Episode 24 – The Mines of Mondor

In which She-Ra and co attempt a remake of The Great Escape.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with me today, but I found it incredibly difficult to understand what anyone was saying for the first few minutes of this episode. This was partly down to Catra, who was rather overdoing it on her cat voice this time, but otherwise there was nothing obvious to blame. Still, the story was easy enough to pick up: Prince Azar, the son of King Duplis, is captured by the Horde. This is a bad thing, though we’ve never met Azar or Duplis before.

Mondor 1
Catra: “Azar didn’t keep up repayments on his mortgage, and now Horde Troopers are repossessing his house. Don’t be like Azar. Set up a mortgage protection plan today.”

Duplis comes to visit Queen Angela, Glimmer and Adora at Bright Moon, and explains that Azar has been set to work in the Mines of Mondor on the planet Krytus, acquiring precious but dangerous minerals for the Horde. Angela offers the Rebellion’s help, and Adora obligingly pops off to find She-Ra. Once the funky music has finished playing, She-Ra, Bow, Kowl, Madame Razz, Broom and Glimmer all make a trip through a dimensional gate to Krytus, having first been warned that they must return within three days, or not at all.

Once on Krytus, our heroes find themselves by a vast sea, so – without consulting the others – She-Ra buys a ship in order to travel to the Mines. Notwithstanding the fact that the ship is a complete hunk of junk, Glimmer reasonably points out that none of the assembled rebels knows anything about sailing. She-Ra dismisses their concerns, and tells them that they will all learn how to sail. Yes, She-Ra, I realise the point is that you can do anything if you try, but perhaps learning the art of seamanship when you’ve only got three days is a tad overambitious, no?

Mondor 2
She-Ra: “Come on lads, look lively. Learn how to sail.”

As it turns out, seamanship is really easy. I don’t know why we need naval colleges; these clowns master it within 20 seconds. Unfortunately, a storm whipped up by Shadow Weaver sinks the ship, and the rebels all huddle together on a tiny raft until they reach the island of Mondor. Once there, a giant dragon bird thing attacks, but She-Ra defeats it and heals its injured wing. I bet that won’t prove important later.

Once that’s dealt with, She-Ra and her merry band wait until night before pulling off a heist on the mines. They successfully release all the slaves, including Prince Azar, and have time for a less than enthralling fight with Hordak, Catra, Scorpia and Shadow Weaver, as well as scores of Horde Troopers. This comes to an all-too-predictable end when the dragon bird thing reappears and carries our heroes back to the dimension gate, with only a few minutes to spare.

Back in Bright Moon, King Duplis briefly claims that he and his son will not help the Rebellion, despite all that the rebels have done for him. Queen Angela starts off on a stupid and borderline irrelevant lecture about parenthood, and Duplis immediately backtracks and promises to assist the Rebellion after all, presumably mostly to get Angela to shut up. Bow then glances at Adora and appears to make the hand signal for ‘wanker’, though I suspect that’s not what was meant.

Mondor 3
Adora: “Bow, stop making insulting gestures, and while you’re at it, put your freaky teeth back behind your lips.”


In today’s adventure…

Loo-Kee couldn’t be more obvious this week; he’s right in the middle of the frame when the camera fades in on Whispering Wood, and he remains at the centre of the shot for a long time before the camera starts moving, infinitesimally slowly, to the left. His moral is pretty much a word-for-word repeat of the one from Enchanted Castle, when he gibbers on about helping people in order to make yourself feel good.


Character checklist

This little trip through an interdimensional portal provides an outing for Adora, She-Ra, Bow, Kowl, Madame Razz, Broom, Glimmer, Queen Angela, King Duplis, Prince Azar, Hordak, Catra, Scorpia, Shadow Weaver, Imp, Horde Troopers, and loads of background weirdos.

Mondor 4
She-Ra: “Bow, standing up doesn’t make you look any manlier. Sit down like the rest of us.”


Excuse given for Adora’s disappearance

“I will find her,” says Adora, referring to She-Ra. And what do you know, she does!



Unless there were some hidden away in the unintelligible dialogue at the start of the episode, there weren’t any insults today.


Oh No, Bow!

On meeting some miserable locals on Krytus, Bow goes out of his tiny mind and decides to play them the worst song I’ve ever heard. It’s even worse than Agadoo. Naturally, the locals are less than impressed, and gather round with expressions suggesting they are all too willing to club Bow to death. Bow doesn’t take the hint, and actually seems to expect some applause, continuing to witter on about it even into the next scene. He even gets his harp out again later, in a misguided and unsuccessful attempt to seduce She-Ra.

Mondor 5
Locals: “If it’s not an Elvis tribute act, we don’t want to hear it.”


Does it have the Power?

Unfortunately, no it doesn’t. It’s one of those episodes that feels very much like it’s been put together by cutting and pasting bits of other stories, most of which weren’t that good in the first place. The rescuing a Horde prisoner storyline is very familiar by this point, and the bit about the injured dragon bird’s wing is taken pretty much verbatim from Friendship. The editing of the episode is really odd as well, with scenes seeming to finish at random. All in all, I’d class this episode as both dull and mildly incompetent, rather like me.

13 thoughts on “Episode 24 – The Mines of Mondor

  1. There’s a few interesting points Owen you touch on here that I actually agree on quite strongly and I wanted to bring this up for others to notice too.. well that picture you have of bow making that hand gesture at the end of the episode is actually a swear word in one of the south American countries I think so your right! Second point you brought up at the beginning of your review is katra yes like you she’s still one of my favs and definetly one of the best of hordaks horde meanies but yes it’s a good point you picked up in melendy Britt did slightly over do her cat voice here to quote at the start when katra says “where are they?” Then again “where are they” it sounded more than alittle harsh on the ears! Funny enough this was the only episode in the series where I didn’t like melendy Britt voicing katra the rest of the episodes she voiced her fantastic I thought so that’s overall pretty good! What I would say with many of the voices but particularly katra and even she ra the longer the series went on the better they sounded for example if you listen to katra voice in the episode portrait if doom (that’s episode 88) her voice here is exceptional by then melendy Britt really has katra voice down to a tee with the rolled r’s for instance!! On the episode I’ve only seen this once so it’s hard to judge but I must admit I wasn’t blown away, one of the guys that were attacking the rebels on kirtis I noticed was recycled stick from the he man episode the huntsman! There was a lot of things that didn’t make sense tho in this episode fr instance how did hordak get back?? And also one of the people on kyrtis says “look it’s she ra let’s get out of here” how would they even know who she ra is when there on another planet?? Just a few thoughts.. fair review some lovely visual shots tho I would say!


  2. Well, madame Razz done her first carrier landing. Not perfectly. On the other hands, Broom never was described as VTOL, so maybe she better equip Broom with floats and play seaplane next time when they needed to fly over sea.

    And seriously, how much use could Horde have from manual mining? Considering that they even provided farmers with harvester in earlier episode (which, due to blatant disregard for safety protocols by its crews was crushed by those anti-farmer She-Ra!), they clearly could have much more use by implementing mechanization. For political prisoners, the lubmering is much better.


  3. And now it’s time for a usual madame Razz spell count:

    * Find-your-troubles-in-the-cloud spell – not only the spell is quite hilarious, but it also pretty cunning in action) You anticipated some cloud cover that would obscure the bullies vision? Nope, it’s a land turned super-rubber, that quite literally make them hop to clouds. Frankly, I did not anticipate such cunning from madame Razz! Well done – and most importantly, done correctly. The spell done its job and exactly the way it was supposed to. So, grade A – flawless spell.

    * Whip to rope spell – absolutely flawless. Madame Razz seems to be in good mood this week)

    So the new total count is:

    A) Flawless spells – 6 (six)

    B) Spells, that worked – 6 (six)

    C) Failed spells – 2 (two)

    D) Unclear – 1 (one).

    Way to go, madame Razz!


  4. Good points all. Nice to see Madame Razz doing well! I have the suspicion, the way this is going, that I’m going to have to eat my words at the end of the series!

    She still annoys me quite regularly, though… something about the “oh dearie my” thing she says just rubs me the wrong way!

    And good god, please don’t remind me about Catra’s voice in this episode. As you say, John, she’s usually very good at it, but really, this time was grating. It’s tempting to wonder if – despite the relatively late positioning in the series – this episode was made quite early on, before everyone had quite got the hang of their voices. Probably no way to find out, of course!


    1. Although “oh dearie my” is at least not as bad as her, “I like that little guy’s spunk!”, line in “A Talent for Trouble”


  5. I watched this episode again yesterday as iv only seen it just the once and iv got to say its really hard to get a read on this episode the more I see it it kinda has comparisons to the he man episode disappearing act in that its alittle disjointed, theres good points and not so good things but even after 2 watches I cant decide if the positives out weigh the negatives or not, however what I can safely say now after hearing high hopes for this episodes from the experts and in some threads iv come to the coclusion this is not one of my favourites, if anything I was alittle disappointed as I was expecting this episode to be so much better, again my reasons owen is certain moments that make no sense, she ra carring money just randomly to buy the ship, people on kyrtis knowing who she ra is that’s what really got me the most can someone please explain this to me any answer is welcomed who the hell does one of the villagers know she ra when there on another world?? I find this so bizzare. also the rebels took hordaks ship so how did the horde get back?? I cant offer any explanation myself… anyway on the plus side it is a beautiful looking episode animation wise and theres some lovely visuals also its refreshing to see she ra going on an adventure with the rebels, again good point owen Morton mentions the bird- yes it was very predicatable the bird was going to come back and rescue them and as you say they did this already in friendship… personally there are some highlights in this episode but there are plenty of negatives also.. what I can safely say is this episode isn’t a classic! To answer your last bit owen regarding production order, yes there is no real way to tell is there but I agree the mines of mondor certainly feels like one of those early she-ra episodes where the voice actors are still getting used to the characters voices as you say! If you check out duel at devlan the first she ra stand alone episode bow`s voice in particular sounds extremely odd absolutely nothing like how he sounds in all the other episodes! yeah on “madame” lastly yes its not difficult to see how her “o deary my” might split the fans out there (bit like orko) but theres no denying her spells she`s doing excellent thus far! takecare…


  6. If that episode were an He-man episode, I would say that “The Mines of Mondor” is a slightly under average He-man episode. There was some character development but it was not enough for me. Also, the action was dull. Also, as Owenmorton said, this episode looked like the episode “Friendship” and the dragon bird looked like the tyro.

    For me, this episode was not enough entertaining. The action was dull. I mean: The rebels easily beat some angry locals on Krytus . Shera easily beat the dragon bird. Also, there was no fighting at the end of this episode, which annoyed me.

    Also, there was some serious character development and characterization in this episode.
    Concerning Adora/Shera, she didn’t like Bow’s awful song and she was right so. She saved Glimmer from the dragon bird. Also, she healed an animal, and it happens often in the Shera series. Finallly, she showed some leadership by deciding to attack nightfall.
    Also, Bow was a rather competent fighter in this episode, as usual. Yet his song was silly. Also, he helped Shera to sail and he tried unsucesfully to seduce Shera.
    Glimmer was not very useful in this episode and she was one time a damsel who was saved by Shera. Yet, she also was the reasonable one in this episode. And she was compassionate to the slaves. Also, her majic trick somewhat worked at the end.
    Concerning Madam Razz, she was sometimes silly. Yet her second spell worked. And she was basically the scout of the rebels (LIke when she did find land and like when she lead the rebels back to the gate. So, yeah Madam Razz was rather useful in this episode.
    Concerning Queen Angela, she behaved like the true leader of th great rebellion by deciding the expedition on Krytus. Plus, she has the power to open dimensionnal gates.). Also, she was a good mother to Glimmer. Finally, she managed to convince King Duplis to join the rebellon.
    Finally Hordak, Shadox Weaver znd Catra did almost nothing in this episode.


  7. @Owenmorton and @john thompson:

    My english is not the best, thus I have a question for you:
    What do you think of George DiCenzo’s voice acting?


    1. Well if your asking myself… well hes not in the league of say someone like alan oppenheimer but then again who is! but imo to be honest he more than passes the test for me so yeah good enough. George dicenzo I know voices both hordak and bow for instance (as well as others im sure) but these 2 main characters have very different sounding voices and are both pretty good hordak has that pig like snout to his voice and bows sound is more regular yeah a more than passable effort in my opinion but may be not one of the very top voice overs like say alan oppenheimer, linda gary for example who are both outstanding and pretty hard to compete with for me as there both by far the best and most talented! agree with your review jean paul on the mines of mondor episode, actually I forgot to mention bows singing, yeah even by bow`s standard this has to be one of his worst singing ever of all the episodes, in play it again, bow and portrait of doom there seems to be a big improvement in his singing and also his guitar playing (coming from myself that plays the guitar myself) so I know these 2 episodes hes a lot better but in this episode bows singing is pretty awfal the worst imo to quote when he starts singing the words “hallu hallay all your skies have turned grey” yeah very cheerful bow NOT!!..


      1. I agree. He’s not bad, and manages to bring just the right degree of cockiness but likeability to Bow. I’m indifferent to Sea Hawk and not really a fan of his Hordak, but topping Alan Oppenheimer as the lead villain would be difficult. I believe he also voiced Blackstar in that series, and did a decent job there.


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