Episode 66 – One to Count On

In which we meet Peekablue, Entrapta and a pink lion.

Adora, Bow, Glimmer and Kowl have taken Queen Angela’s crown to a village, where a metalsmith is resetting its jewels. Unfortunately, if not unexpectedly, Hordak decides that he’d like the crown for himself, and accordingly sends Leech and a bunch of Horde Troopers out to get it. Perhaps more surprisingly, Leech successfully nicks the crown, and beetles off with it.

Count 1
Leech: “Me up against Bow. This is truly a clash of titans.”

Glimmer and Bow head off to retrieve the crown, taking with them a new addition to the rebels’ ranks called Peekablue, who is essentially a human peacock, complete with green hair and blue feathers. Being female, you’d think she’d be based on a peahen, but logic doesn’t always run strong on Etheria. Anyway, Kowl declines to join the crown recovery mission, and flies off to tell Adora, who has bizarrely returned to the rebel camp, evidently not giving two hoots about the crown.

For some reason, this week Madame Razz and Adora are on their high horses about the rebels always depending on She-Ra, rather than relying on themselves. That’s possibly because whenever anything goes wrong, She-Ra sticks her long nose into it, without ever giving anyone else a chance to sort it out. Anyway, they decide that this time, Bow, Glimmer and Peekablue must complete their mission without She-Ra’s help – though Adora goes along “just to keep them on the right track”, as she patronisingly puts it.

Count 3
Adora: “Stop posing like this is a wedding photoshoot, you idiots.”

Once they reach a desert where the baddies are lurking, the rebels instantly run into trouble – specifically an enormous pink lion, which prances merrily along and then starts attacking. Adora transforms into She-Ra, chases off the pink lion, and then tells Bow and Glimmer off for being so reckless and always relying on She-Ra. Then she bounces off, leaving the pink lion to return, along with Catra.

Bow and Glimmer successfully defeat both Catra and the pink lion, but Catra takes Peekablue prisoner and toddles off. Peekablue becomes the bait of a trap set by Catra and her new Horde friend, Entrapta, whose special ability is – wait for it – setting traps. Our heroes come along and waltz right into it, necessitating another appearance from She-Ra, who announces that she’s happy to help now that the rebels have previously tried to help themselves.

Count 4
Adora: “Don’t look so miserable, you two. I’m here now.”

She-Ra wins the ensuing fight easily, and the rebels rescue Peekablue and steal back the crown. Back at Whispering Wood, Bow and Glimmer admit that they have learned an important lesson about self-reliance, and Adora considers that this is an appropriate time to spout some patronising bollocks and then wink at the camera. Yeah, thanks for that, Adora.


In today’s adventure…

I’m afraid I didn’t see Loo-Kee this week, though I can now reveal that he was messing about in Catra’s hideout. He sounds curiously downbeat as he dispenses a moral about stealing, explaining that you’ll normally get caught out. In fact, he sounds so downcast about this that I wonder if he himself has recently been interviewed by the police about a spate of burglaries or something. Even his usual demented giggle at the end sounds more like a nervous squeak. You mark my words, we’ll be seeing Loo-Kee on Crimewatch by the end of the year.


Character checklist

The opening episode of the second season includes Adora, She-Ra, Bow, Glimmer, Kowl, Madame Razz, Broom, Peekablue, a Twigget, Loo-Kee, Catra, Leech, Entrapta, some Horde Troopers, and of course the pink lion.

Count 2
Leech: “This is the worst carnival tent I’ve ever seen.”


Excuse given for Adora’s disappearance

Adora changes into She-Ra three times this week, and it’s only on the last occasion that anyone asks where she is. Kowl responds, “Don’t worry, she’s in good hands,” which seems to be all the information anyone needs on the subject.



It’s a bad week for the Horde Troopers, who are addressed as “ruffians” by Kowl, and as “bunglers” and “fools” by Leech. Catra tells Bow he is a “miserable rebel” and considers Adora, Bow, Glimmer, Kowl and a random Twigget to be “soft-hearted rebels”. Finally, Kowl tells some robotic tentacles that they are “mechanical maniacs”.


Oh No, Bow!

After beginning the episode with one of his regular overconfident boasts, Bow puts in a pretty poor showing during the subsequent fight with Leech and the Horde Troopers. In particular, he completely fails to pick up the crown, and even manages to get himself stuck inside some kind of weird magnetic cage. The rest of the episode actually has him learning some humility, though we all know that won’t last.

Count 5
Bow: “I can always rely on my old friend Rohypnol.”


Does it have the Power?

It’s certainly an entertaining watch, but I don’t think it’ll make the Greatest Hits. The storyline about the theft of the crown and the kidnap of Peekablue are very familiar, of course, but it’s done competently and relatively snappily. Of our two new characters, Entrapta is the more interesting, but only slightly, and possibly only because Peekablue seems to be a complete nonentity. I preferred the appearance of Catra, who is always a pleasure, especially when she’s accompanied by a rather camp pink lion for no readily apparent reason.

The other storyline, concerning Adora not wanting her friends to always rely on She-Ra, seemed a little peculiar. I understand the principle behind it: the notion was that the crown was just some treasure, and it wasn’t worth risking lives over it, especially if the rebels were just depending on She-Ra to save them. The problem is that any other week, our heroes would have happily gone blundering in to get the crown back, and She-Ra wouldn’t have had any issue with it. This new-found obsession with self-reliance simply gave She-Ra the opportunity to flounce around patronising people, yet again, which never sits well with me.

Nonetheless, this episode is pretty good fun, and a good solid start to the second season. If there’s nothing worse than this here, we’ll all get along fine.

3 thoughts on “Episode 66 – One to Count On

  1. this was no doubt one of the highlight episodes of season 2 imo which wasn’t very many! and agree with your review owen on the whole. having watched this series there is no doubt season 2 of she-ra is filled with some pretty poor episodes there are a few good ones this one is one of them but most of this second season is pretty weak completely agree! regards to this ep one to count on its a fair point you make regarding she-ra deciding not to help them but as it was a one off time I quite liked this it did seem a bit out of the blue ie perhaps if the quest was made a bit more dangerous then there would of been more of an argument to this I did like tho the fact she-ra was encouraging the other cast members to show and have more faith in there own abilities, agree its probably just short of being one of the classics but this was a pretty solid one for me, I agree katra is one of the best of hordaks I like the character entrap don’t know if other fans have noticed this im sure they have but catra dislikes all of the cast particularly scorpia I think shadow weaver too but entrap is probably her only friend id say the only character she got on with, this I thought was interesting adding another layer to her character, I didn’t think much for the pink lion but I guess its she-ra remember not he-man melendy britt was a hero at the time for young kids growing up particuluarly girls who looked up to she-ra and I felt her character she-ra really shined in this one, overall a great start to season 2 one of the few that I really enjoyed it just falls short of one of the greats I agree so I think id score this 8/10 worth watching…


    1. Oh agreed, compared to most of the tat in series 2 this one’s great. Though having said that, I don’t think it made my top 5 at the end; can’t remember though. We’ll have to see!


  2. yeah this one doesn’t make my top 10 but it just creeps into my top 20 out of 93 episodes so its not a bad return reflecting my verdict as great but just short of one of the very best, I must say tho I was thinking about this and im surprised one to count on doesn’t get more of a mention, theres the obvious classics for instance sweet bees home, crystal castle, stone in the sword, the price of freedom, horde prime takes a holiday and shadows and skulls so elaborating on my verdict for this episode it might be short of these classics (all 9 or 10/10 imo rated episodes) but compared to the rest of the series one to count on more than holds its own it actually pushes out the 2 anchors aloft episodes to get in my personal top 20 which ill give after the 93 episodes! an episode that is in my personal top 10 actuall my top 5 that doesn’t get the same mention as these top ones iv mentioned is into the dark dimension that is a phenomenal episode for me with hordak and she-ra getting sucked into another dimension again tho its all about opinions what people like..i do find it baffling tho how season 2 was considerably weaker I mean ok in he-man you could argue season 2 was weaker than the first season I thought it was only alittle not as much as most (rainbow warrior, problem with power, into the abyss, no job too small all season 2 he-man eps for instance) but the second season of she-ra was so much weaker than the first season I don’t know why this was , did they run out of imspiration? it had many new writers we hadn’t heard of maybe this is the reason but theres no doubt she-ra season 2 was overall a bit of a let down an you can see why there wasn’t a season 3! takecare…


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