Episode 23 – The Crown of Knowledge

In which a door asks She-Ra how long her legs should be.

Adora, Bow and Kowl have come to the annual Harvest Festival, where Bow meets a couple of children who beg him to tell them a story. In my opinion, Bow is an incredibly bad storyteller, but the children seem to think he’s rather good. He relates the tale of King Jared, a ruler who established much that was good and wholesome on Etheria, and finishes by telling the children the legend of the Crown of Knowledge, which King Jared hid within a maze of traps, and which will bestow great wisdom on whoever finds it. Kowl then adds that he has done considerable research on the subject and believes the Crown can be found in Darkedge.

Marcus, the dorkiest looking boy I’ve ever seen (and that includes me, before you ask), takes this tale to heart, and decides to seek the Crown in order to become someone important. I swear, if Loo-Kee tells us later that we’re all already important, I’m going to reach through the laptop screen and wring his stupid little neck. Marcus trots off to find the Crown, and for some reason seems to think that the first step of this process is to release a horned buffalo to run riot at the Festival.

Crown 1
Kowl: “So, Marcus … is your hair modelled after the Monkees or Mr Spock?”

In the ensuing commotion, Marcus grabs Kowl and sticks him in a bag, wanting to use Kowl’s research to lead him to the Crown. She-Ra and Bow – being geniuses – take less than 30 seconds to work out what has happened, and – along with Marcus’ father, the local baker – they head off to Darkedge to intercept Marcus and Kowl.

Hordak’s pet, Imp, has been spying on the whole proceedings, and now flies off to make his report. Hordak seems pretty pleased, and decides to help Marcus get through the traps in the maze, with the intention of stealing the Crown once Marcus gets it. To this end, he arranges for Shadow Weaver to furnish Marcus with a magic cloak, which will help him to get past the traps.

Crown 2
Hordak: “I have nothing to do today except look awesome.”

Marcus and Kowl locate King Jared’s castle, and answer a quite good riddle to get inside: “What can you hold but never touch?” The answer is “your breath”. Arriving a few minutes later, She-Ra’s party get a far stupider riddle: “How long should your legs be?” Luckily, She-Ra appears to have heard this one before, and answers correctly, “Long enough to reach the Crown.” I cannot believe that the writer of this episode was only capable of thinking up one sane riddle, but that’s how it seems.

The rest of the castle proves to be full of the usual sort of stupid traps, including trapdoors, pits of water, and the like. Because the baker is along for the ride, Bow gets a day off from being the completely useless member of the party, and actually manages to do a few heroic things, so I expect he’ll be putting this little adventure on his CV.

Crown 3
Bow: “Hmm, look, a baker drowning. Shall I help him or just stand here like a lemon?”

Our heroes all eventually find their way to the Crown room, where the Crown tells Marcus off for not wanting the Crown for pure reasons. Shadow Weaver’s magic cloak then kicks into effect, forcing Marcus to levitate over a chasm towards the Crown. The Crown takes exception to this, and magically removes the cloak from Marcus – at which point Marcus falls onto a rocky outcrop, requiring rescue by She-Ra. This is Marcus’ cue to decide that he doesn’t want the Crown anymore, and would prefer to dedicate himself to a life of baking.


In today’s adventure…

No sign of Loo-Kee for me today, and that’s because he was in a blue tree, perfectly camouflaged. There’s no way you could have seen him. He witters on about the Crown of Knowledge being an exciting adventure (could have fooled me) and suggests that we seek some knowledge ourselves, by choosing some books to read. Sounds reasonable to me, and it wasn’t the dreadful moral about us all being important that I had feared.


Character checklist

Today’s little excursion to Etheria brings to our attention Adora, Spirit, She-Ra, Swift Wind, Bow, Kowl, Marcus, the baker, Loo-Kee, Bow’s horse Arrow, Hordak, Shadow Weaver, Imp, and the Crown itself, which I suppose you could say is the episode’s crowning glory. Oh please yourselves then.

Crown 4
Crown: “That was a good pun, Owen. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If they do, I’ll crown ’em.”


Excuse given for Adora’s disappearance

“I think Bow may need some help,” says Adora, and goes to transform. She doesn’t specify whether she means psychiatric help, but that’s how I choose to view it.



I may not have been paying as much attention as I should have been, but I’m pretty sure that Shadow Weaver called Hordak a “penis”.


Oh No, Bow!

“I could smell a Hordesman a mile away!” pronounces Bow, proudly. Needless to say, he is at that very moment standing right next to Imp, without noticing him.

Crown 5
Imp: “Let me think. Can Bow really be this much of a numpty?”


Does it have the Power?

Not a classic, but not total rubbish either. I’m a little fed up of episodes involving people having to get past silly traps to reach their goal, but I suppose this was a decent enough entry into that category. It’s been a while since we had a bratty child deciding to Become Someone Important (TM), so if I’m being generous, I’ll let the writers off returning to that particular well. My only real issue is with Hordak’s confidence that he would be able to help Marcus get past the traps successfully: if he was this sure of himself, why didn’t he just go and try to get the Crown himself? On balance, this episode is fine, but won’t rock your world.

12 thoughts on “Episode 23 – The Crown of Knowledge

  1. yep im pretty much on the same page with this episode owen and I liked your review again and thought it was overall a fair one, one point you made right at the end I feel sxactly the same with is hordak, yes I just don’t understand why he doesn t try it himself if the crown is that special!? agree owen Morton. the overall layout of this episode is actually pretty good the boy is alittle bratty but iv seen worse in the filmation of brattish kids so I neve like Marcus nor didlike him, his dad really got on my nerves in the scene you show of him drowning as bow said all he had to do was just stand up what an annoying voice he was given! anyway this does have its highlights, I really like the fact that they used this story to give she ra a very important character moment at the end when she had to save Marcus, declaring that it wasn’t fear of falling and not making the jump that scared her but fear of FAILURE an interesting analogy and a good character moment for she ra again resorting back to all her morales that make she ra such a real heroine, anyway overall id say this ep is just slightly above average in my opinion its not a great episode but its well worth a watch still I think the positives just outweigh the negatives, agree with your review owen at the end if hordak wanted the crown this badly he would of invaded the castle himself.. ps I like your pun lines under the pictures ill let you off the I`ll crown them one lol (just a joke)..


    1. Yeah,
      I also liked what Shera did in this episode. She did what she had to do and nothing more. It is also interesting that she admits that she has fear of failure.


    2. Yeah I forgot to mention that one hilarious thing this was the episode where a filmation boy actually kidnaps kowl lol I dunno why but this just really makes me laugh I think it was just the way it was down! The boy was like “sorry I’ve gotta kidnap you you can lead me to the crown” hilarious..


  2. Must admit, it’s pretty rare occasion, when Hordak actually decided to be manipulative mastermind instead of charging head-on, gun-blazing into the situation.


    1. True. Going for the subtle approach! Shame it didn’t really make sense; it would have been easier to just take the Crown than to mess about with Marcus.


  3. If that episode were an He-man episode, I would say that “The Crown of Knowledge” is an average He-man episode. At least this story was not a damsel in distress story story about someone kidnaped by the horde and who has to be saved from them.

    For me, this episode was somewhat entertaining. There was not enough action. Also, the action was under average. I mean: Shera easily calmed the bull. But she had some difficulty to save Marcus. Also, Marcus was rather motivated, I liked it.

    Also, there was little serious character development and characterization in this episode.
    Concerning Adora, she took action late when she had to calm down the bull. Also, she admited that she was afraid of failure, which, in my own opinion, made her more human and relatable. She knew Shadow Weaver’s spell, “The sleeping sadow”. She was able to answer the riddle. She was also wise and humble not to take the crown of knowledge at the end.
    Also, Bow was overconfident at the beginning of this episode, but we already knew that he is often overconfident. Also, as usual, Bow tried to impress the crowds with his music/stories and he was extraordinary with his Bow. Also, Bow correctly guessed that Marcus kidnaped Kowl. Finally, he encouraged Shera a lot and he was rather comprehensive with her at the end.
    Also, Marcus was rather stupid to release the bull and to kidnap Kowl, but he redeemed himself at the end by becoming somewhat motivated and competent to get the crown of knowledge. Also, he was rather used as a plot device. Yet, he didn’t annoy me.
    Concerning Kowl, when Marcus released him, Kowl became motivated to find the crown of knowledge, which seemed a bit out of his character. Also, he encouraged Shera to save Marcus at the end. Also, I liked that Kowl was not annoying in this episode.
    Imp was rather serious and professional at the begining of this episode, while the rebels were not enough serious.
    Concerning Shadow Weaver, she did what Hordak asked her to do. Her sleeping spell seemed to be efficient, but it failed because Shera answered correctly to the ridle. Also, her idea to use the cape of night and the gem of sight to get the crown of knowledge was not a bad one.
    Hordak was very interested to get the crown of knowledge and he was smarter than usual. He indeed was pretty manipulative to get the crown of knowledge.


  4. Also, the only thing that i really didn’t like in this episode is that Bow told a story at the beginning of the pisode and that Adora and Kowl listened to him. Also, t was another festival with the rebels in it. Yet, the rebels didn’t do what normal rebels are supposed to do (LIke training, fighting the horde) and it annoyed me a bit.


  5. Correction:

    When I said: “Also, t was another festival with the rebels in it.”, I meant: “Also, it was another festival with the rebels in it.”


  6. The answer that She-Ra gives is “long enough to reach the GROUND”, not “crown”. It doesn’t make it a super-great riddle, but it’s another nod that Filmation gave to accepting who you are, regardless of stature (and presumably race, gender, etc.)…


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