Episode 080 – The Shadow of Skeletor

In which King Randor does some moonlighting as a scientist.

The episode opens with Ram-Man again proving his “moron” credentials: he walks into the Palace theatre, sees Man-e-Faces with his monster face on, and decides that he must be a monster. He attacks Man-e-Faces and accidentally destroys the theatre scenery, then gets really defensive about it. This is all despite the fact that he definitely knows who Man-e-Faces is; Prince Adam says they are friends. Ram-Man must therefore know about Man-e-Faces’ ability, and consequently it really is massively stupid of him to not be able to figure out that the monster dressed as Man-e-Faces is not in fact a monster.

Shadow 1
Man-e-Faces: “Jesus, Ram-Man, could you be more of an idiot?”

This demented quarrel is interrupted by the only person on Eternia thicker than Ram-Man: Beast-Man, who has contrived to lose control of his stupid flying machine and head straight for the Palace dome. He-Man decides to intervene by spinning round on the spot really quickly, until he takes off and flies through the sky as a whirlwind, sucking in the flying machine and depositing it a safe distance away. Well done, He-Man. Now that you’ve proved you can fly, that means Stratos and Buzz-Off need never appear again.

He-Man turns back into Adam and leads an expedition to check out the flying machine. When Skeletor gets on the radio demanding a progress report, Man-e-Faces imitates Beast-Man’s voice, but doesn’t manage to learn any information about what Skeletor is hoping Beast-Man will achieve. Despite this, Adam claims Man-e-Faces has done good work, in the sort of patronising tone used to encourage very stupid children.

Shadow 2
Adam: “Well DONE, Man-e-Faces! I’ll write your name down in the Good Effort Book today!”

Man-at-Arms repairs the auto-pilot on the flying machine, while Man-e-Faces creates a whole body Beast-Man disguise. The auto-pilot takes the ship right through the atmosphere, to the Moon of Darkness, where a photon blaster fires at Eternia’s other moon, referred to as the Bright Moon. Man-at-Arms points out that the blaster might have hit the moon colony, so everyone except Man-e-Faces boards a shuttle to go and check if the colony has survived.

On arrival at the Bright Moon, our heroes meet Professor O’Ryan, who looks suspiciously similar to King Randor. It’s almost as if Filmation reused the animation and thought pedantic people like me wouldn’t notice – but surely they wouldn’t do that? Anyway, a transmission comes in from King Barble of the Dark Moon, who accuses the inhabitants of the Bright Moon of attacking them and declares the Treaty of Friendship over.

Shadow 3
Professor O’Ryan: “What? No, of course I haven’t got a crown on underneath this silly hat.”

Our heroes quickly deduce that Skeletor must be behind the mysterious attacks that are being blamed on the Bright Moon. They are quite right: Man-e-Faces – in his Beast-Man outfit – has met up with Evil-Lyn, Mer-Man, Trapjaw and Whiplash, and they all crowd round while Skeletor gets on Skype to reveal the full plan, which boils down to “try to cause a war by being unpleasant”. I really don’t know what Skeletor stands to gain by having the Dark and Bright Moons go to war, and I suspect he doesn’t either.

Adam and Ram-Man take a shuttle across to the Dark Moon, where they arrive just in time for Skeletor and the real Beast-Man to show up and unmask Man-e-Faces’ disguise. Adam changes into He-Man, and he and Ram-Man save Man-e-Faces; this is achieved by Ram-Man ramming Whiplash and Evil-Lyn back through space to Eternia. Even a child would debate the sanity of this method, but at least it leads to Man-e-Faces and Ram-Man making friends again, which I’m sure you cared about. He-Man then destroys the photon blaster, renegotiates the treaty between the Dark and Bright Moons, and finds time to throw Skeletor and Trapjaw into a pond.

Shadow 4
Trapjaw: “There’s a sort of weary inevitability about this turn of events.”


In today’s adventure…

Ram-Man and Man-e-Faces appear to deliver the fairly predictable moral lesson that if you get into an argument, you should be careful to not lose your temper and say things you might regret later. This is all very well, but there’s then a slightly unexpected turn of events where Ram-Man says, “Now we’re better friends than ever” and appears to put his hand on Man-e-Faces’ arse.

Shadow 5
Man-e-Faces: “Our relationship shall be explored more thoroughly in fan-fic.”


Character checklist

This episode features a pretty sizeable number of Eternia’s inhabitants: Prince Adam, Cringer, He-Man, Orko, Teela, Man-at-Arms, Ram-Man, Man-e-Faces, King Randor, Professor O’Ryan, King Barble, Skeletor, Beast-Man, Trapjaw, Evil-Lyn, Mer-Man and Whiplash. I probably forgot someone in that lot, and if so, you can tell me all about it in the comments below.


Excuse given for Prince Adam’s disappearance

Despite two transformations, there are no excuses. On the other hand, the episode does contain an absolutely brilliant sequence in which Adam thinks he will have to turn into He-Man in front of Teela, Ram-Man and Man-e-Faces, and he gets as far as “By the …” before the crisis is averted. He hilariously concludes, “By the way, Teela, remind me to show you my new jacket when we get home.”

Shadow 6
Adam: “Oh no! I left my copy of Eternian E-Turn-Ons on the bed, and Mother’s heading for my room!”



Skeletor calls Beast-Man a “fool”, but he doesn’t sound like his heart is really in it. He also calls Adam a “troublemaker”, sounding similarly uninterested. Evil-Lyn, on the other hand, sounds hugely invested in calling King Barble a “dope”.


Does it have the Power?

I don’t know quite why, but unfortunately this one doesn’t really work for me. It’s nice to see Skeletor with one of his stupid plots, and all his henchmen happily getting involved, but there just doesn’t seem to be any point to him trying to cause a war between the two moons. As far as I could tell from the episode, neither moon had anything to do with Castle Grayskull or the Royal Palace, which seem to be the two targets Skeletor tends to go for. He just seems to be causing mischief for no apparent gain and a rather substantial cost. He’d have been better advised to just shoot his photon blaster at the Palace.

I don’t have a lot of time for Man-e-Faces, because I think his face-changing ability is just plain stupid, and I don’t have any time at all for Ram-Man, because he’s really irritating. Therefore, the plot concerning them falling out and making friends was unlikely to capture my interest, and sure enough, it didn’t. In short, I’d say the only real reason to watch this episode is the – admittedly brilliant – moment where Adam nearly betrays his He-Manic identity.

9 thoughts on “Episode 080 – The Shadow of Skeletor

  1. Oh, I I’ve watched this episode before. I liked it. And maybe Skeletor was trying to cause a war on the two moons so the palace would be distracted, and Skeletor could shoot the palace with the photon laser. Or something like that.


    1. All this episode lack is just one phrase from Skeletor, explainig, how he would benefit from war. Something like “the war would weaken both moons, and I conquer them easily!”, or something.

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      1. As the Lord of Destruction, I think the idea is that Skeletor simply benefits from the chaos and death of war no matter what. He’s not really trying to conquer the moons, just cause havoc.

        It’s not a role that is explored often in Filmation, but is a part of Skeletor’s mythos in other depictions.


  2. The adam nearly transforming into he man moment in front of teela was the highlight it has to be said! Actually I thought this episode was pretty good not great tho, I too have made no secret that I much prefer to save skeletor than this but I still think the shadow isn’t bad at all Roby goryn isn’t one of my favourite writers he penned the energy beast monster on the mountain (actually it was so ridiculous it was kind of funny falls into the It’s so bad its good Catagory) and much later on he did the greatest show on eternia which is actually my worst he man and the masters of the universe episode however there can be no question that the shadow of skeletor is Robyn goryns best effort there’s plenty of characters all showing purpose for being there, I agree tho the man e faces ram man fall out was lame I actually found it quite childish but skeletor likes to cause mischief anyway so it didn’t matter the story hadn’t anything to do with grayskull or the royal palace imo, overall tho I’d say I enjoyed this episode more than yourself Owen but I agree it’s not a classic as some feel and again it pales in comparison to the excellent to save skeletor! Overall I’d just give it a 7/10 (for the identity revealing nearly scene) ram man saving adam transforming!!


  3. James Eatock explains in his book that he thought the plot was one of the few times that Skeletor lived up to his Lord of Destruction title. In other words, war was desirable simply for war’s sake — the chaos, devastation, and loss of life were enough for Skeletor. That’s a little darker than Skeletor’s usual Filmation schemes, but I think it fits with the evidence.

    This episode has some nice moments, but is dragged down by Man-E-Faces and Ram Man being overused. I particularly enjoy the interaction among the Evil Warriors when Man-E-Faces / Beast Man first arrives. Evil-Lyn saying “What are you talking about? We’re all here!” is one of my favorite of her lines for some reason.


  4. Your right Jeremy that’s why I said it didn’t matter it not being no castle grayskull time an time again or the royal palace (although these are his two main objectives to basically conquer eternia) but it’s true skeletor just loves getting up to mischief anyway, as you said eatock talks about skeletor emphasising war as he quote “I want war”!! Personally i preferred to save skeletor but this was still a pretty good episode. As you say Jeremy skeletor basically causing a war purely for wars sake this is well in his character. I agree with Owen on man e faces his voice was different in the second season too and although it was believable I didn’t like the ram man fall out with man e faces I know it’s a children’s cartoon but I always found there arguing in this episode alittle babyish! Anyway that’s just my opinion but it’s still a good ep just not a great ep imo takecare..


  5. I think a quick phrase skeletor explaining his reasons for attacking the 2 moons ie what hed benefit from it would help views that don’t watch he man I accept that would help however what Jeremy just said I think for me anyway is absolutely spot on, skeletor is just causing havoc for wars sake ! the moons isn’t really a factor to him its just simply causing trouble and destruction, this I feel is a huge part of skeletors character that’s surprisingly not explored enough ie almost all his attacks theres a purpose (grayskull its secrets and the royal palace king skeletor) but in this episode its just skeletor causing trouble without any apparent reason I don’t which makes him a bit darker in the episode I don’t think he particularly wants to take over eternias moons its 2 simply cause a war between the 2 moons. Its not one of my absolute favourites but its a good episode for this and does show how evil skeletor can be, I get put off a bit sadly with the ram man fall out with man e faces im afraid but its just my feeling, the difference between it being a good episode and a great episode.


  6. Just thinking this is near enough answered in the episode when skeletors talking to his henchman not once does he mention taking over the moons followed by his trademark laugh to quote skeletor simply says “you must use all your powers and misery to bring despair to the people of the darkmoon I want war”!! I think this explains it all right here.


  7. I read somewhere that Alan, John and Linda were contracted to play no more than 3 characters per episode. This episode (along with ‘Island of Fear’) seems to be an exception. I’m sure tehre are others.


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