Episode 58 – Black Snow

In which Frosta gets kidnapped by some giant rats.

In response to an urgent summons, She-Ra has come to Frosta’s realm, where Frosta explains that a neighbouring kingdom called Galacia has been blighted with a heavy fall of black snow, which has ruined crops and spread illness. Galacia’s inhabitants, the Selkies, blame Frosta’s people, and are threatening war. Frosta and She-Ra conclude that the black snow must be the work of the Horde, presumably to stir up discord, and so they wander off to try to find proof that will convince the Selkies.

Not surprisingly, it turns out that the Horde are indeed responsible: this week, it’s Modulok who’s calling the shots, and he’s got someone called Multibot with him. I think we’ve seen Multibot before, possibly in Horde Prime Takes a Holiday, but I’m not inclined to check. Modulok has convinced the Selkies that Frosta’s people are responsible, and he promises to deliver Frosta to the Selkies for justice. I might be able to take this more seriously if the Selkies weren’t completely ridiculous giant rats with swords and stupid outfits.

Black Snow 1
Selkies: “Please at least try to pretend we’re a credible threat.”

Modulok is as good as his word, and whips up a blizzard of black snow to temporarily blind She-Ra, while he sets a whirlwind in motion to snatch up Frosta. She-Ra occupies herself with a pointless fight with Multibot, in the course of which she realises that Multibot is far too incompetent to be responsible for the black snow and Frosta’s kidnapping. She quickly flatters Multibot into telling her that Modulok is behind the whole thing, using his new invention, the Weather Wheel.

Black Snow 3
Multibot: “I suspect this will be the only time I’m featured in a picture on this entire blog.”

In the meantime, Frosta and the Selkies have engaged in a circular argument about whether Frosta’s people have caused the black snow or not. Frosta does not convince them, and so they send word to Frosta’s second-in-command, Captain Ron, that Frosta will remain a prisoner until the black snow is removed. Unfortunately, Captain Ron is a massive idiot, and his immediate response is to go to war with the Selkies.

I’m pleased to report that Frosta is entirely capable of busting herself out of her prison cell, which is nice, because normally everyone on Etheria has to wait for She-Ra before they escape. She intervenes before Captain Ron and the Selkies can engage in battle, and the entire situation is resolved when She-Ra hijacks the Weather Wheel and puts a final stop to the black snow.

Black Snow 2
Frosta: “This feels … somehow wrong.”


In today’s adventure…

I didn’t see Loo-Kee today, but I don’t care. I’m sure you don’t either. His moral lesson is that being ill isn’t fun. I don’t know about you, but I already knew that, and I was well aware of the fact even when I was four years old. I’m pretty confident that kids in 1980s America didn’t go round getting ill on purpose, but that seems to be the implication here.


Character checklist

This week, it’s a day out for She-Ra, Swift Wind, Frosta, Captain Ron, Loo-Kee, the Selkies, Hordak, Modulok, Multibot, and Imp. There are plenty of background characters too, but why dwell on them?



Multibot doesn’t do very well this week. She-Ra calls him a “metalhead” and a “goofy robot”, while Modulok considers him a “nincompoop” and a “bigmouth”. Modulok also refers to Swift Wind as a “beast” and to She-Ra, rather mildly, as a “meddling woman”.

Black Snow 4
Modulok: “I will now play a short composition on my synthesiser.”


Does it have the Power?

It’s a refreshing change to get away from our usual environs of the Fright Zone and Whispering Wood, into the frozen kingdoms of Frosta and the Selkies. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all it’s got going for it. The problems presented by the black snow were glossed over far too quickly, and it never seemed to be a pressing concern. I’ve also never found Modulok to be a particularly compelling character, and Multibot was a very tiresome attempt at comic relief. Far more comical, though not intentionally, was the animation of the Selkies. I’d call this episode a lacklustre effort, and only really to be recommended if you’re a massive Frosta fan. I’m sure at least one person in the world must be.

4 thoughts on “Episode 58 – Black Snow

  1. Interesting, that they used selkies. Those were-seals from Scottish folklore aren’t the most common mystical creatures in popular use. Someone in Filmation team obviously did his/her homework well.


    1. Well, okay, fair enough. I’d not heard of the Scottish selkie myth (though I had heard of the Icelandic version of the myth, referenced on that wiki page).

      On the other hand, you surely have to admit they look, in this episode, like giant rats more than seals.


  2. I actually rather like this episode because I quite enjoy Modulok. Also the leader of the Selkies reminds me of Colonel K out of “Danger Mouse”. “Blargh! Jolly good show Frosta!” It’s also one of a handful where She-Ra is in her She-Ra form for the full duration. Adora does not feature at all.


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