Episode 72 – The Pearl

In which She-Ra demonstrates yet another unfeasible skill.

Our episode today opens with Adora chatting away to Mermista, who reveals that though she herself supports the Rebellion, her people as a whole – led by her father, King Mercia – do not wish to start trouble by opposing the Horde. It seems that Mercia has an arrangement with the Horde that so long as they don’t bother his people, he won’t bother them.

Pearl 1
Mermista: “Yes yes yes I do look a tad more sensible when I’m half a fish.”

With this in mind, would you care to guess what Hordak starts doing this week? Yes, that’s right, he’s bothering the fish people. Admittedly, initially he’s not outright bothering the fish people, but he has adopted the Japan approach and is out fishing for whales. Naturally enough, this doesn’t get the Mermista Stamp of Approval, so she and She-Ra intervene to rescue the whale and take it to Mercia’s kingdom. Incidentally, this episode reveals that – in addition to She-Ra’s many other improbable and annoying skills – she is capable of speaking underwater.

On arrival in the Sunken City, Mercia welcomes She-Ra and instantly launches into a borderline irrelevant conversation, in which he casually mentions that the power of the mer-folk is dependent on the Power Pearl, a trinket which must be kept out of Horde hands. Hordak, of course, has attached a spy robot to the whale, so he immediately learns of the Pearl and decides he wants it. The whole ensuing debacle could, therefore, have been avoided if Mercia had just kept his trap shut about the Pearl.

Pearl 2
Mercia: “Hello, She-Ra. Oh, by the way, here’s some important plot details that are in no way relevant to our conversation.”

Hordak manages to get something right for a change, by successfully stealing the Pearl. Whether he holds onto it is of course another matter, but for now he’s doing rather well by his standards. If nothing else, the voice actor gets the opportunity to cry, “The Power Pearl! And it’s mine! All mine!” which is the sort of pantomime villain dialogue that all respectable actors must crave. He then summons Shadow Weaver and instructs her to figure out how the Pearl works.

Shadow Weaver learns enough about the Pearl’s magic to use it to summon a giant crab to distract She-Ra and Mermista, but that’s good for only about 30 seconds. Hordak’s next move is to shoot at She-Ra with torpedoes, but while he’s so occupied, Mermista and the baby whale leap aboard Hordak’s ship and steal back the Pearl.

Mermista arranges for the baby whale’s mother to show up and eat Hordak’s ship, though of course Hordak turns himself into a rocket and escapes. The Pearl is returned to the Sunken City, where She-Ra and the baby whale are given medals for being so awesome. The episode concludes with something that I assume was meant to be a joke, given everyone laughs, but it’s nothing more than a statement of fact. Morons.

Pearl 3
She-Ra: “Yeah, thanks for the medal, Mercia. I’ll put it in the loft with my literally billions of others.”

In today’s adventure…

Loo-Kee is, as per usual, hanging around in a tree, like some kind of freakish monkey. His advice today is that we should ask a policeman for help if we get lost. Pretty sensible, actually, and with some bearing on the episode’s story, given the baby whale was lost. Yep, I’m happy with this one.

Character checklist

This week we get Adora and She-Ra, without Spirit or Swift Wind. This is a shame, as I’d have loved to see the animators trying to depict these horses underwater. Never mind. Otherwise, there’s Mermista, Mercia, other fish people, the baby whale, Hordak, Shadow Weaver, and some Horde Troopers.

Pearl 4
Hordak: “No need for that silly dancing, Shadow Weaver.”


Hordak’s the only one doling out insults today, starting with “fool” and “iron fool” for a Horde Trooper, moving on to “fish-tail” and “fish lady” for Mermista, and finishing up with “blasted female” for She-Ra.

Does it have the Power?

It’s nice to get some background on Mermista and her people, though notably the episode doesn’t end with Mercia and his crowd joining the Rebellion. Hordak is quite fun today, despite a large number of pig snorts, and She-Ra is at her least irritating too. The episode veers awfully close to saccharine sweetness with the baby whale and its mother, but never quite crosses the line. All in all, this is a pretty reasonable effort – but really? Talking underwater? Is there anything She-Ra can’t do?

3 thoughts on “Episode 72 – The Pearl

  1. Hi owen, thought id wait for both these episodes before putting in my comment, these owen are both bob forward episodes and debatably of all his episodes hes done which almost all are like 8/10 plus episodes sweet bees home, the excellent for want of a horse, the price of freedom, flowers for hordak to name a few, these two id say are probably his weakest two for me but even these two arnt awfal, im not gonna lie im not too keen on loo-kee`s sweety I personally think its forwards only weakone but id probably score lookee`s sweety just a 4/10 (sorry owen) but its only my feeling this one however is much better its not quite a bob forward classic but ill probably score the pearl an agreeable fair 7 out of 10 as you say nice for memista to get somebackground not quite an origin episode but gives some origin to herbackwater people not trusting surface people has been done before in he-man the 2 most notable episodes for this city beneath the sea and attack from below, but its the only she-ra episode where the idea is used to be fair even if there other water episodes so I can let that go, I must admit my last comment something I always love in bobforward episodes is the appropriate humour he uses in all his scripts and I loved the ending when the huge mother fish comes up (the babys mum) hordak says tells shadow weaver to call up one of her spells and as he says this the babywhales mother appears and hordak says something like “you’ve sure called a big one here weaver” and shadow weaver responding to hordak saying “that’s not the one I called” hilarious dialogue!! overall I quite enjoyed this one again for me its not one of bob forwards very best but its still a good solid episode well worth watching…


    1. Interesting… I hadn’t really processed that The Pearl was a Bob Forward episode. As I recall, it doesn’t really feel like one of his. It seems more of a standard She-Ra-by-numbers episode, whereas I think of Bob Forward’s usual stuff as being a little more experimental, even if it doesn’t always work.

      I think I’m pretty much alone in liking Loo-Kee’s Sweety, but it’s the sheer insanity of it that gets me. It’s so mental that I can’t help but enjoy it.


      1. Agree owen, forward is an experimental genius but he always seems to get the right mix and balance as well for instance in the forwant of a horse episode you like I know so do I, the idea of a birthday present for horde prime was fantastic and using grizzlor to suggest he send him a horde tie as a birthday present was hilarious and very typical trait of bob forwards writing, I agree the pearl doesn’t somehow seem like a bobforward episode even tho it is! the other one ofcourse is the insane flowers for hordak where the troppers are dancing the conga has to be one of the series top moments and the chesistry between frosta and he-man in sweet bee`s home – all bob forward episodes, just briefly re loo-kee`s sweety iv nothing against mister slime pig tho he does seem a bit out of place with this series like hes randomnly dropped in from another cartoon! overall tho I just wanted to put some examples here of many examples of what makes bob forward such a clever and fantastic writer emphasising too just how well he knows all these characters in the he-man and she-ra series takecare…


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