Episode 123 – Mistaken Identity

In which Modulok builds Eternia’s first railway.

Out in the forest, a young lady – apparently called Korea – is passive-aggressively berating her boyfriend Ferrin, because he’s not as awesome as He-Man. Ferrin eventually decides he’s had enough of this, and heads off to get some water. While he’s gone, Korea is attacked by a bird known as a Shrieker, and is saved by He-Man’s convenient presence. Observing this, and knowing Korea thinks that He-Man has a secret identity, Ferrin decides to pretend that he is He-Man.

Mistaken 1
He-Man: “No need for Battle-Cat anymore!”

Shortly thereafter, Ferrin concocts a stupid plan to lend credence to his pretence. He lures He-Man into a cave, then does a very creditable impersonation of Prince Adam by commenting, “You go on ahead, I’ve, uh, got some things to do.” It’s so creditable, in fact, that I’d conclude it’s performed by the same voice actor. He then ensures that Korea sees him going into the cave. When she subsequently sees He-Man emerge, she falls for the trick.

In the meantime, Modulok – who appears to be doing time in Eternia’s top prison – escapes. He runs straight to a scientific lab and gets on Skype to Skeletor, asking to be allowed to join Skeletor’s band of incompetent fools. Skeletor rejects him on the basis of being too rubbish, which frankly is a little bit rich, considering the track record of Skeletor’s gang.

Mistaken 2
Skeletor: “We’re not recruiting at the moment, but tell you what, drop your CV in and I’ll take a look.”

Modulok wanders sadly through the forest, hoping to do something super to prove his abilities to Skeletor, but unsure what. He comes across Korea and Ferrin, and listens in as Ferrin “admits” that he is in fact He-Man. Modulok instantly captures Ferrin and carts him off to a jail cell, and then spends a considerable amount of time trying to persuade him to become He-Man.

Korea runs to the Palace and tells Adam that He-Man is in terrible trouble. Adam thinks she’s a moron, but once he’s heard the whole story, he amiably transforms into He-Man and then tells Korea that Ferrin is a lying bastard. They then troll off to rescue Ferrin, which is achieved with considerable ease. This is thanks in no small part to a really odd moment in which Modulok builds a railway and then boards a train which leads directly into a prison cell. Finally, Korea tells Ferrin that she appreciates him just the way he is, without him having to pretend to be He-Man. The whole thing ends with He-Man reviving his demented winking-at-the-camera trick, which I thought he’d abandoned long ago.

Mistaken 3
Modulok: “I suppose Skeletor’s got a point, if I am stupid enough to arrange for myself to go to jail on a train.”


In today’s adventure…

Adam embarks on a muddled definition of the difference between pretending and lying. Apparently, if you say you’re He-Man, it’s lying, not pretending, which must have made the school playgrounds of the 1980s full of liars.


Character checklist

Well, well, well, here we go again, with appearances from Prince Adam, Cringer, He-Man, Battle-Cat, Ferrin, Korea, Teela, Orko, Modulok, Skeletor, and lots of Palace guards.

Mistaken 4
Ferrin: “For God’s sake, Korea, you’ve eaten everything, and you won’t even let me sit on the blanket.”


Excuse given for Prince Adam’s disappearance

The first time there’s a transformation, Teela is good enough to provide a readymade excuse, telling Adam to “go for help”. Adam does so, and astoundingly manages to find He-Man. The second time is less noteworthy; there’s no one around when Adam transforms. On the third occasion, Adam tells Korea to “wait here”, and then idly ambles off.



Skeletor gets in a double whammy on Modulok this week, saying, “You are a wimp scientist and you could be a wimp villain.” Poor Modulok. I’d feel sorry for him, if it wasn’t for his later unpleasantness in referring to a big brown monster as a “fool”.

Mistaken 5
Modulok: “Frankly, I’m surrounded by fools.”


Does it have the Power?

I wouldn’t rush to recommend it, but it’s not dreadful. It seems to be supposed to be Modulok’s first episode, since it starts off with him being a scientist called Galen Nightcroft, who transforms himself into Modulok. It would be quite good, if it weren’t for the fact that we first met Modulok in Happy Birthday Roboto, about 10 episodes ago.

Otherwise, I can’t help but feel the writer was poking fun at the whole ridiculous double identity business, especially when Modulok says, “A secret identity for He-Man? I never thought of that. Can it be possible?” Korea is a cut above most of the inhabitants of Eternia, since she’s worked out that He-Man must have a secret identity, but just doesn’t know who. The main problem with Korea is that she sounds like she’s close to orgasm every time He-Man is mentioned, which is a little distracting.


4 thoughts on “Episode 123 – Mistaken Identity

  1. Karil’s affected, melodramatic tone is a real pain in the ass, isn’t it? lol

    If I can remember well, looking for further information about this episode was the trigger that brought me to this site months ago. And I’m quite amused to stay.


  2. To be honest I think this is a pretty good episode overall. Owen summed it up pretty well really it isn’t a masterpiece by any stretch but maybe I like it alittle more, ettocks a big fan if this one I’m not so big on it myself tho, the plus points well it covers moduloks origin extremely well, it was very interesting to see that he was human before galein nightcroft or something and some sort of scientific device transformed him into modulok! Something that never gets covered but it begs the question can modulok turn back human like how adam/he man? Tho being evil he probably wouldn’t want to gets me thinking tho! These were all pluses but there were a few negatives as well, the most blatant one you touched on Owen quite rightly at the end when they switched the tracks it was more than a little dumb he literally sends himself back to prison lol think theres many fans out there that find this a classic and I must admit it surprises me a little as the episode doesn’t grip me quite as much, still it’s most definetly the best modulock episode far better in my opinion than happy Birthday roboto out of the two I’d definetly recommend this one to watch and ofcourse it gives you modulocks origin even tho it comes after happy birthday roboto confusing sometimes the episode orders I’m sure it was like season one when return of orkos uncle came before orkos favourite uncle! Overall tho mistaken identity is definetly worth a look, for me it’s just good tho not great probably just scrape a 7/10 for me as it gives a nice origin story for modulok.. enjoyed these reviews.


  3. I think that it is an average He-man episode.

    This episode was somewhat entairtaining, but I didn’t like the dumb way that Modulok was captured in this end.

    Also, this episode explained the origins of Modulok, which is interesting.

    Also, to me, the moral at the end was incoherent. I mean: Prince Adam told us “to say the thruth”. However he doesn’t tell the truth to Teela, because he never told Teela that Adam is He-man. Thus, to me, Adam was a bit hypocrital.

    Also, the writer was J. Michael Straczynski who has writen some good episodes like “Origins of the Sorceress” and “Double trouble”. I indeed like a bit this writer.


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