Bonus Update: Skeletor Goes to Azerbaijan

After He-Man’s recent trip to Armenia, Mega-Construx Skeletor felt that he could do just as well, if not better. Consequently, he accompanied me on a tour of Azerbaijan, which culminated in a remarkable discovery…

And here we go! Skeletor is on a very empty flight to Baku.
Skeletor is loose in Fountains Square. He’s a bit disappointed that the fountains aren’t on right now. He’ll try again later.
Skeletor has found his way to the Maiden’s Tower in Baku.
Skeletor loves Baku’s Old Town walls.
Quick trip down to the Caspian Sea for Skeletor.
Great, so not only is Skeletor a wino like He-Man, he’s an exhibitionist too.

We’re going to get on so well.
Skeletor is not really helping this girl do her make-up.
Skeletor has popped in for a quick drink at the nostalgia-heavy, jazz-playing Old School Cafe.
Skeletor has climbed up high to get a panoramic view of the Bay of Baku.
Skeletor may be slightly out of focus, but he’s still enjoying his visit to the Flame Towers.
Skeletor is feeling a little intimidated by his dining companion in this ice cream parlour.
Skeletor has come to visit the Palace of the Shirvanshahs.
Skeletor does not need to visit the Cool Barber Shop because he has no hair (or skin, eyes, etc). However, he would like it to be noted that he still has a better haircut than He-Man.
Skeletor is rather impressed with the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre.
This is Skeletor’s first photo in almost 24 hours. Angry at his lack of prominence, he has come to the town of Qala and conjured up this statue to exact his vengeance.
Skeletor has some new wheels.
“Let destruction reign!” cried Skeletor, as he stood before the burning hillside of Yanar Dag.
Skeletor has considered a dip in the Caspian Sea at the beach resort of Sumqayit, but decided against it.
Skeletor has his head in his hands because he came to Shahdag Ski Resort but forgot to check whether there would be any snow.
Skeletor is rather surprised to find a Tower Bridge replica in the town of Xacmaz.
Skeletor found it easy conquering this rock, and associated castle and fountain, in Ismaylli. Admittedly, there was no sign of He-Man.
Sure, sure, Skeletor, you help yourself. What’s mine is yours. Never mind that I need that coffee to function. You go ahead.
Skeletor is enjoying a day out in the mountain village of Lahic.
Skeletor has trekked up to the tea house at Yeddi Gozel Falls. As you can see, he’s well pleased with himself.
Another victory for Skeletor, having come to another ski resort (Qabala) at an inappropriate time of the year.
Nice day out at the Udi Ethnographic Complex for Skeletor.
Skeletor considers that the Winter Palace in Sheki would be just about suitable lodgings for him.
Big plate of nice cheesy pide for Skeletor’s lunch.
Skeletor on his evening outing to Kutmukhi Church.
Skeletor isn’t quite sure where to start with his bowl of Sheki local delicacy, piti.
Skeletor is well impressed with the Caucasian Albanian church at Kis.
Skeletor has made his way to Ganja, where he is enjoying looking round the 17th century buildings in the main square.
Paws off, Skeletor! This crazy generous portion of cake is all mine!
Quick trip to the seaside town of Astara on the Iranian border for Skeletor today.
Skeletor is pleased with the utterly ludicrous number of sugars that have been supplied for his coffee in Lankaran.
Skeletor has popped up to Lerik in the Talysh Mountains for the afternoon.
Skeletor feels at home around the mud volcanoes of Qobustan.
Just chilling out at Qobustan Petroglyphs Park.
“Good morning, Baku,” says out-of-focus Skeletor.
At Shikhov, Skeletor has found his ideal beach: sandy with blue sea, but with just the vaguest hint of terrible desolation.
Skeletor is disappointed that he’s been told in no uncertain terms that he can’t have any of my pomegranate chicken at the excellent Nakhchivan Restaurant.
However, Skeletor will not be denied a cocktail.
Skeletor is on the mountain roads.
Mountain vistas in Europe’s highest village, Xinaliq.
Skeletor getting properly ambitious now.
Spicy times for Skeletor at Baku’s market.
After a long delay, Skeletor arrives at the obsessively neat enclave of Nakhchivan.
Skeletor has come along to view the suspiciously new looking Tomb of Noah.
Day trip out to Lake Batabat. Let’s hope it’s not Lake Batrosabatros.

(That joke met with zero acclaim on my Instagram. Here, on a dedicated Masters of the Universe page, I’m hoping for a better reaction.)
And finally…

Big day for Skeletor today. He’s at Alinja Castle, and that jagged peak in the background is Ilan Dag, which translates into English as……… SNAKE MOUNTAIN!

Skeletor has found his home.

And here ends the happy story of Skeletor’s visit to Azerbaijan.

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