Episode 73 – The Time Transformer

In which She-Ra demonstrates a hitherto unsuspected talent for flying.

Reeling from a defeat at Valley View Castle, Hordak goes a little OTT and arranges for a Horde scientist called Professor Tempest to build a machine that can change the past; specifically, changing Hordak’s losses into victories. This machine is called the Time Transformer, and it works by displaying images of the past, onto which the Professor can draw things such as extra guns. Like the Magic Paintbrush, the things the Professor draws come into existence.

Time Transformer 3
Tempest: “Hello, I’m Professor Tempest, and I’m here to welcome you to one of the worst episodes of She-Ra.”

Using this device, Hordak reverses his loss at Valley View Castle, causing Horde Troopers to appear as a garrison there. Using a degree of prescience bordering on the supernatural, Adora instantly concludes, “It’s as if history were being rewritten,” rather than any other random but equally plausible conclusion such as “They must have teleported in,” or “They must have taken off their invisibility cloaks.” Honestly, I ask you, with the data she has, how could Adora possibly have plucked the correct answer out of so many insane possibilities?

Armed with her freaky super-knowledge, Adora announces that she and Bow must go straight to the Fright Zone. And so they do, and by God the animation is appalling when they get there. Just look at Bow’s head. It looks like it’s been squashed in a vice (which is, admittedly, something I’d do to him given half the chance). Anyway, they overhear Hordak plotting to use the Time Transformer to destroy Castle Bright Moon, and then they get captured.

Time Transformer 1
Bow: “Having a ridiculously thin head doesn’t stop me indulging in my usual pervy ways.”

Hordak decides to demonstrate to Adora and Bow how the Time Transformer works, and shows them a clip from the massively mental episode Bow’s Farewell, in which – as you may recall – She-Ra flew into outer space to stop an eclipse of the moon from draining Bright Moon’s batteries, or some such. This time, however, Hordak draws a meteor shower which will allegedly prevent She-Ra from saving the day. Much as we’d all like to erase the events of Bow’s Farewell from our memories, I have the feeling this isn’t going to work out.

Adora and Bow escape very easily, and Adora gets Bow out of the way so she can turn into She-Ra. This done, she jumps in the air and starts flying. Like bloody Supergirl. Look, She-Ra can’t fly. She’s never been able to fly before. If you want her to fly, put her on Swift Wind. Swift Wind is even present at this moment, and She-Ra has just told him, “Wait here, Swift Wind.” Why does Swift Wind have to wait there? Why can’t he do the flying? I just don’t understand why She-Ra has to be capable of absolutely everything. I think I’m getting unaccountably worked up about this, but it completely defies all internal logic of this cartoon, admittedly shaky though that internal logic is.

Time Transformer 4
She-Ra: “I’ve always been able to do this, you know.”

Once She-Ra arrives in the throne room, she stands in front of the Time Transformer, and then moves when Hordak shoots at her. Totally unexpectedly, Hordak destroys the Time Transformer instead. He isn’t as upset about this as you might think, though, because with the Transformer destroyed, She-Ra has no way to reverse the meteor shower and stop Hordak from having captured Castle Bright Moon in the past.

Did I say she has no way to reverse the meteor shower? Well, that was a trifle misleading. Actually, she does, but it’s a very stupid way indeed. She gets on Swift Wind and instructs him to fly into orbit, then fly very quickly round and round Etheria backwards. I presume the idea here is that the momentum Swift Wind builds up will cause Etheria to spin backwards. I’m no physicist, but I’m certain that even allowing for this dubious premise, causing Etheria to spin backwards would simply alter its rotation. It would not make time run backwards. If I’m wrong, I’m willing to be corrected.

At any rate, we are now treated to a shot of Etheria with She-Ra flying round and round it, with her voiceover sounding increasingly orgasmic as she builds to a crescendo with the phrase, “Faster, Swifty! Faster! Faster! We’re getting there!” Once that’s over, She-Ra adds to the general air of lunacy by turning her sword into a baseball bat and knocking the meteor storm out of the way. Then, just to round things off, she returns to Etheria’s surface and starts randomly taking the piss out of Madame Razz.

Time Transformer 2
She-Ra: “I have nothing to add, your honour.”


In today’s adventure…

I don’t need to say anything here other than that Loo-Kee’s in a tree, and he references events in the episode that I genuinely don’t remember happening. He claims that Madame Razz told a villager’s fortune, and that the villager was told he’d have a happy life if he treated others kindly. He suggests that we follow this advice too. I was so convinced that this didn’t happen that I actually went back and checked, and it definitely didn’t. Hordak must have used his Time Transformer to erase that bit of the episode.


Character checklist

This utter claptrap features Adora, Spirit, She-Ra, Swift Wind, Bow, Kowl, Madame Razz, Broom, Loo-Kee, Hordak, Imp, Catra, Professor Tempest, and the usual mass of Horde Troopers. Grizzlor, Leech and Entrapta are hanging around too, though rather unproductively.

Time Transformer 5
Adora: “Well, nice to have an audience, I suppose.”


Excuse given for Adora’s disappearance

“Bow, you’d better go and warn Queen Angela. I’m going to try and find a way to destroy that machine,” says Adora, trying to get her moronic companion to exit, stage left. As soon as she’s convinced him that he’ll be making a valuable contribution simply by pissing off, she is able to turn into She-Ra in peace.



Catra calls Imp a “little worm”, while Hordak addresses his Horde Troopers with “fools”, “metallic nincompoops” and something that sounds very much like “bunkbags”, but it couldn’t possibly be that because that doesn’t make sense, and of course the rest of this episode is a statesmanlike exercise in making sense.

Hordak also calls She-Ra a “foolish woman”. This isn’t really the place to go off on an extended rant about the gender politics of this cartoon, but I have noticed a tendency for Hordak to append “woman” to his insults for She-Ra, and it does occasionally leave a bad taste in the mouth. No one ever called He-Man a “foolish man” – “fool” was always enough. (It has also just occurred to me that Skeletor never called Evil-Lyn or Teela a “foolish woman”. Skeletor may have been many bad things, but he does appear to have been a big believer in gender equality.)

Time Transformer 6
Hordak: “All right, all right, I’ll sign up for the feminism symposium if you just get out of the Fright Zone.”


Oh No, Bow!

When Adora and Bow are captured, the Horde Troopers slap handcuffs on them. Bow sidles up to Adora and says, “See if you can reach into my pocket.” When Adora obliges, he reveals that he doesn’t have a plan but just wanted her to get her hands close to his skin. That latter sentence is not true, but I bet you believed me. That’s how creepy Bow is.


Does it have the Power?

Oh, God. Sometimes, I like the mental ones. I’m pretty sure we had one that was utterly bonkers not long ago, and that I liked it. But for some reason, the mental bits in this episode come across as fundamental flaws rather than light-hearted silliness, and I found the whole thing just incredibly grating. I think it’s probably because it features so many stupid She-Ra feats in the space of five minutes: she does her regular breathing in outer space trick, she turns her sword into sports equipment, and most of all, she flies of her own volition. She’s just unbeatable, and that’s tiresome. I could also go on and mutter about the complete lack of logic applied to Hordak’s time alterations, and the dodgy physics with the backward planet spinning, but I have this feeling that if I do, I’ll actually go mad.

Bonus Update: Skeletor Goes to Azerbaijan

After He-Man’s recent trip to Armenia, Mega-Construx Skeletor felt that he could do just as well, if not better. Consequently, he accompanied me on a tour of Azerbaijan, which culminated in a remarkable discovery…

And here we go! Skeletor is on a very empty flight to Baku.
Skeletor is loose in Fountains Square. He’s a bit disappointed that the fountains aren’t on right now. He’ll try again later.
Skeletor has found his way to the Maiden’s Tower in Baku.
Skeletor loves Baku’s Old Town walls.
Quick trip down to the Caspian Sea for Skeletor.
Great, so not only is Skeletor a wino like He-Man, he’s an exhibitionist too.

We’re going to get on so well.
Skeletor is not really helping this girl do her make-up.
Skeletor has popped in for a quick drink at the nostalgia-heavy, jazz-playing Old School Cafe.
Skeletor has climbed up high to get a panoramic view of the Bay of Baku.
Skeletor may be slightly out of focus, but he’s still enjoying his visit to the Flame Towers.
Skeletor is feeling a little intimidated by his dining companion in this ice cream parlour.
Skeletor has come to visit the Palace of the Shirvanshahs.
Skeletor does not need to visit the Cool Barber Shop because he has no hair (or skin, eyes, etc). However, he would like it to be noted that he still has a better haircut than He-Man.
Skeletor is rather impressed with the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre.
This is Skeletor’s first photo in almost 24 hours. Angry at his lack of prominence, he has come to the town of Qala and conjured up this statue to exact his vengeance.
Skeletor has some new wheels.
“Let destruction reign!” cried Skeletor, as he stood before the burning hillside of Yanar Dag.
Skeletor has considered a dip in the Caspian Sea at the beach resort of Sumqayit, but decided against it.
Skeletor has his head in his hands because he came to Shahdag Ski Resort but forgot to check whether there would be any snow.
Skeletor is rather surprised to find a Tower Bridge replica in the town of Xacmaz.
Skeletor found it easy conquering this rock, and associated castle and fountain, in Ismaylli. Admittedly, there was no sign of He-Man.
Sure, sure, Skeletor, you help yourself. What’s mine is yours. Never mind that I need that coffee to function. You go ahead.
Skeletor is enjoying a day out in the mountain village of Lahic.
Skeletor has trekked up to the tea house at Yeddi Gozel Falls. As you can see, he’s well pleased with himself.
Another victory for Skeletor, having come to another ski resort (Qabala) at an inappropriate time of the year.
Nice day out at the Udi Ethnographic Complex for Skeletor.
Skeletor considers that the Winter Palace in Sheki would be just about suitable lodgings for him.
Big plate of nice cheesy pide for Skeletor’s lunch.
Skeletor on his evening outing to Kutmukhi Church.
Skeletor isn’t quite sure where to start with his bowl of Sheki local delicacy, piti.
Skeletor is well impressed with the Caucasian Albanian church at Kis.
Skeletor has made his way to Ganja, where he is enjoying looking round the 17th century buildings in the main square.
Paws off, Skeletor! This crazy generous portion of cake is all mine!
Quick trip to the seaside town of Astara on the Iranian border for Skeletor today.
Skeletor is pleased with the utterly ludicrous number of sugars that have been supplied for his coffee in Lankaran.
Skeletor has popped up to Lerik in the Talysh Mountains for the afternoon.
Skeletor feels at home around the mud volcanoes of Qobustan.
Just chilling out at Qobustan Petroglyphs Park.
“Good morning, Baku,” says out-of-focus Skeletor.
At Shikhov, Skeletor has found his ideal beach: sandy with blue sea, but with just the vaguest hint of terrible desolation.
Skeletor is disappointed that he’s been told in no uncertain terms that he can’t have any of my pomegranate chicken at the excellent Nakhchivan Restaurant.
However, Skeletor will not be denied a cocktail.
Skeletor is on the mountain roads.
Mountain vistas in Europe’s highest village, Xinaliq.
Skeletor getting properly ambitious now.
Spicy times for Skeletor at Baku’s market.
After a long delay, Skeletor arrives at the obsessively neat enclave of Nakhchivan.
Skeletor has come along to view the suspiciously new looking Tomb of Noah.
Day trip out to Lake Batabat. Let’s hope it’s not Lake Batrosabatros.

(That joke met with zero acclaim on my Instagram. Here, on a dedicated Masters of the Universe page, I’m hoping for a better reaction.)
And finally…

Big day for Skeletor today. He’s at Alinja Castle, and that jagged peak in the background is Ilan Dag, which translates into English as……… SNAKE MOUNTAIN!

Skeletor has found his home.

And here ends the happy story of Skeletor’s visit to Azerbaijan.

Episode 72 – The Pearl

In which She-Ra demonstrates yet another unfeasible skill.

Our episode today opens with Adora chatting away to Mermista, who reveals that though she herself supports the Rebellion, her people as a whole – led by her father, King Mercia – do not wish to start trouble by opposing the Horde. It seems that Mercia has an arrangement with the Horde that so long as they don’t bother his people, he won’t bother them.

Pearl 1
Mermista: “Yes yes yes I do look a tad more sensible when I’m half a fish.”

With this in mind, would you care to guess what Hordak starts doing this week? Yes, that’s right, he’s bothering the fish people. Admittedly, initially he’s not outright bothering the fish people, but he has adopted the Japan approach and is out fishing for whales. Naturally enough, this doesn’t get the Mermista Stamp of Approval, so she and She-Ra intervene to rescue the whale and take it to Mercia’s kingdom. Incidentally, this episode reveals that – in addition to She-Ra’s many other improbable and annoying skills – she is capable of speaking underwater.

On arrival in the Sunken City, Mercia welcomes She-Ra and instantly launches into a borderline irrelevant conversation, in which he casually mentions that the power of the mer-folk is dependent on the Power Pearl, a trinket which must be kept out of Horde hands. Hordak, of course, has attached a spy robot to the whale, so he immediately learns of the Pearl and decides he wants it. The whole ensuing debacle could, therefore, have been avoided if Mercia had just kept his trap shut about the Pearl.

Pearl 2
Mercia: “Hello, She-Ra. Oh, by the way, here’s some important plot details that are in no way relevant to our conversation.”

Hordak manages to get something right for a change, by successfully stealing the Pearl. Whether he holds onto it is of course another matter, but for now he’s doing rather well by his standards. If nothing else, the voice actor gets the opportunity to cry, “The Power Pearl! And it’s mine! All mine!” which is the sort of pantomime villain dialogue that all respectable actors must crave. He then summons Shadow Weaver and instructs her to figure out how the Pearl works.

Shadow Weaver learns enough about the Pearl’s magic to use it to summon a giant crab to distract She-Ra and Mermista, but that’s good for only about 30 seconds. Hordak’s next move is to shoot at She-Ra with torpedoes, but while he’s so occupied, Mermista and the baby whale leap aboard Hordak’s ship and steal back the Pearl.

Mermista arranges for the baby whale’s mother to show up and eat Hordak’s ship, though of course Hordak turns himself into a rocket and escapes. The Pearl is returned to the Sunken City, where She-Ra and the baby whale are given medals for being so awesome. The episode concludes with something that I assume was meant to be a joke, given everyone laughs, but it’s nothing more than a statement of fact. Morons.

Pearl 3
She-Ra: “Yeah, thanks for the medal, Mercia. I’ll put it in the loft with my literally billions of others.”

In today’s adventure…

Loo-Kee is, as per usual, hanging around in a tree, like some kind of freakish monkey. His advice today is that we should ask a policeman for help if we get lost. Pretty sensible, actually, and with some bearing on the episode’s story, given the baby whale was lost. Yep, I’m happy with this one.

Character checklist

This week we get Adora and She-Ra, without Spirit or Swift Wind. This is a shame, as I’d have loved to see the animators trying to depict these horses underwater. Never mind. Otherwise, there’s Mermista, Mercia, other fish people, the baby whale, Hordak, Shadow Weaver, and some Horde Troopers.

Pearl 4
Hordak: “No need for that silly dancing, Shadow Weaver.”


Hordak’s the only one doling out insults today, starting with “fool” and “iron fool” for a Horde Trooper, moving on to “fish-tail” and “fish lady” for Mermista, and finishing up with “blasted female” for She-Ra.

Does it have the Power?

It’s nice to get some background on Mermista and her people, though notably the episode doesn’t end with Mercia and his crowd joining the Rebellion. Hordak is quite fun today, despite a large number of pig snorts, and She-Ra is at her least irritating too. The episode veers awfully close to saccharine sweetness with the baby whale and its mother, but never quite crosses the line. All in all, this is a pretty reasonable effort – but really? Talking underwater? Is there anything She-Ra can’t do?

Episode 71 – Loo-Kee’s Sweety

In which we are subjected to the most left-field plot twist in the entire Masters of the Universe franchise.

The episode opens with a slow-pan towards some bushes, which are swaying energetically, and from behind which comes the sound of some heavy grunting. Given the episode’s title, I was half-wondering if we were going to see some Loo-Kee-based X-rated action. Fortunately, this was not the case: a bunch of pixies similar to Loo-Kee are indeed in the bush, but they are being chased by a pack of robotic dogs, rather than doing anything more explicit than She-Ra usually goes.

Loo-Kee's Sweety 4
Loo-Kee: “I’m always chasing tail. Oh fine, please yourselves.”

Shadow Weaver and Catra are behind this assault on the pixies, and they successfully capture all but one of them. The escapee is called Lar-See, and she escapes by swimming all the way to the mainland, where she meets Adora, Spirit and Loo-Kee messing about by a campfire. She details what has happened, explaining that the Horde have it in for the pixies because they have taken to nipping into the Horde dungeons and giving fresh fruit to the prisoners.

Adora and Spirit turn into She-Ra and Swift Wind, and fly Loo-Kee and Lar-See back to Beast Island. They are attacked en route by Catra and some flying robots, of course, but this proves to be a traditional She-Ra time-killing exercise more than anything else. Once they arrive, they find that all the pixies have been herded into a prison camp, surrounded by bars composed of glowing energy.

Loo-Kee's Sweety 2
She-Ra: “I deeply regret the life choices that have brought me here.”

She-Ra, Loo-Kee and Lar-See trot down a secret passage to enter the prison camp, but Catra has set up one of those all-too-obvious trapdoors that neither She-Ra nor He-Man ever seem able to spot. Pleasingly, as a result of the trapdoor, She-Ra falls face first into a puddle of strength-sapping mud, which turns out to be the Slime Pit (available now from all good retailers, £19.99). She only manages to escape thanks to the unexpected assistance of a scuba-diving pig, which is such a thoroughly deranged plot development that I thought I’d finally gone loop-de-loop.

Once this crazy interlude is over, She-Ra and her pixie friends let themselves into the prison camp, and She-Ra takes care of a bunch of Horde Troopers by rolling up the ground as if it were a Swiss roll. This is stupid enough, but it’s the insufferably smug face she makes afterwards that really got my goat. She then knocks down the glowing energy fence, and the pixies make their escape, while Catra – perhaps inevitably – ends up in the Slime Pit, having a barking mad conversation with that pig.

Loo-Kee's Sweety 3
Catra: “This conversation is extremely unlikely to be satisfying.”

In today’s adventure…

Loo-Kee is good enough to acknowledge that we probably saw him this week, but he reveals that before the action even started, he was hiding behind a tree in an early shot. And then he proves it, the sneaky little bastard. Curse you, Loo-Kee. You’ve fooled me once too often. Anyway, he tells us all about stealing and how there’s never a good reason to take things that don’t belong to you. I know it’s very picky and borderline obsessive to say so, but I recall He-Man trolling off to Snake Mountain to steal some rainbow quartz in Three on a Dare. If I’m going to model my behaviour on anyone, it’ll be He-Man and not some blue-tailed freak of a pixie. So sorry, Loo-Kee, I’ll be ignoring this piece of advice, going down to Sainsbury’s, nicking stuff, and then explaining that He-Man demonstrated it’ll be all right. I might even mention that Loo-Kee’s girlfriend Lar-See is short for Lar-See-Nee. I’m sure the police will be very understanding.

Character checklist

Right, well, this bundle of lunacy features Adora, Spirit, She-Ra, Swift Wind, Loo-Kee, Lar-See, a right load more Loo-Kee-ish pixies, Catra, Shadow Weaver, some Horde Troopers, and of course the Slime Pig.

Loo-Kee's Sweety 1
Loo-Kee: “Not sure why I’m quite so insanely amused by She-Ra’s boots.”

Excuse given for Adora’s disappearance

After hearing Lar-See’s story, Adora and Spirit get up and walk off. Understandably a tad disappointed at this reception, Lar-See asks, “Where are they going?” Loo-Kee offers the evasive response, “To get help.”


A Horde Trooper refers to She-Ra, Loo-Kee and Lar-See as “rebel scum”, which is fairly vicious. Still, I expect it doesn’t sting quite so much as when Catra calls Loo-Kee’s dad Poppy a “multi-coloured maggot”.

Does it have the Power?

Luckily, this pretty super episode doesn’t focus on Loo-Kee’s love life at all, despite the title implying that it would. Instead, we get a fairly standard rescue mission which is stumping along happily and competently, until it suddenly takes a left turn into the world of utter insanity with the introduction of the Slime Pig. This proves to be a winning move. It may be nuts, but it’s certainly fun, and deserves a big thumbs-up as a result.

Episode 70 – Something Old, Something New

In which Etheria falls out of its orbit.

This week we meet a wannabe magician called Eli, who has stolen a glowing red rock from Shadow Weaver and as a result is being chased down by some Horde Troopers. Eli casts a spell to turn the Troopers into trees, which to his surprise actually works. As the audience, we are aware that the spell worked only because of the red rock, and not because of Eli’s powers.

Adora and Bow charge in at this point, and congratulate Eli on his magic, prompting Eli to claim to be the best magician. He also reveals that his teacher Candor has sent him for further tuition with Madame Razz, so he accompanies Adora and Bow back to Whispering Wood. Once there, he does some tricks and ponces about arrogantly, failing to endear himself to anyone (except Bow, of course, who has a natural affinity with arrogant morons).

Something Old 1
Adora: “Eli, you can’t expect anyone to take you seriously with that ridiculous quiff.”

Eli continues to spend his time at the camp irritating people, including a moment in which he suggests altering a river’s course to help the rebels do their washing, but Adora immediately vetoes this idea on the pompous basis that “There’s always a danger when you change Mother Nature.” Quite right, Adora. Now why don’t you pop back in time by all of two episodes and tell She-Ra not to piss about with that river in Out of the Cocoon?

Of course, Eli doesn’t listen and rather pleasingly floods the entire rebel camp, which – to my deep dismay – means She-Ra has to get involved. After dealing with the flood, She-Ra and Madame Razz discover that Eli has disappeared, and they fly off to look for him, correctly intuiting that Shadow Weaver must be involved.

It turns out that Shadow Weaver is interested in recovering her glowing red rock, now introduced as the Stone of Serenity, which amplifies the magical ability of anyone using it. She has tricked Eli into coming to her by pretending to be his teacher Candor, and instructing him to come to a cave in the mountains. Once he’s there, Shadow Weaver nicks the Stone of Serenity back from him.

Something Old 2
Eli: “Hmm, a floating face telling me to come to an isolated location with an artefact of great value? Sounds legit.”

Meanwhile, as She-Ra and Madame Razz fly along, they are suddenly enveloped by a big red glowing ball, and carried into a pyramid, which Madame Razz identifies as the Balance Centre of Etheria. The Serenity Stone should be in the Balance Centre, but Madame Razz notes that it is absent, which might result in Etheria tipping to one side. This is the sort of plot development that ought to feel absolutely bloody ridiculous, but by this stage I’ve just started accepting this kind of thing as completely normal.

She-Ra and Madame Razz exit the Balance Centre and quickly find their way to the cave, where they confront Shadow Weaver. Allegedly, Shadow Weaver’s powers are greatly amplified by the Serenity Stone, but she doesn’t seem much more powerful than usual. Anyway, during the battle, Etheria starts to fall out of orbit, but She-Ra manages to get her grubby paws on the Stone and return it to the Balance Centre before it’s too late.

Something Old 3
Madame Razz: “I thought the Balance Centre was an inner ear hospital department.”

I don’t expect you’ll believe it, but the episode ends with Eli admitting that he’s been a bit of a div, and promising not to be one in the future. There’s also some random yammering about never being too old to learn things, and then a stupid joke from Madame Razz at which everyone laughs, except the audience.

In today’s adventure…

This Loo-Kee business is getting pretty tedious now. I really don’t care where he is, and I can’t imagine you do either. Still, if you must know, I found him today, standing behind a big rock. He suggests that we shouldn’t brag about our achievements, because if we do, no one will like us. No one likes me anyway, so I might as well carry on bragging. God, I’m awesome.

Character checklist

Well, would you look at that? It’s Adora, Spirit, She-Ra, Swift Wind, Madame Razz, Broom, Bow, Eli, Candor, Loo-Kee, Shadow Weaver, and some Horde Troopers. Glimmer, Perfuma, Peekablue and Flutterina also appear in the background, but they don’t add much.

Something Old 4
Bow: “Can’t even be arsed to stand up while this third-rate magician performs to these credulous buffoons.”


Eli begins the episode by calling a Horde Trooper a “big metal lummox”, and Shadow Weaver soon follows this up by referring to the Horde Trooper in question, and two of his colleagues, as “fools”. Shadow Weaver also refers to Eli as a “little thief” and to She-Ra as a “meddler”. Finally, Eli manages a new low by calling himself a “fool”.

Oh No, Bow!

The only person who doesn’t seem to think Eli is a first-class tool is Bow, and this seems to be primarily motivated by the fact that Eli conjures up a massive feast, at which Bow’s eyes light up with delight.

Something Old 5
Bow: “Give me a chicken drumstick and I’m anybody’s.”

Egg on your face?

As a cartoon, She-Ra doesn’t generally go in for the hilarious concept of pelting people with food, but this week, we do at least get to see Madame Razz being soaked with water when one of her spells goes awry. Maybe I’m in a bad mood today, but it isn’t very funny.

Does it have the Power?

Yeah, I suppose why not? The Eli storyline is pretty predictable, but with the added lunacy of the Balance Centre of Etheria, the episode just about elevates itself to an interesting if mildly demented outing. Shadow Weaver is as convincingly evil as always, and She-Ra didn’t wind me up, or at least she didn’t wind me up as much as she normally does. No classic, but solid.