Episode 19 – Enchanted Castle

In which we learn about Castaspella’s history, which is of course something we all wanted to know.

The rebels have all come to a party in Mysticor, which is ruled by Castaspella. The party is in honour of the day Mysticor was freed from evil, and since we’re all champing at the bit to know about that, Adora sees fit to tell Kowl the entire story. The ensuing flashback comprises the remainder of the episode.

Enchanted 1
Glimmer: “Adora, why do you look quite so irritated with Kowl?”

Apparently, there was a time when Bow was standing around in a village square, playing a harp. The villagers were surprisingly appreciative of this, clapping delightedly as Bow finishes his performance. Perhaps they know from experience that this is the best way to make him go away. Anyway, Adora came across Bow at this point, and the two decided to travel back to Whispering Woods together, on a route that led through the Dark Forest.

Shortly before reaching the Dark Forest, the two of them came across an old woman, who had fallen down a gully. On being rescued, the woman warned Adora and Bow that the Dark Forest was dangerous, and then turned to smile mysteriously at the camera.

Enchanted 2
Old woman: “Bye! And please don’t come back.”

Once in the Dark Forest, Adora and Bow were captured pretty quickly by knights in armour, and taken to a castle full of evil magic. There they met Mortella, an evil sorceress who informed them that they were now her slaves, tasked with ensuring that a blue fire never burned down. Adora’s sword was confiscated, and the two taken to a 5-star dungeon for the night.

The old woman from earlier, however, learned that Adora and Bow were locked up in the castle, and came to rescue them – revealing in the process that she possessed magical powers. After recovering her sword, Adora asked the old woman what was so important about the blue fire, and learned that it was the source of all Mortella’s power.

Enchanted 3
Mortella: “Interestingly, Blue Fire is a rollercoaster at Europa-Park, the largest theme park in Germany. I am not a very good advert for it, I must admit.”

Adora ducked behind a wall, became She-Ra, and started causing all manner of fuss in the castle, eventually putting out the blue fire. This resulted in Mortella disappearing in a puff of green smoke, and – to my distinct lack of surprise – the old woman actually turned out to be Castaspella, who had been held prisoner in old woman form by Mortella.

We return to the party, as Adora finishes the story with an explanation that Castaspella returned her realm to the more pleasant form it had held before Mortella’s evil reign. Kowl claims he enjoyed the story, which is more than can be said for me – though I did enjoy the sudden surprise moment in which Bow was drenched with a torrent of water, seemingly for absolutely no reason other than the need to end the episode with a really amusing joke.

Enchanted 4
Bow: “I enjoy a joke just as much as the next lunatic, but this isn’t even a joke, frankly.”


In today’s adventure…

Well, Loo-Kee was back today, not that I saw him as he skulked about in a tree. He explains to us that doing kind deeds is good, apparently largely because later on you’ll get something back for it. This was demonstrated when Adora and Bow rescued Castaspella when she was stuck in the gully, since Castaspella later rescued them from prison. I can’t muster up any enthusiasm for this.


Character checklist

This little extravaganza sees quite a lot of characters emerging from the woodwork, though only a few of them play a major part in the episode – namely Adora, Spirit, She-Ra, Bow, Castaspella and Mortella. Lots of other rebels are at the Mysticor party that forms the episode’s framing device, specifically Kowl, Glimmer, Madame Razz, Broom, Queen Angella, Frosta, the Twiggets, and a pair of individuals that I believe are called Peekablue and Flutterina. Then, of course, there’s Loo-Kee, the villagers that Bow was playing a harp for, and a surprise appearance for some baddies called Rattlor and Tung Lashor.

Enchanted 5.jpg
Peekablue: “Don’t mind us, we’re just here to advertise our action figures.”


Excuse given for Adora’s disappearance

Adora is on her own when the first transformation comes, so there’s no one who needs an explanation. The second time, she simply comments to Bow, “Let’s split up,” and runs off. When she returns as She-Ra, Bow seems to have completely forgotten about Adora.



Mortella tells her knights that they are “fools” twice, and addresses the same unexciting insult to She-Ra and Bow. Otherwise, there’s nothing to report, except for a random comment made by Bow, who says that shooting an arrow is “easy as bibbo pie”. This might possibly be a reference to the loose morals of somebody called Bibbo Pie. It might also not be, but I have no idea what it does mean, so I’m choosing to interpret it thus.

Enchanted 6
Castaspella: “Honestly, that Bibbo Pie will sleep with anybody.”


Oh No, Bow!

Bow offers to travel with Adora, because, as he puts it, “You’ll be better off to have a man with you.” Wow. The writers do acknowledge that this is incredibly sexist, of course, giving Adora a hugely sarcastic reply, and making Spirit laugh his head off at Bow’s immense self-importance. Naturally, it becomes even funnier later, when Bow puts in a pitiful showing against the Castle’s knights.


Does it have the Power?

Unfortunately, not really. It’s fine to give us the origin story for Castaspella (though equally it wasn’t something I was particularly clamouring for), but it’s just really a rather boring story. The Dark Forest wasn’t very scary – or particularly dark – and Mortella never managed to come across as an interesting baddy. I’m trying to come up with something good to say about it, but the best I can do is that it isn’t a complete clunker. On balance, though, I’d advise skipping it.

14 thoughts on “Episode 19 – Enchanted Castle

  1. The enchanted castle episode i feel pretty much the same a preety average affair its neither awfal but nothing to write home about either, but i thought id might as well be the first to comment on this ep anyway! yes not really much to say on this one, it isn’t one i particularly care about nor want to watch over and over again and i agree the ending bow getting water all over him was pretty pointless and unnessary probably just so everyone can collapse in fits of laughter!! One thing i noticed was mortella sounded very similar to evil lynn did anyone else notice this?? its linda garys voice definetly who also voiced evil lynn and teela.. anyway overall its a pretty middle of the road outing for me this one..


    1. @John thompson
      Yeah, Mortella sounded sometimes similar to evil lyn, especially when she was angry. Still, it seems to me that Martella’s voice is generally softer than evil lyn’s voice.


  2. If that episode were an He-man episode, I would say that “Enchanted Castle” is a slightly under average He-man episode. In particular, there were some little surprises which I liked.

    For me, this episode wasn’t enough entertaining. The action was under average. I mean: There was a lot of action. However, there were too many one-sided fights. Shera beat Rattlor and Tung Lashor too easily. Also, the knights beat Bow and Adora too easily in the woods. Also, Shera and Bow beat too easily Mortella and her knights in the castle. The only interesting action scene was the way that Shera extinguished Mortela’s big fire in the pit. Still, I liked the reveals about Castaspella. In particular, the reveal at the end was delightful.

    Also, there was a little bit of serious character development and characterization in this episode.
    Shera was sassy against Rattlor and Tung Lashor. Later, she was too easily beaten by the knights (and became a damsel in distress.). Also, when Mortela came back in her throne room, Adora had the wits to comand Adora and Bow to hide behind the throne. Also, she was smart to understand that Mortela’s fire pit was her main weakness and to decide to drive the mud water right into the castle.
    Spirit seemed to have a sense of humor: He laughed when Bow was arrogant and Adora said that she felt much safer with Bow.
    Adora said that Bow was a good musician, yet he was little seen playing music. Also, as usual, Bow was arrogant with Adora. And as usual, his promises to protect her ended nowhere with him easily beaten by the knights in the forest. Also, Bow was afraid of heights, which might be the first time that we see Bow being afraid of something. Later, he was rather smart (He seemed to me a little out of character.) to say that they had to do something to stop Mortela before she conjures up a new spell.
    Also Shera and Bow’ cooperation to extinguish the fire was somewhat interesting. Also, to sum up, we didn’t learn anything about Adora and Bow. For me, it was more of the same about Adora and Bow.
    Also, this episode gave us the origin story for Castaspella. And she was full of surprises. I mean: Firstly she helped Shera and Bow to escape in her old woman form. Secondly she made a diversion by attacking Mortella. Thirdly, we discovered in the end who she really was. Also, she was brave to defy to defy Mortela while she was in her old woman form.
    Mortela was a rather blank character. She had few screentime: She only appeared at the eight minute of the episode and she had 6 minutes of screentime. Also, the color of her outfit was bizarre: She had a pink cape and the rest of her clothes was green. For me, she looked like a coloring book vilain. Also, Mortela was rather dumb to accept to fight in duel with Castapella. For Mortella, Shera was her more dangerous opponent and thus Mortela should have attacked her first. Also, Mortela was too slow to take care of Castapella, it permitted Shera to counter-attack. Thus, I personaly think that characters like Evelyn and Shadow weaver are more clever than Mortela.
    Rattlor and Tung Lashor were rather blank characters. I mean: They are supposed to be bad only because they don’t like music. Also, why were they so slow to attack Bow? It indeed permitted Shera to come to help Bow.

    To finish, I have 4 issues about this episode:
    (1) Mortela was killed, wasn’t she? Yet, it seems to me that Shera is supposed to be a non-violent story…
    (2) The part with Rattlor and Tung Lashor lasted 2min30s and it was obviously a filler part and I didn’t like it.
    (3) How could Shera create such a big wave (like a little tsunami) by throwing only a wooden bridge in mud water? For me, it didn’t respect the law of physics.
    (4) The moral was related to the story. Yet the moral was wrong: Lookee said: “Kindness is repayed with kindness.” It very rarely happens in real life! Thus, Lookee didn’t the truth to the kids who were watching this show.


  3. @owenmorton
    In the Masters of the Universe comic book, Rattlor is a Snake man. Thus, I don’t know
    why he ended in the Shera series.


  4. Correction:
    When I said: “Also, to sum up, we didn’t learn anything about Adora and Bow. ”
    I meant: “Also, to sum up, we didn’t learn anything new about Adora and Bow. “


  5. Second corection:
    When I said: “Thus, Lookee didn’t the truth to the kids who were watching this show.”
    I meant:
    “Thus, Lookee didn’t say the truth to the kids who were watching this show.”


  6. Last thing that I forgot to mention:
    The title of his episode is “Enchanted castle”.
    Yet, we still don’t have seen the Crystal castle mentioned in the credits.
    We will have to wait until episode 22 to discover it.


  7. Owen Morton, I wanted to ask you did you manage to look up anything on that magicats series?? I tried to look it up but was unable to find anything!! I heard the same tho somewhere too that Micheal strazynski used this idea for a possible magicat series but I haven’t found anything his about yourself did you manage to find any info yourself as I’d like to know?? Anyway on a separate thought dud you know it was Larry di tillio and strazynski both of them I think that invented the actual character she ra!


    1. Hi John, it’s mentioned in James Eatock’s book in the Trivia section of the Magicats episode. Other than that, though, I’ve not seen anything about it. If you have a He-Man.org account maybe worth starting a thread to ask – I’m sure someone there will know!

      I’ve seen Straczynski claiming he invented She-Ra recently, after all the furore about the new series. I don’t actually know who’s responsible though!! I suspect it was a joint effort in that writing room, or someone at Mattel!


  8. I heard that too (re strazynski inventing she ra) infact I heard it was a joint effort between himself and Larry di tillio (just the actual she ra character I’m talking about) but like yourself I don’t know how concrete this us!! Regarding what you said on magicats I’ve just checked it myself in James eatock s book and your right it’s in the trivia section of the magicats episode but if this is the only mention of it I guess that ones a dead end! No I’m not in he man.org account although I read all the threads and all the hardcore fans like ourselves I read done very interesting points and thoughts too, I’m not great re technology so that’s why I haven’t had an account as wouldn’t know where to start but it would be an interesting thread to open up, shame strazynski hasn’t announced anything about it so as you said Owen we don’t really know what happened with that! For obvious reasons much as I liked she ra magicats episode thus would of been a perfect episode to bring back Katrina don’t you think or at least they could of given her a mention and tied the 2 cat families together somehow, I know Katrina from the cat and the spider was a very popular character with many..


    1. There was definitely an effort to link the two cat species; according to Wiki Grayskull the same phrase “Whiskers of Saz” was used in both Magicats and The Cat and the Spider. Wiki Grayskull also suggests there’s a mention of it in the book Creating the Filmation Generation, but I’ve not read that. I suspect there’s not much info on it anymore, though apparently the first script was written.


      1. Yeah “whiskers of saz” does ring a bell there with both episodes! Katrina was probably one of my favourite Larry di tillio character designs Owen second only to granamyr!..


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