Episode 45 – Huntara

In which Hordak tells some porkies.

Hordak spends the first few minutes of this episode insulting his minions, berating their regular failure to capture She-Ra. Apparently, Horde Prime is most displeased, so Hordak has gone to the trouble of contacting the planet Sylax, well-known throughout the galaxy for the skill of its hunters, and asked them to send their very best hunter to track down She-Ra. Because the Sylaxians are hunters, naturally their representative is called Huntara.

When she arrives, Huntara makes it clear that she will only hunt and capture She-Ra if she is evil, so Hordak shows her some videos. These videos depict She-Ra as evil and are consequently as divorced from reality as a Southern Rail timetable, but they do the job, and Huntara sets off to confront She-Ra. She specifies only one condition: to satisfy her Sylaxian honour, the battle must be between her and She-Ra alone, with no interference from any of the Horde.

Huntara 1
Huntara: “I’m well honourable. Like a Klingon.”

Huntara’s first move is to capture Glimmer, who she uses as bait to lure She-Ra out of Whispering Wood. The two meet in the Crimson Waste, and after She-Ra’s obligatory attempts to persuade Huntara that fighting is bad, they engage in a pretty protracted fight. Once She-Ra finally wins, Huntara surrenders herself as a slave to She-Ra, in line with the Sylaxian code. Of course, She-Ra isn’t interested in having Huntara as a slave, an action which finally persuades Huntara that she has been tricked and that it is Hordak who is the evil one.

Catra and Scorpia – concerned about what will happen to their own job prospects if Huntara wins – have been watching the battle, and now swoop in. Surprisingly, they manage to knock She-Ra, Huntara and Glimmer out, and take them all back to the Fright Zone. Unfortunately, Hordak is stupid enough to bring them all into the throne room for a good gloat, and naturally enough they simply escape and cause havoc.

She-Ra offers Huntara a position in the Rebellion, but Huntara claims she is needed back on Sylax. She then puts a binbag over her head, gets into her ship and flies away. I think the binbag was meant to look like some kind of ninja outfit, but it doesn’t quite work.

Huntara 2
Huntara: “Look how terrifying I am in this binbag.”


In today’s adventure…

I couldn’t find Loo-Kee today, not that I care where the little idiot was. He explains to us that Hordak got himself into some major trouble by telling Huntara lies, which is an accurate summary of this week’s events. Loo-Kee thus concludes that we should always tell the truth, though I would argue that the episode’s real lesson is that it’s much easier to hire your expert hunters and warriors from a planet that doesn’t care who’s good and who’s evil.


Character checklist

Adora, Spirit, She-Ra, Swift Wind, Glimmer, Bow, Kowl, Loo-Kee, Huntara, Hordak, Catra, Scorpia, Imp, Shadow Weaver, Leech, Grizzlor, some Horde Troopers, and a variety of weird people I’ve never seen before.

Huntara 3
Adora: “Who are you? Get out.”


Excuse given for Adora’s disappearance

Would it surprise you beyond measure if I reveal that there is no such excuse?



It’s another zinger-packed week on Etheria. Hordak begins proceedings by referring to Catra, Scorpia, Mantenna, Grizzlor and Leech as “fools” and “dolts”, sentiments which Imp gleefully repeats and adds “wimps” into the bargain. Catra is the only one with sufficient brains to retaliate, referring to Imp as a “pig-faced snoop”. The Horde are in general none too fond of Huntara, Catra dismissing her as an “outsider” and Scorpia referring to her as an “arrogant witch”.

In reference to events depicted in the mocked-up videos, Huntara calls She-Ra a “town-burner”, which apparently means so little to She-Ra that she completely ignores it. The final scene sees Hordak calling Huntara a “foolish woman”, telling a pair of Horde Trooper that they are “nincompoops” and “bunglers”, and addressing nobody in particular as “fools”.

The best insult of all, however, comes from Scorpia, who addresses Catra to say, “I don’t like you much.” Ouch, Scorpia. I bet that hurt. Catra will be crying at night for years about that one.

Huntara 4
Catra: “Is that honestly the best you can muster?”


Does it have the Power?

Yes, it does, rather surprisingly for an episode with a simple and incredibly signposted plot. The moment Huntara arrives and decrees she will only hunt She-Ra if she’s evil, only the stupidest viewer wouldn’t be able to see precisely how this story is going to end, but it’s a still very effective episode. The fight between Huntara and She-Ra is sufficiently varied and interesting to not seem too long, and I enjoyed Catra and Scorpia deviously watching the fight, intending to take the credit whoever wins. Needless to say, this was Catra’s idea; I don’t think Scorpia’s ever had an idea. In short, this one is worth a watch.

4 thoughts on “Episode 45 – Huntara

  1. This episode is currently (I say currently as right now at this moment) is top of the imdb rankings and its easy to see why, without question this is one of the strongest and very best episodes of she-ra , theres no doubt there were many more great classic he-man episodes than she-ra but there were a few and this is one of the few she-ra episodes that’s imo a strong match for the top he-man ones, huntara is just terrific, a great character memorable and I love the design, right of the bat you get the feeling she wont be pushed around and as you said in your review owen her being tricked by hordak (maybe alittle easy but its the only ever so slight minor quibble) this only adds to the tension and its a testamen to this unbelievable scrip and episode that larry di tillio has produced im so pleased that larry also titled the episode after huntara as huntara, this works as she is such a strong character that’s what actually makes this whole episode work, good points to your review you mentioned owen as side entertainment with katra and scorpia waiting to see who wins even at one point worrying that if huntara wins hordak may not need them, anyway as if id doesn’t need me saying I agree a super episode extremely enjoyable and gripping from start to finish easily one of the very best episodes in the she-ra series..


    1. Also, I note that The Time Transformer is number 4 on the IMDB rankings… so I’m going to take those with a pinch of salt!! (Though I’m glad to see Horde Prime Takes a Holiday up there at number 3.)


      1. Yeah I totally agree with you owen I mean number 4 the time transformer whats that all about?! lol as you say with a pinch of salt! note number 5 is the locket which is better than the time transformer no doubt but in my opinion not very good either! I think your spot on with horde prime takes a holiday, I can see why this is such a hit and a fans fav, its one of those that brings the best out of she-ra and he-man series, if there was a fan that wanted to see both he-man and she-ra but you could only pick 1ep I think that would be the one tho shadows and skulls would push it very close!! both are in my personal top 10 ironically both the time transformer and the locket are both in my personal botoom ten lol. atleast huntara, horde prime takes a holiday and sweet bee`s home are up there thank god, ironically the other end of the scale both the sea hawk episodes that I think are excellent are both down the botoom end and magicats too that I think is almost as good as the cat and the spider it just shows theres no right or wrong it really comes down to peoples opinions, personally I think the crystal castle and huntara were larry di tillios best two written episodes in this series! takecare…


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