Episode 51 – My Friend, My Enemy

In which She-Ra demonstrates her inherent goodness, and makes sure we all know about it.

Unexpectedly, this episode opens with Catra purring her head off and presenting Hordak with a nice tasty berry pie. Hordak is very pleased and gobbles up the pie, pausing only briefly to ask Catra where it came from. Catra evades this question by claiming that it was sent by a secret admirer, but it soon emerges that the pie was baked by Skeletor himself, who has popped over to Etheria.

Friend 1
Hordak: “This is definitely a trap, isn’t it.”

Naturally, Skeletor hasn’t been baking pies out of the goodness of his heart. This particular pie contains an ingredient that will make Hordak disappear, after which Skeletor intends to take his place as leader of the Horde. I’m not quite sure what’s in it for Catra; their discussion doesn’t suggest she’ll be getting a promotion, but perhaps she’s just as fed up as I am with Hordak.

While Skeletor and Catra are having a convivial chat, Hordak takes a crowd of Horde Troopers to Whispering Wood for a little set-to with the Rebellion. While there, they manage to capture Glimmer and whisk her off to the Fright Zone – but Hordak then starts to feel sick and disappear. Madame Razz successfully diagnoses Hordak as having eaten some doom berries, and gleefully pronounces that he will fade into another dimension and probably never come back.

Friend 2
Glimmer: “Gosh, wouldn’t it be convenient if I could, you know, teleport?”

She-Ra – whose mental state is as always precarious – decides to try to cure Hordak, and flies off to the Crystal Castle to consult Light Hope. Light Hope starts off by talking in his usual incomprehensible riddles, but then evidently concludes that She-Ra is too stupid to work it out, and simply tells her that Hordak can only be cured if someone cries over him. I shouldn’t imagine there are too many people queuing up to do that, but She-Ra confidently toddles off to find someone.

Hordak tells She-Ra that a wizard called Noah might be willing to cry for him, so She-Ra loads Hordak onto Swift Wind’s back and they fly off to look for Noah. Skeletor and Catra, however, get wind of this plan, and Skeletor manages to arrive at Noah’s cave in time to prepare a little welcome party. After a brief and typically unsuccessful attempt to trap She-Ra in a tunnel, Skeletor opts to try negotiation, informing She-Ra that unless she stops trying to help Hordak, she will never see Glimmer again.

Friend 3
Noah: “Let me out! I’ve got an ark to catch!”

She-Ra says, “That’s cool, I can live with that,” and asks Noah to cry for Hordak, but Noah refuses on the basis that he doesn’t like Hordak. Skeletor sniggers his head off at this turn of events, but She-Ra is moved to pity and begins to cry over Hordak herself. With Hordak cured, Skeletor doesn’t see the need to stick around, so he disappears, leaving Catra in the lurch.

Noah teleports Hordak, She-Ra and Swift Wind to the Fright Zone, where She-Ra rescues Glimmer and flies off. Back in Whispering Wood, She-Ra tells Bow, Glimmer and Madame Razz the full story, and oddly refers to Hordak as a human being, rather than a robotic pig-skeleton. Then Glimmer makes some mindless joke or other, and they all laugh as the episode ends.

Friend 4
She-Ra: “Chicken, Bow?”


In today’s adventure…

Loo-Kee. Tree. Whispering Wood. I don’t think I have to say any more about that. He reminds us that this week, She-Ra got upset because Hordak didn’t have any friends, and he suggests that maybe we should make friends with someone who doesn’t have any. I think I’ll start by making friends with Hordak.


Character checklist

Today, it’s Adora, Spirit, She-Ra, Swift Wind, Glimmer, Bow, Kowl, Madame Razz, Light Hope, Loo-Kee, Noah, Hordak, Catra, Grizzlor, Mantenna, Imp, some Horde Troopers, and everybody’s favourite – Skeletor.

Friend 6
Skeletor: “You’re easily the best of the baddies on She-Ra, Catra. Care to join my team?”



Glimmer addresses a Horde Trooper as a “big tin ape”, and Bow shrieks out “metal head” to someone, either a Horde Trooper or Hordak, though I’m not sure which. This week’s obligatory “fool” is dispensed from Hordak to Catra.


Oh No, Bow!

During the battle, Bow decides to walk around backwards for no evident reason. This would be cause enough for inclusion in this category, but it also results in his tripping over a pillow and being shot, which makes it doubly stupid.

Friend 5
Bow: “Never forget, I’m really competent.”


Does it have the Power?

It’s good to see Skeletor, as always, but it’s hardly his best appearance. The first scene, in which his evil plot was unveiled, was really good fun, but thereafter he was barely involved, and even when he was on screen, he didn’t have much of his classic sneer about him. It was good to see Catra throwing in her lot with him, as it re-establishes her as a scheming villainess in her own right, and not just another henchman, but all in all, their pairing up seemed a bit wasted.

The rest of the story was fine; I believe this one is regarded as a bit of a classic, largely because of She-Ra’s speech about her sympathy for Hordak not having any friends. Unfortunately, I can’t say I particularly agree. It wasn’t awful or anything, but it didn’t move me in the way some episodes have. I’d say this one’s worth a watch, but not a lot more.

6 thoughts on “Episode 51 – My Friend, My Enemy

    1. No worries Dilandu, always nice to see you check in when you can but I appreciate this is probably not the most important thing in the world to you!!


  1. HI owen , yes hope you are well, had lot on myself but just to write in on this ep… a slight disagreement tho im glad you acknowledge you don think this is a bad episode and its atleast still worth a watch, myself?? well I have to be honest in my opinion owen this is a classic sorry for disagreeing hehe! yes the she-ra speech and her crying tears for hordak is without a doubt one of the series highlight moments another huge character moment for shera as well reminded me a bit of the episode crown of knowledge in that episode it was fear of failure that scared her not not making the jump, and here in an empathetic way it really shows her true heroism and her true compassion that is the princess of power, she also saved hordak in horde prime takes a holiday,my only criticism is as many have said the character imp could of easily cried tears hor hordak they said no one likes him or care what about imp then ???? just a thought any takers? anyway other that this minor gripe I thought this was a phenomenal episode of she-ra not the strongest skeletor you correctly mentioned in your review owen and on that point I too agree, but the story isn’t about skeletor hes there to strengthen the moment the fact no one wante to help hordak other than she-ra this is one of the most adult based episodes for me of she-ra that definetly captured a lump in my heart funny you said yourself it didn’t get you in that way owen fair enough! Anyway my last thought on this episode a point on she-ra that iv always again in my opinion believed, in spite of her defecting to the side of “good” if you like in the rebels from the horde (adora) I feel maybe theres somewhere deel down in she-ra she still feels some sort of loyalty to hordak as her and shadow weaver kind a brought her up interesting… great review owen still but for me yes an instant classic it just narrowly misses out on my top 10 (14) but is comfortably in my top 20 she-ra episodes list gets 9/10 for me takecare….


    1. Definitely some interesting thoughts there John, I like the idea that she’s still got some residual personal loyalty to Hordak and Shadow Weaver. It would have been good if they’d explored that direction a bit, similar to the new Dreamworks series in which Adora finds it hard to leave Catra behind.

      Good thinking re Skeletor’s purpose in the story too. I suppose that most of Hordak’s team couldn’t be regarded as his peers, whereas Skeletor kind of is, so it hammers in Hordak’s loneliness a bit more. Problem for me is that I find Skeletor so entertaining that when he shows up, it seems a shame that he’s a little underused.

      And finally… yes, I can see why the end is good with She-Ra feeling sorry for Hordak, but it just somehow doesn’t do anything for me. I’m going to agree it’s worth a watch, and it would probably find its way towards my top 20 episodes as well, certainly top 30!

      Take care!


  2. Including horde prime takes a holiday which I have at number 3 in my personal top 10 the episode of shadows and skulls which I have at number 4 I’d score both these episodes ten out of ten but even tho I have horde prime takes a holiday one place above of shadows and skulls if have to admit that for skeletors character purley alone of shadows and skulls is quite possibly skeletors strongest episode in the she ra series and you can’t beat the camiradarie and dialogue between skeletor and weaver in that one! Alan Oppenheimer really was exceptional his skeletor is just the best and always will be lol anyway that’s probably the strongest she ra episode for skeletor imo..


  3. What puzzled me in that episode is why Hordak didn’t even think about Imp – who, despite his many failures, seems to be unquestionably loyal…


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