Man.



There’s quite a bit of nastiness flying around this week: Teela calls Evil-Lyn an “evil witch”, and Evil-Lyn reciprocates with “impudent fool”. Teela also implicitly calls Evil-Lyn a “vicious creature” by suggesting that it takes one to know one when Evil-Lyn discusses her knowledge of Eternia’s beasties. Kothos calls his guards “fools” and refers to Evil-Lyn as a “nuisance”, but it’s perhaps He-Man who takes first prize this week with his outstandingly inventive “lobster lips” for Clawful.

He-Man: “I’ve got a great insult stored up to use on you, Clawful. You’ll cry for weeks.”

Does it have the Power?

I must say, of all the characters who needed a comeback, Malik wouldn’t be my first choice. Wizard of Stone Mountain was rubbish, and I didn’t need to be reminded of it. Still, Malik’s presence was pretty much irrelevant, and I suppose it’s nice to see the writers creating a little bit of continuity in Eternia.

The Teela and Evil-Lyn plotline was very enjoyable, showing the benefits of cooperation and demonstrating that Evil-Lyn has quite a bit more depth than most of Skeletor’s clowns: I can’t imagine Beast-Man forming a truce with anyone, no matter how much he needed to. The story was complemented by a lot of excellent animation work going into Evil-Lyn this week: her disgusted grimace when she realises she has to work with Teela is superb, and when she’s at the campfire, she flicks her cloak to make sure it doesn’t go up in flames, which is a completely unnecessary attention to detail which I really appreciated in He-Man’s world of frequently recycled stock animation.

Evil-Lyn: “What do you mean, you didn’t bring any marshmallows?”

And if you’re easily entertained, there was more Viagra voiceover work from He-Man, when he addresses the sand monster: “So that’s your trick, eh? Soft one minute and solid the next.” Probably worth watching for that alone.

7 thoughts on “Episode 059 – The Witch and the Warrior

  1. The witch and the warrior for me is also a truelly wonderful he man episode it’s an absolute gem and for many reasons… it delves deeply into the characters an teela and evil lyn, evil lyn reveals her “white hair” skeletor is in yo yo but without dominating the story and there’s a nice action scene again with clawfal and he man too! Evil lyn actually saves teelas life yes saves her life and what she shows at the end of the episode demonstrates that evil lyn had her own code of honour without fighting I always love it when she exits in the fire ball like she did in evil lynn plot! Kothos I think is a great villain and a really interesting character, only a couple of minor negatives that didn’t effect the story yet I agree Malik is not one of my favourite characters so I too was a bit judgemental at first as I too found his first ep wizard of Stone Mountain very boring it’s actually the only Paul Dinis episode I didn’t like!! Anyway back to the witch and the warrior the 2nd minor complaint was did anyone notice he man changing cringed into battle cat right in front of Malik?? May be he came out after an they were just cutting tine! Overall an excellent late season one episode my favourite desert based episode the camp fire scene was probably the highlight giving Paul find giving evil lyn and teela amazing diologue 9/10


  2. Too bad He-man episodes have to have He-man in them…I love He-man as much as the next being, but it would’ve been cool to see Evil-Lyn and Teela for twenty minutes, just have them do their thing?


  3. Think this is the nearest episode you’ll watch to seeing that happening!! Teela and evil lyn get plenty of screen time, this episode probably doesn’t have the strongest story but it doesn’t matter it should just be celebrated for showing a lot of these two female characters, it was interesting to see them being put in this uniques situation and there reaction to it, this is what I really appreciated and loved it! The ending just summed up perfectly evil lynn character as being her own person ie if it were skeletor and they used the fountain of life ti heal him at the end like they did with evil lyn he most probably would of carried on fighting trying to take the fountain yet evil lyn showed she was her own code of honour by simply turning into her fireball and off she went, this point was also emphasised at the end with teela quoting to Malik ” I think that’s the closest evil lyn will ever come to saying thank you” I thought this was a truelly wonderful he man episode or teela evil lynn episode!! Take care.


  4. This I’d reckon as one of the best He-Man episodes I’ve seen so far.

    Also, I believe this is the first (if not the only) time on the entire series in which Evil-Lyn’s hair is exposed to the eyes of the audience, which makes it even more special IMO.


  5. I completely agree Marcus this is definetly one of the best and yes it is the only time evil Lyons removes her helmet revealing her white hair!! What makes it so special as well is you learn so much about evil Lynn that she holds no loyalty to skeletor and it’s his power she wants, most of the baddies or henchmen in any of these cartoons will just simply follow there leader but you discover evil Lyn has her own code of honour as she demonstrated right at the end of the episode by simply leaving the fountain of life and going without a fight skeletor would not do this but after the whole episode of teela and evil Lyn working together in the desert and her being saved by the fountains waters she had some sort of a conscience which was confirmed at the end when Malik said to quote “I can’t believe it she left without a fight” then teela replied with “Malik I think that’s the nearest evil Lyn will get to saying thank you”!! This really was a truely amazing episode which sometimes gets alittle overlooked from being a top classic but I believe this is right up there with the best season one episodes, also don’t forget the other truelly amazing moment in this episode evil Lynn actually saved teelas life!! This was one of evil lyns strongest episodes if you like evil Lyn Marcus watch no job too small this is another very good episode for evil Lynn takecare…

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