Episode 090 – One For All

In which Teela nearly succeeds in removing Orko from the episode altogether.

Adam, Cringer, Teela and Orko are having a day out exploring an archaeological site, when they receive word that a horde of space pirates have descended on a peaceful farming village to steal food supplies. Teela very sensibly decides to send Orko back to the Palace to alert Man-at-Arms, perhaps in the naive hope that Orko will then remain at the Palace and not appear in the rest of the episode. This hope is entirely unjustified.

Adam, Cringer and Teela show up at the village, where they completely fail to defeat the pirates – all of whom put together are, I must say, less intelligent than Ram-Man. In this display of ineptitude, Adam manages to lose his sword, and a big red rock-like pirate nicks it. Then the lead pirate, imaginatively named Sticky Fingers, shoots tar out of his fingers and roots our idiot heroes to the spot, while the pirates load their ship with food.

One For All 1
Sticky Fingers: “Got to say, I’m impressed at your stag do outfits, lads.”

I must have glanced away from the screen for a moment and missed some crucial information, because the next thing I knew, Adam, Teela and Cringer were in jail in some unspecified location. Luckily, two of the villagers – Rose and Harel – arrive to bust them out, take them to a warehouse to hide, then explain that the other villagers are too frightened to stand up to the pirates.

Before an intelligent discourse on how to stand up to bullies can begin, this notion is abandoned in favour of the introduction of a stupid two-legged monster with an elephant’s trunk and a rhino’s horn, which tracks our heroes to their hiding place. Thankfully, this ridiculous creation is defeated with the judicious use of some pepper, clogging up its trunk and rendering it incapable of further troublemaking.

One For All 2
Adam: “And the award for Least Expected Monster Ever goes to…”

Adam, Teela, Rose and Harel give the other villagers a pep talk in Bullying 101, advising them to work together and present a united front to the pirates. Adam then reveals that he has an idea, which is evidently inspired by frequent viewings of Home Alone, consisting as it does of the construction of a variety of stupid traps including jail cells suspended on ropes and deep pits, in which a good proportion of the pirates very shortly manage to get themselves trapped.

In the meantime, Cringer successfully recovers Adam’s sword, and He-Man appears on the scene very shortly thereafter. He quickly captures Sticky Fingers, after which Man-at-Arms finally arrives and promises to bring the pirates to justice. He-Man then congratulates the villagers on their newfound skills in working together to build traps, and Orko pops up again for a grand finale in which he idiotically makes Man-at-Arms invisible. Man-at-Arms probably welcomes this, since he can now punch Orko in the face without anyone ever knowing he was there.

One For All 3
Man-at-Arms: “Orko! How can I maintain my unearned reputation for competence if you keep dicking around making me invisible?”


In today’s adventure…

Adam is very proud of his efforts with the villagers this week, and comes along to tell us all about cooperation. Lifting heavy objects and doing boring jobs are easier if you get someone else to help you. They’re even easier if you get someone else to do it instead of you, but Adam doesn’t say that.


Character checklist

Right, well, it’s Prince Adam, Cringer, He-Man, Battle-Cat, Teela, Orko, Man-at-Arms, Rose, Harel, Sticky Fingers, and a whole host more pirates and villagers, the names of whom I remain entirely uninformed and uninterested.

One For All 4
Villagers: “Most of us don’t have or deserve names.”


Excuse given for Prince Adam’s disappearance

When the space pirates first appear on the scene, Teela runs off telling Adam to stay right where he is. This should be all the excuse Adam needs, but he still decides to try to give the game away by commenting, “All right, Teela. Adam will stay right where he is.” Fortunately, Teela is out of earshot by this stage, so doesn’t start questioning why Adam’s started referring to himself in the third person.



Some pretty mild fare this week, with nothing more serious than Sticky Fingers referring to his entire cabal as “fools”, and Orko calling Sticky Fingers a “miserable pirate”.


Does it have the Power?

It’s an unpromising storyline which actually turns out to be relatively good fun. The writer clearly put himself into a corner with his introduction of these pirates, who never even approach being threatening. He must therefore have realised that He-Man would make mincemeat of them in an instant, so conjured up the subplot concerning the theft of the sword. This has the pleasing (if possibly unintended) by-product of portraying Adam as surprisingly competent; it’s nice to see what he can do when he’s forced to by an inability to He-Manise himself. Cringer too gets a moment in the limelight, successfully stealing the power sword back from Sticky Fingers.

One For All 5
Cringer: “Hashtag winning.”

On the downside, the pirates – despite some interesting animation designs – are all entirely lacking in personality, with the exception of Sticky Fingers, who’s not that exciting. The whole storyline is pretty slow as well: the episode is forced to pad things out with an irrelevant five minute section at the start where He-Man has to rescue Rose from falling down a chasm.

In short, though, this episode is better than you might expect. Don’t think you’re getting a classic, but you’ll probably enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Episode 090 – One For All

  1. John Irwin (who voices he man) was the voice for sticky fingers and I thought with this one he was convincing enough unlike say for example when he voiced the villain rago in the episode it’s not my fault he sounded pretty pathetic but in this episode one for all I thought sticky fingers sounded evil enough, the paceing is a little slow but this episode is largely entertaining! I as I’m sure many fans do I call this the recycled episode of the series you can either find it a little off putting I think or simply embrace it, for me this is one of those episode that grows on you and gets better and better the more times you see it personally I loved the way this episode was put together, just a few interesting points on the stock to jog he man fans memories… sticky fingers sidekick if you like is like an evil sago from the ep sleepers awaken, you’ve got Willian (from the cave dwellers) in the star child ep, a smaller version of a best in the ep reign of the monster in this ep it is named the tracker, gain from tale of two cities and once again that boy Chad (from double edged sword) who’s been used time an time again!! Anyway I’m sure there’s plenty more Stock characters who were recycled but there’s naming a few examples. Overall on first watch one for all just struck me as average he man episode but after a few watches it grows on you I can totally understand why all the resused stock characters may be a little off putting and distracting for some but I personally really enjoyed the way this episode was put together, the sword as a side plot going missing was done pretty well too (better than done other eps) it’s not an all time great but it’s worth a watch imo out if ten its around a seven I’d say pretty enjoyable and Great scene at the end between he man and sticky fingers john Erwin/john Erwin takecare..


  2. I think it is an average He-man episode. The action was a bit entairtaining. The space pirates were bad fighters, but in the second season, Skelettor’s minions weren’t a lot better than the pirates. Also, this episode mostly featured Adam instead of He-man and I liked that Adam acted like a leader for once (Remember that Adam is supposed to become king one day.). Also, I liked that Cringer was courageous and helped Adam to get back his sword, while Battlecat did nothing in this episode.


    1. I agree with you completely on Adams character in this episode and the way he was used, although this episode was fairly average overall this was one thing for me that brought it up a bit and that I really liked about this episode, adam as you say showed plenty of courage and a lot of leadership too, the missing sword plot has been done before but this was one of the better episodes of its kind for adam losing his sword, it was nice the way he hot it back an it gave cringer a chance to shine as well..


      1. Yep, you’re both right about the use of Adam here. It’ll never be one of my favourites, but it’s not half bad.


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