Episode 16 – Return of the Sea Hawk

In which Adora and Sea Hawk establish some relationship ground rules.

Do you remember the Elves of Seaworthy, from Sea Hawk’s first episode? And did you dislike them quite intensely? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, you’ll probably be quite pleased with the opening scene this week, which features Catra and Grizzlor sailing a Horde prison ship into Seaworthy Harbour, and loading all the Elves aboard as prisoners. This is the first stage of Catra’s latest and probably not greatest scheme – to lure Adora and Sea Hawk into attempting a rescue.

Return 1
Catra: “Tough crowd.”

In Whispering Woods, Adora is revealing to Madame Razz that she fancies the pants off Sea Hawk, but Sea Hawk is only interested in She-Ra. Not unexpectedly, Madame Razz has little in the way of useful advice, so perhaps it’s just as well that they are distracted by the arrival of the news of Catra’s little ploy. Madame Razz heads off to find Sea Hawk, while Adora becomes She-Ra and flies off to Seaworthy.

Once She-Ra locates the prison ship, Catra gets slightly over-enthusiastic and shoots a pair of nuclear warheads at her. Although She-Ra successfully dodges these, she is subsequently captured when Catra contrives to give her a severe electric shock. Catra chains Swift Wind up, and imprisons She-Ra in a forcefield, but doesn’t have much time to gloat before Sea Hawk arrives in his flying ship.

Return 2
Catra: “Looks like She-Ra and Swift Wind have been living it up in Wetherspoons again.”

Despite having every opportunity, Catra doesn’t repeat her electric shock trick on Sea Hawk, and it’s entirely due to this incomprehensible error of judgement that her entire plan starts going tits up. Sea Hawk finds She-Ra in her forcefield, attempting to break through. Well, I assume that’s what she’s doing, but the animation quality suffers one of its rare lapses here and simply makes She-Ra look like she’s rubbing her breasts against the forcefield for thrills. Sea Hawk puts a stop to this, releasing She-Ra just in time for her to have a bit of a barney with Catra.

Sea Hawk trots off to release the Elves, but gets seized from behind by Grizzlor, and needs to be rescued by She-Ra, who sees fit to stand seductively by the doorway and flirt a little bit before doing so. Once that sickening sequence is over with, Sea Hawk loads the Elves aboard his ship, and She-Ra knocks a hole in the bottom of the prison ship, in a blatant attempt to murder Catra and Grizzlor. She-Ra and Sea Hawk then take the Elves back to Seaworthy, ignoring the fact that there’s nothing to stop Catra from just trying the same thing again next week.

Return 3
Sea Hawk: “Sorry about having my mouth gaping open like this. I’m well aware that I look like the village idiot.”

The episode ends with Sea Hawk revealing to Adora that he doesn’t think of She-Ra as a potential lover, but he’d be very interested in taking a walk with Adora. Adora correctly interprets this as, “I’d like to jump your bones,” and they head off screen with a spring in their steps.


In today’s adventure…

Loo-Kee – the location of whom was once again impossible to spot in the episode – informs us that if you like someone, you should tell them, and there’s every possibility that they’ll respond in kind. The word ‘like’ is clearly quite loaded with a deeper meaning here, and I’m damned if I’m taking dating advice from a blue-tailed pixie like Loo-Kee.

Return 4
Loo-Kee: “Listen to me, and you’ll be set up with your life partner in no time.”


Character checklist

It’s a pretty well-populated episode, this one, involving Adora, Spirit, She-Ra, Swift Wind, Madame Razz, Broom, Sea Hawk, Swen, some Twiggets, the Sea Elves, Loo-Kee, Catra, Grizzlor, and the omnipresent Horde Troopers.


Excuse given for Adora’s disappearance

The transformation takes place off screen today, which is a relief, because this is the second episode I’ve watched today, and the incessant She-Ra music is beginning to get permanently embedded in my head. So, anyway, there’s no excuse on this occasion.



Well, this is probably a new record. Grizzlor takes a fair number of fur-related insults, including “furface” and “furball” from Catra, and the rather stronger “fur-faced nightmare” from Sea Hawk. The nameless Horde Troopers get a touch of abuse, with Sea Hawk calling a pair of them “metalheads”, and another being on the sharp receiving end of “fool” from Catra.

Return 5
Grizzlor: “Catra, please, pretty please, can I get a personality soon?”

Early on, one of the Twiggets calls another one a “twigbrain”, and Catra calls She-Ra a “muscle-bound meddler”, though not to her face. She-Ra also calls Catra a “cat lady”, and threatens to trim her whiskers. Sea Hawk addresses Madame Razz to tell her, “You are a little heavy,” which I don’t think is the way to a lady’s heart.

And finally, Catra has it in for Sea Hawk, whom she calls a “fool”, a “rebel-loving slug”, and a “worm”. Sea Hawk bizarrely responds to this latter with, “Flattery will get you nowhere.” I understand his desire to engage in witty banter, but that one needed a bit of work.


Does it have the Power?

It’s got Catra in it, so of course it does. She really livens up the Horde by actually having a discernible personality. It may help, of course, that I like cats, but the writers have really captured a cat’s spiteful nature. I like the fact that Catra seems to be acting as a jilted lover around Sea Hawk; she seems personally betrayed by him, with interesting consequences. I also enjoyed the shot of her drinking milk out of a saucer.

Return 6
Grizzlor: “Catra, could you please stop slurping that milk??”

Otherwise, I can take or leave the plot about Adora and Sea Hawk getting it on, and I certainly didn’t need the bit where Madame Razz got together with Swen the pirate. The main plot featuring the imprisonment of the Sea Elves was simple but effective, and the whole thing was pretty enjoyable. This one gets a thumbs-up.

9 thoughts on “Episode 16 – Return of the Sea Hawk

  1. Excellent review Owen most certainly covering the main points an I feel exactly the same with this one, on the whole this is a pretty enjoyable episode, as you said catra has a decent personality and does give any episode an immediate lift, I didn’t personally mind regarding adora relationship with sea hawk I thought it was excellent scripting to have adora fearing Seahawk likes she ra more than her this was pretty brave writing for me an above all It succeeds, your absolutely right to mention Madame razz almost getting it on with Sven the pirate threatened to spoil things but thankfully it was after the episode in the last few seconds than heavens!! Yep from the start to finish watching it back an comparing it to all the other she ra episodes this one holds up pretty well in the top end for me (top 20/30) out of 93 episodes that’s pretty respectable yes this is definetly one of the stronger she ra episodes, there are better but not many, overall well worth watching I agree! Just a side thought on this series teela was in the Christmas special but as Jean Paul correctly stated it’s not one of the 93 she ra episodes it’s sort of a one off joint she ra he man story and yes it was a joint effort from bob forward and don heckman, don heckman isn’t by no means a bad writer he actually wrote the he man classic no job too small, but that us what surprises me as he wrote many weak she ra episodes the time transformer, glimmers story and wild child even the bibbet story was just average at best for me, but he did write out of the cocoon (flutterinas origin) which was fairly good but don heckman best work on she ra for me easily was Romeo and glimmer plenty of character development in that one! Anyway my point was that while don heckman maybe wasn’t as good a writer as bob forward he did have one or two highlights! Anyway great review Owen and pretty much agree on the whole with this episode..


    1. Most of those Don Heckman episodes you mentioned are ones that I heartily despise, The Time Transformer and The Bibbet Story being the worst offenders. Can’t remember Romeo and Glimmer very well, so that suggests I didn’t mind it but also didn’t love it. No Job Too Small is very good, of course; maybe he should have stuck to He-Man…

      I should probably also mention that I don’t like the Christmas Special much.

      Bob Forward, though, as discussed last week, pretty much always came up trumps for me.


      1. I agree owen, the Christmas special was while a fun change I guess you could say was pretty weak so I too wasn’t keen on it! Skeletor doing the good Samaritan act (by saving the kids from horde prime) didn’t personally bother me as the whole idea was it was to show a one off ie skeletor showing a bit of Christmas spirit its just the whole story which I agree is definetly below average orko almost on purpose it seems sometimes getting himself into trouble by getting in man at arms rocket (you just knew what was going to happen didn’t you! lol) while visitors from earth worked I didn’t feel the Christmas special did mixing earth with eternia and them stupid pathetic robots that were as bland and as pointless as you can get I only enjoyed the last 10 mins of that an being 40 mins long yes that’s a bit of a fail! Anyway regarding don heckman yeah glad you agree there all pretty weak I forgot to mention friends are where you find them that’s another poor heckman script (the most unlikeable boy apart from Jeremy from the royal cousin and his pointless robo friend!) but I must request you owen you watch the episode romeo and glimmer this is by far heckmans best she ra episode and his only really decent ep hordak has to break up a fight between imp and entrap quoting “will you two cut it out weve got a battle to win” it felt a more skeletor like hordak ie a lot lighter but it worked for this episode anyway I recommend you give romeo and glimmer a look.. Im baffled tho how don heckman wrote so many weak affairs in the she ra series as you rightly said owen this is the same writer that wrote no job too small – hard to believe its the same writer when you watch his she ra episodes, but as I say it seems like im giving heckman a hard time (as rightly so as the eps we said arnt that good at all) but infairness he did write 2 fairly good episodes in jungle fever and out of the cocoon and one great ep romeo and glimmer id recommend anyone give that ep a watch takecare..


  2. A fun episode, with such elements as Horde’s Q-ship and retro-futuristic flying sail ship battling each other – how could it possibly get wrong? While I agree, that Elves of Seaworthy aren’t the most enjoyable, they are refreshing step from the average “nameless peasants”, that prevailed as hostages in Horde’s plans before. The Catra’s plan was… average; by now, the Horde’s commanders should already knew that any their plan must be She-Ra-proof, even if it is NOT aimed against her. Still, she managed to catch She-Ra without much losses in personnel and hardware, so its impressive enough.

    And, while it took some time to see a new Madame Razz spell, here it is:

    * The wall/ball spell – clearly, not what intended, but clearly worked, after all? Maybe even better than the wall spell; after all, self-guiding ball is much more capable in wrecking chaos among the Horde troopers. So, the B) category – spells, that worked.

    A) Flawless spells – 2 (two)

    B) Spells, that worked – 5 (five)

    C) Failed spells – 2 (two)

    D) Unclear – 1 (one).


    1. Fair point on the elves being different from the usual peasant nonsense. Either way, they’re Blatant Plot Device Characters!

      Catra’s plan was pretty good really – if only she’d captured Sea Hawk with the electric shock trick, she might even have won. As I recall, She-Ra needed Sea Hawk to be released.

      Madame Razz is doing pretty well!!


    2. @ Dilandu

      “by now, the Horde’s commanders should already knew that any their plan must be She-Ra-proof, even if it is NOT aimed against her. ”
      Well, we’re talking about an organisation that doesn’t even have a radar alarm system in the fright zone. If indeed they had such a system, they would have detected Shera and swiftwind landing on the fright zone in the episode “He Ain’t Heavy”. Thus, for me, Horde military commanders are incompetent and I’m not surprised that Catra didn’t make her plan Shera-proof.


  3. @owenmorton

    “if only she’d captured Sea Hawk with the electric shock trick, she might even have won.”
    Yeah, it was a possibility. But, also, when Grizzlor and her captured Sea Hawk’s flying boat with grapnels, they immediatly should have brought down his boat with their blasters (Like Catra tried to do in the end of the episode.) and made their troopers to abord it. Thus, Swen couldn’t have fired on Catra’s boat later, which distracted Catra and permited Sea Hawk to free Shera. Catra also might have won.

    “Madame Razz is doing pretty well!!”
    Well, she crashed two different times with Broom. Ask indeed Sea Hawk if she was doing pretty well!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. If that episode were an He-man episode, I would say that “Return of the Sea Hawk” is a slightly under average He-man episode.

    For me, this episode was somewhat entertaining. The action was average. I mean: There was a lot of action, but I had seen those kind of fights before, thus I was not surprised (Except by Shera’s electrocution.): The fight between Sea Hawk’s boat and Catra’s boat was good, but it was too short. The fights between Sea Hawk and the Horde were rather average. Also, the fights between Shera and the Horde were under average. I mean: Shera too easily got rid of Catra in her cat form and of Grizzlor.

    Also, there was very little serious character development and characterization in this episode.
    Adora was attracted by Sea Hawk, which was in continuity with the episode “The Sea Hawk”. Her love story with Sea Hawk was rather interesting. By the way, I have a simple remark: We saw Adora confiding to Madam Razz her love for Sea Hawk, while I don’t remember Adam/He-man confiding to anybody his love for Teela, am I right? Otherwise, Shera was captured by electrocution, but it was not Shera’s fault (Not like in “The sea Hawk”, where she was captured because she dumbly stayed in her Adora form near Horde troopers.). Also, she easily beat Catra and Grizzlor and she easily sank Catra’s boat.
    Sea Hawk was very brave but he also was basically Adora’s love interest in this episode. I mean: When he learned that Adora asked him to help, he immediatly went to help her. He was surprisingly agile to abord Catra’s boat (I mean: How could he slide and remain standing on one cable 500 meters long?). Also he freed Shera and Swift Wind (By the way, how did he know that Shera was captured?). Sea Hawk helped the elves to escape at the end. Finally, Sea Hawk clearly explained at the end that he prefered Adora than Shera.
    Also, Bow and Glimmer were absent from this episode, which was a bad thing.
    Also, Madam Razz crashed two times with Broom. But at least, she warned Adora and Sea Hawk about Catra capturing the elves. And her spell against the Horde troopers worked at the end.
    Also, the Twiggets had rather a childish behaviour.
    Also, it was a Catra episode, even if this episode was not her best performance. Her behaviour was indeed sometimes incoherent.
    Catra had some authority over the elves at the beginning of the episode. I indeed liked her dialogue withe the great elf (Great elf:”I demand to know why we are here.” Catra: “You demand?”. Great elf: “Well, that is,.., we request to know, please.”. Catra: “That’s better!”.). She also had some authority over Grizzlor. Also, she was motivated and her trap was an efficient one. I mean: She used the elves as baits and purposely let an elfe escape so that he Adora. Also, her boat seemed disarmed, while he was really armed. Plus her boat used a radar to detect Shera and Swifwind. But, as Dilandu said, her trap was not She-Ra-proof. Yet, she had the great idea to electrify the deck and thus she managed to catch She-Ra.
    Also, she smartly waited Sea Hawk’s boat to be near her boat before showing its weapons. Then Grizzlor and her captured Sea Hawk’s flying boat with grapnels. However, after that, she made some incomprehensible errors of judgement: She didn’t bring down Sea Hawk’s boat with her blasters and didn’t make her troopers to abord it. Also, as owenmorton said, despite having every opportunity, Catra didn’t repeat her electric shock trick on Sea Hawk. Also, she was easily beaten (in her cat form) by Shear and Swiftwind at the end. Finally, she didn’t manage to bring down Sea Hawk’s boat at the end.
    Grizzlor did nothing in this episode except obeying Catra’s orders and failing to capture Sea Hawk. I mean: When Shera threw him an object and told him to catch it, he was stupid enough to release his prisoner and catch the object while smiling. Furthermore, I think this episode was one of Grizzlor’s worst performances.

    To finish, I have two issues about this episode:
    (1) This episode was disconnected from the main story (Because Glimmer and Bow were not in this episode.).
    (2)Shera was a damsel a distress (Like she was in “the Sea Hawk” and like she’s going to be in the “Anchor Aloft”episodes too.). She became sort of an object. Shera is suppposed to be a very powerful fighter, yet when Sea Hawk is with her, her ennemies become surprisingly competent at fighting her and Sea Hawk generally has to save her. For me, it explains Catra’s incomprehensible errors of judgement. They were plot devices. I mean: If Catra had managed to catch Sea Hawk, Sea Hawk wouldn’t managed to free his damsel in distress. To conclude, for me, Shera being a damsel in distress was lazy writing.


    1. “Also, her boat seemed disarmed, while he was really armed.”

      Classic Q-ship idea, that British Navy used in World War I against German u-boats. Seemingly unarmed cargo ship lured the U-boat on the surface (so U-boat could use her guns, instead of costly torpedoes to sunk her), and then, suddenly, the cargo ship crew popped out the guns and hoist a battle flag thus identifying themselves as warship. This tactic was moderately successful, but German U-boats eventually started to treat any cargo ship as potential Q-ship and just sunk them without surfacing.


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