Episode 102 – Revenge is Never Sweet

In which He-Man tries on a smashing new helmet.

The Attack Trak has broken down in the desert, and Adam and Teela are fixing it. Well, actually, Adam’s fixing it, because that’s what men do, and Teela is sitting next to him, watching enthralled, and curling her legs round herself coquettishly, because that’s what women do. Orko offers to help with some magic, which is politely if forcefully refused, and he floats away looking for some trouble to get himself and the others into.

Revenge 1
Teela: “Get on with it, Adam. I’ve got lots of gender stereotyping confirmation to do today.”

Trouble comes along pretty quick. Remember Kothos from The Witch and the Warrior? No, neither did I. Well, he was an evil magician who ended up being turned into a Sand Slug by Evil-Lyn. Orko, being thick as bricks, is persuaded to turn him back, and Kothos embarks on a new career of mayhem. He starts by freezing our heroes to the spot, then decides to exact his revenge on Evil-Lyn.

However, he goes about this in an unusual and – dare I say it – even sensible way. He contacts Skeletor, offering to trade Evil-Lyn for Adam, Teela, Orko, Cringer and He-Man. This last is fairly ambitious, since Kothos doesn’t have He-Man, nor does he have a hope of getting him. Skeletor – who seems to have reacquired his brains since his last appearance in The Greatest Show on Eternia – agrees, but only on condition that Kothos actually capture He-Man first.

In an effort to lure He-Man into a trap, Kothos puts his four captives on a raft, shoves it into the middle of a lake, and then unfreezes them. His reasoning is that He-Man will come barrelling along and be overcome by Kothos’ magic. Adam instantly dives into the lake and swims far enough away to become He-Man without being observed, then returns and shows off by surfing the raft to safety.

Revenge 2
Orko: “Yes, I could float across the lake and fetch help, but I’m not going to.”

Unfortunately, once they reach dry land, Kothos freezes them all again – except He-Man, for whom he arranges a special magic helmet, which effectively neutralises him. Kothos then calls Skeletor to report that he now has He-Man. He doesn’t mention that he’s lost Prince Adam, but Skeletor couldn’t give a flying fox about that. He eagerly puts Evil-Lyn in a cage and flies off to meet Kothos. He reassures Evil-Lyn that he’s simply playing along with Kothos and that she’s in no danger, but he gives a demented little chuckle that left me entirely unsure what he’s actually going to do.

On arrival, Skeletor reveals his true colours and happily exchanges Evil-Lyn for He-Man and co. Kothos wheels Evil-Lyn’s cage into his giant flying palace, which has just arrived on the scene, while Skeletor stands around in the desert praising his own skills in duplicity. Evil-Lyn, however, from her cage uses her magical powers to remove the silly helmet from He-Man’s head, and He-Man promises to rescue her from Kothos as soon as he can.

Revenge 3
Skeletor: “He-Man, you simply have to tell me where you get your adorable hats.”

First, though, he has to deal with Skeletor, which is achieved with consummate ease. With Skeletor out of the way, Team He-Man decides to go the extra mile and really earn their Hero of the Year awards, by going to save Evil-Lyn from Kothos. Equipping themselves with Sky Sleds, He-Man, Teela and Orko fly up to the floating palace, while Cringer is told to go home.

The floating palace is well equipped with a variety of traps, which range from the mildly perilous to the actively tedious. While He-Man wastes time with giant hands, trapdoors and lecturing Kothos on the futility of revenge, Teela and Orko find Evil-Lyn and release her. Unfortunately, Evil-Lyn refuses to go quietly and decides to go to get her revenge on Kothos. At about this point, I’d say our heroes ought to leave them to it, but of course they don’t. Evil-Lyn is stupid enough to fall out of a window though, so there’s no need to deal with her. Kothos, on the other hand, in return for He-Man’s help against Evil-Lyn, swears never to be evil again. Hurrah!

Revenge 4
Kothos: “Looking forward to a life of being good.”


In today’s adventure…

Teela and Orko deliver the not unexpected moral that getting your own back will simply lead to escalation, and suggest that you should talk things over and start afresh instead. This is not a view that Skeletor subscribes to, I expect. I’d have loved to see the scene where Evil-Lyn returns to Snake Mountain after having freed He-Man. Skeletor is unlikely to have been pleased.


Character checklist

Everyone and his mother shows up for this week’s outing: Prince Adam, He-Man, Cringer, Battle-Cat, Teela, Orko, Kothos, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Beast-Man, and Kothos’ guards. Incidentally, for those of you who give a toss about such things, Kothos’ guards are re-uses of the Tork animation from Just a Little Lie.

Revenge 5
Evil-Lyn: “This is the sort of thing that prevents me getting onto the front cover of What Witch every month.”


Excuse given for Prince Adam’s disappearance

“He’s just fine,” He-Man explains dismissively, when Teela asks.



It’s all about Evil-Lyn calling people a “fool” this week: Kothos is the lucky recipient twice and his guards once.


Does it have the Power?

The title of the episode put me in a bad mood; it led me to expect one of the more tedious moralising instalments, so imagine my surprise when we were presented with an entertaining episode. Kothos wasn’t that exciting in The Witch and the Warrior, and he wasn’t much better this time, but as a plot device to get the story going, he served his purpose pretty well. Skeletor’s scenes were brilliant, of course, and the whole thing zips by most enjoyably. Recommended.

9 thoughts on “Episode 102 – Revenge is Never Sweet

  1. I really enjoyed this episode as well some fans seem to have a downer on this episode I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as the witch and the warrior but I agree it’s a very entertaining episode it’s nice to see evil Lyn once again just like in which and the warrior demonstrating her own personality away from skeletor, she’s got her own morales and I thought these two episodes were great for evil Lynn. It’s really close to getting an 8/10 from me but I’d give this episode 7 cos I didn’t like the fact that kothos turned good at the end, other than this tho I agree Owen a very enjoyable episode well worth a watch. Why did they change his name tho kothos kathos??


    1. I can’t remember The Witch and the Warrior that well, though re-reading my review it seems I enjoyed it well enough. I’m pretty sure I liked this one even more though! Evil-Lyn was just superb here – she’s a great character when she gets to shine, which she does again shortly with No Job Too Small.


      1. The witch and the warrior was the one with teela and evil lynn working together to get themselves out of the desert, in that episode evil lyn actually saves teelas life from a sand devil monster! Both these episodes owen I agree are very entertaining tho I slightly edge the witch and the warrior revenge is never sweet is very good also. I agree with you owen, evil lyn is a great character these two episodes and the one you mentioned coming up no job too small are probably her 3 strongest outings, so if you like evil lyn you wont regret going back to watch the witch and the warrior another excellent evil lyn episode!..


  2. Well, basically this episode confirmed, that Skeletor is very reluctant to “just kill” the He-Man. Seems that he really not sure, how exactly He-Man connected to the Grayskull, and clearly doesn’t want to do something really stupid – like, destroying the powers of Grayskull accidently by killing He-Man. So, his main goal is to trap and examine He-Man now.

    P.S. It seems that while in first half of the series Skeletor spend more time trying to break in in Grayskull (considering He-Man just as a nuisance), in the second half he put Grayskull plans on hold, instead trying to get He-Man. More arguments toward the hypotesis above.


    1. Interesting thought, and I think you’re right. There’s only a few episodes towards this end of the series where Skeletor tries to get into Castle Grayskull – off the top of my head, Visitors From Earth, Capture the Comet Keeper, and The Secret of Grayskull. I’m sure others will chip in with other examples! But yes, Skeletor does mostly seem to occupy himself just being a nuisance rather than trying to get the secrets these days…


  3. My comment for the evillyn picture above…

    What happens when the casting for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs goes horribly, horribly wrong.


  4. I think that it is an average He-man episode.

    It was entairntaining. I mean: Kothos was able to catch He-man and to sometimes endenger him (For example, I liked Kotho’s idea to use a magical storm against the skyleads, it destroyed Teela’s skyled and could have done the same with He-man’s.). Also, his duplicity against He-man and Orko was interesting. And I liked that Skeletor and Beast-man were more dangerous than usual against He-man. I was especially surprised that Beast-man was able to endanger He-man’s life one time in this episode. I indeed cannot remember the last time when he was able to do the same. It was a very long time ago, I bet.

    Also, Orko’s characterization was interesting: He was naive at the beginning but he worked later to repare his mistake. Also, I liked that he was useful for once. And I think that his interactions with Kothos were interesting.

    Concerning Kothos’s characterization, his will for revenge seems understandable to me. Also, he decided to become good only because of the deal he made with He-man. Khoto’s priority was to save his palace and he promised in exchange to become “good”. I personnaly think that Khoto is someone who does keep his word on a bargain (which is not the same as suddenly wanting to be be ” good”.).

    Concerning Evelyn, I was a bit surprised that she only wanted revenge against Khotos and not Skeletor. Skeletor indeed completely betrayed her and I don’t think that a normal person would have accepted such a betrayal. I just can’t understand why she stayed with Sketelor after this episode.


  5. @Owenmorton:
    “Kothos wasn’t that exciting in The Witch and the Warrior, and he wasn’t much better this time, but as a plot device to get the story going, he served his purpose pretty well”

    I personnaly don’t think that Khotos was a plot device in this episode. After all, he only made a bargain with He-man to save his palace in the end. What’s wrong with that? But I do think that he was a plot device in the Witch and the Warrior. I mean: He stole the magical fountain, but he didn’t drink its water before He-man, Teela and Evelyn’ returns in the end. Khottos wanted to drink the magic water to become more powerful. But he never drank the water while he had many hours (maybe a whole day.) to drink it. Thus, to me, Khoto’s behaviour didn’t make sense.

    Also you forgot to mention Skeletor’s very cynical quotes to Evelyn when he gave her to Khotos:
    ” I’m sorry Evelyn, but capturing He-man is more important than the personal comfort of those who serve me.”..
    “To capture He-man, I’d sell out anyone.”
    You maybe could have mentioned it in your paragraph “insults.”.


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