Episode 82 – The Locket

In which Sorrowful and Sea Hawk make pointless reappearances.

Hurrah! It’s a triumphant return for Sorrowful the S&M dragon! Last seen absolutely ages ago in The Laughing Dragon, Sorrowful appears to have taken up a successful career as a storyteller, entertaining the rebels with tales of his exploits against the Horde. After Sorrowful has told his less-than-enthralling story, a girl called Dina pesters Adora for a tale. Adora responds by showing her half of a magic locket, given to her by Sea Hawk at the end of their last dirty weekend.

Sorrowful: “They told me I’d sell out the O2, and yet here I am in this half-empty dive.”

Imp, who is lurking about pointlessly, causes a disruption by tickling Sorrowful, and takes advantage of the ensuing chaos to nick the locket from Dina. Once the rebels realise what has happened, Adora, Bow, Kowl, Madame Razz and Sorrowful give chase – and despite being refused permission to come too, Dina follows. I’m sure this won’t end badly.

Imp brings the locket to Shadow Weaver, who immediately starts trying to figure out what magic powers it has. She sends Rattlor out to delay the rebels, and he initially does an outstandingly poor job, even managing to be bested by Bow. On the other hand, he does succeed in capturing Dina, which I think we all saw coming really. Rattlor then ups his game considerably, and captures Adora as well.

Rattlor: “Horde Troopers on my left – good job. Horde Troopers on my right – why the hell are you doing that stupid dance?”

Sea Hawk and Swen now show up at the Horde base, and Shadow Weaver captures Sea Hawk as well. This is turning into a seriously incompetent outing for the rebels. Shadow Weaver discovers that Sea Hawk has the other half of the locket, and demands to know the magic secret. When it emerges the locket will only work for Adora and Sea Hawk, Shadow Weaver snaps, “I don’t care about your worthless locket.” You and me both, Shadow Weaver.

Adora, Sea Hawk and Dina are transferred to the Fright Zone, where Hordak shouts at them for a while before they start escaping. I’ve never been impressed with the reaction speeds of the baddies in She-Ra, but in this scene they are even less responsive than Windows 8. They simply stand around and watch as our heroes do a runner. Eventually, Hordak recaptures Dina, so Adora becomes She-Ra right in the middle of the throne room, just in case none of the Horde knew about the secret identity.

There’s then a massive load of tedious mucking about, which finally and mercifully concludes with Sorrowful rescuing Dina, and She-Ra nicking the locket back off Shadow Weaver. Then Dina apologises for going along on the stupid mission when she was told not to, and Adora puts on a stupid cross-eyed expression for no readily apparent reason. And then it ends, thank God.

Adora: “Yes, I’m off my tits on smack again. Sorry, kids.”

In today’s adventure…

I didn’t find Loo-Kee in today’s rubbish episode, and I am quite distraught about it. He advises us to always think about how what we’re doing might affect other people, which is precisely what Dina didn’t do today. A reasonable moral, but not reasonable enough to redeem this episode.

Character checklist

Perhaps hoping that billions of characters would distract us from the many many problems with this episode, we’re treated to a fair range today. There’s Adora, She-Ra, Bow, Madame Razz, Kowl, Broom, Sea Hawk, Swen, Sorrowful, Dina, Loo-Kee, Hordak, Shadow Weaver, Rattlor, Mantenna, Leech, Catra, Imp, loads of Horde Troopers, and a load of random rebels.

Dina: “Yes, okay, I wish I hadn’t got involved now.”


Madame Razz calls Imp a “little sneak” twice, so she’s obviously pretty pleased with that one. We’re also lucky enough to get the obligatory “fools”, dispensed by Rattlor to his Horde Troopers. Shadow Weaver calls Sea Hawk a “rebel traitor”, after which She-Ra goes on the offensive, calling Hordak a “monster” and Shadow Weaver a “Horde witch”.

Oh No, Bow!

Look at the picture below. What the hell is Bow doing? He walks up to She-Ra and Sea Hawk as if he’s got a hunchback, then stands there looking like this. What is his problem? Apart from being mental, of course.

She-Ra: “Yeah, I’m just going to ignore that.”

Does it have the Power?

This episode is just incredibly amateurish. The storyline barely exists, and the vague threads that are there don’t know whether they want to be about the locket’s magic powers or Sorrowful’s weird relationship with Dina. Sea Hawk seems to be randomly inserted into an episode in which he really doesn’t belong, and the other rebels have nothing to do, so they spend their time just being pointlessly shot at. To top it off, the dialogue is really badly written, the voice actors appear to be sleepwalking their way through, and the whole thing is incredibly wooden. This one really is towards the bottom of the barrel.

2 thoughts on “Episode 82 – The Locket

  1. “so Adora becomes She-Ra right in the middle of the throne room, just in case none of the Horde knew about the secret identity.”

    Hordak: – Finally! We could stop politely pretending that we didn’t knew that all along!

    (Seriously, the idea of Adora secret identity was copy-pasted from Adam without any attempt to rationalize it. For Adam, keeping his He-Man identity secret make sence: he wouldn’t survive long, if Skeletor start to hunt him as Adam. But Adora is one of the Horde main targets anyway – and she mainly reside in rather well-protected Wishpering Wood. So, whats the point of Hordak not knowing who she is?)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maybe more for her own sake (or sanity), rather than the Horde trying to capture her, which they seem to do less during the later episodes.

    There’s an episode where Adora feels that the rebels are becoming overly dependent on She-Ra. If Adora’s identity was known to the rebels, they might be constantly pestering her like in that Robot Chicken episode.

    She might also just have trust issues, as someone that grew up with The Horde, and then found out she’d been lied to for years.

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