Episode 37 – The Anxious Apprentice

In which we retread very familiar ground.

In Mysticor, we are introduced to Castaspella’s apprentice, Arianne. Arianne is a good student, and after demonstrating her skills to Castaspella and Adora, she asks to have a chance to use the Book of Spells, one of Mysticor’s greatest treasures. Castaspella, however, considers that Arianne is not yet ready for the power and responsibility that goes with using the book, so refuses. Naturally, of course, Arianne now makes the sensible decision to nick the book and do a runner.

Apprentice 1
Arianne: “Maybe I’d get more respect if I didn’t forget to put my trousers on so often.”

Castaspella quickly discovers the absence of Arianne and the book, and manages to put two and two together to conclude the disappearances must be connected. Adora heads into Mysticor Forest to look for Arianne, forcefully telling Castaspella that her help will not be needed. She quickly discovers that Arianne has accidentally started a fire with a less than judicious use of the Book of Spells, so it’s time for She-Ra. All join me in a whoop-whoop please.

While She-Ra is happily occupied putting out the fire, Arianne has wandered off into an area called the Forbidden Zone. Unfortunately, the Forbidden Zone doesn’t seem to be forbidden to Scorpia, who quickly shows up and makes a reasonably good go at capturing Arianne. Of course, She-Ra appears on the scene pretty speedily, and rescues Arianne. However, since the two of them combined have fewer brains than the collective Tory party, they leave the Book of Spells behind.

Apprentice 2
Arianne: “At least it’s No Trousers Day in the Horde too.”

Unsurprisingly, Scorpia finds the book. Slightly more surprising is the revelation that she is actually capable of reading it. Her attention is quickly drawn to a spell that will release all the evil in the Forbidden Zone, allowing it to attack Mysticor – but instead of actually casting this spell, she sends a message to Castaspella threatening to cast it unless She-Ra comes to meet her.

She-Ra leaps at the chance, and arrives at the Forbidden Zone to find that Scorpia has cast the spell after all, and now can’t handle the forces she has unleashed. She-Ra rescues her and undoes the spell, with absolutely no help from Castaspella and Arianne, who simply stand there gawping like village idiots until the spell is reversed. They then have the temerity to congratulate themselves on how well they have done, a reaction completely divorced from reality.

Apprentice 3
Castaspella: “We properly deserve these garlands.”


In today’s adventure…

I found Loo-Kee once again, this time because I happened to press pause when his demented grinning face was on screen. As always, he’s in a tree, this time in Mysticor. This week, he decides to talk to us about practice, which is apparently how to learn how to do things well. You’d think that writing 167 reviews of He-Man and She-Ra would be sufficient practice for me to learn how to do that well, but the evidence doesn’t really bear that out.


Character checklist

The only people we see today are Adora, Spirit, She-Ra, Swift Wind, Castaspella, Arianne, Loo-Kee, Scorpia, some Horde Troopers, and a couple of randoms.

Apprentice 4
Random dude: “I am so bored.”


Excuse given for Adora’s disappearance

Thanks to Adora being a loner, as usual, she is unaccompanied when the time comes for her transformation. Once she becomes She-Ra, no one even seems to remember that Adora exists.



Scorpia summons up enough wit to call Arianne a “little troublemaker”, and evidently thinks it’s a great insult, because she uses it twice. Arianne’s response is not particularly sane, referring to Scorpia as a “big creeper”.

Apprentice 5
Scorpia: “I may be a ‘big creeper’, but I’ve also got a big tank, so I’d watch it if I were you.”


Does it have the Power?

It’s one of those episodes that signposts exactly what’s going to happen within the first 30 seconds; I knew full well that Arianne was going to nick the Book of Spells, which would lead to trouble of some less than compelling nature. Everything ticked along nicely if not especially interestingly, but I have to say that the evil unleashed in the Forbidden Zone was seriously underwhelming, consisting as it did solely of some fires. From the description Castaspella gave earlier in the episode, I had expected demons and monsters and all sorts of similar fun – not just a few flames.

In addition, I would like to complain that Scorpia has to be the most annoying member of the Horde; her voice makes her sound incredibly thick, and her behaviour doesn’t do much to dispel that impression. Pretty much only because it gives Scorpia a starring role, I’m going to recommend you don’t bother with this one. But if Scorpia doesn’t annoy you, or if you’re one of those mentalists who actually likes her, then it’s probably all right.

3 thoughts on “Episode 37 – The Anxious Apprentice

  1. Must admit, i like the new Scorpia (from 2018 series) so much, that the old one seems almost like a parody…

    “Kitty! I must warn you – I’m a hugger!” c()


    1. God yes – new Scorpia is awesome! The old one was quite possibly the worst member of the Horde for me. Though Grizzlor was pretty forgettable. And Leech wasn’t great on the cartoon (though I loved the action figure).


      1. Frankly, I love the new portrayal of the Horde as a… pretty realistic military organization. Not just the “e-e-e-e-vil army”, but rather realistic army of both bad and good peoples (and not only peoples) who are convinced that their side is right and the other is wrong, and that’s why they are fighting.


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