Episode 08 – Glastnost Schmaznost

In which He-Man doesn’t need a space suit.

Master Sebrien, He-Man and Mara receive a message from the Galactic Council, inviting them to attend a peace summit with the Mutants. Skeletor, Flogg and Slush Head receive the selfsame message, but of course they immediately determine to use the summit to indulge in some brainless shenanigans. And so off they all go to the peace conference.

There follows a really quite bizarre scene in which He-Man and Skeletor sit down in the Galactic Council’s debating chamber, where Skeletor presents himself as genuinely desiring peace. To prove the point, he appoints a new Ambassador for Peace: this turns out to be Slush Head, carrying a bunch of balloons and wearing a very smart suit and bow tie. He-Man speaks for me and probably the entire audience when he proclaims, “This is ridiculous.”

Glasnost 1
Slush Head: “Hi, adoring fans.”

As the peace process continues, Mara begins to genuinely believe that Skeletor and the Mutants are seeking peace, and is further convinced of this when Skeletor saves her from an assassination attempt. Of course, Skeletor has staged the assassination attempt, but Mara doesn’t know that. This is enough to persuade the Galactic Council that Skeletor is sincere, and they agree that Primus and Denebria should exchange ambassadorial delegations, headed by He-Man and Skeletor.

When Skeletor arrives on Primus, he lands his ship directly above the underground city of Onnor, and begins preparations to blow the council chamber up. In the meantime, He-Man, Hydron and Flipshot land on Denebria, where they are welcomed by Slush Head, who is sufficiently moronic to inform them immediately that Skeletor is planning to conquer Primus. This is all the provocation our heroes need to board the Starship Eternia and head for home.

Glasnost 3
Hydron: “Leave it, He-Man, he’s not worth it.”

But in a last-minute twist, we learn that Slush Head has sabotaged the Starship’s radio, thus preventing Hydron from being able to tell Primus to lower the shield to let them land. Desperate to return to Primus in time to stop Skeletor, He-Man goes out into space – without a space suit, I don’t expect I need to tell you – and draws his sword. By which I don’t mean he raises his sword. He literally draws it in the sky, casting massive beams of light between stars to create a new, sword-shaped constellation.

Master Sebrien sees the sword constellation and orders Werban to lower the shield, allowing the Starship Eternia to land. Skeletor has already lit the fuse on his bomb, but He-Man contrives to throw the bomb back onto Skeletor’s ship, with predictable consequences. The episode ends with Mara apologising to He-Man for daring to think about the possibility of making peace, but at least this time, He-Man acknowledges that making peace would have been a good thing.

Glasnost 4
He-Man: “But if we have peace, Mara, I’ll have to get a new job.”


In today’s adventure…

It’s Hydron and Flipshot again, this time to tell us – irrelevantly – that you should always wear your seatbelt. Once again, it has nothing to do with the story. Now, I accept that the moral segment doesn’t necessarily have to relate to the episode’s events, but it kind of feels weird that it doesn’t.


Character checklist

Here we have Prince Adam, He-Man, Master Sebrien, Mara, Hydron, Flipshot, the Sorceress, Werban, Skeletor, Flogg, Slush Head, the Galactic Council representatives, and a fair few other heroes and Mutants whose names I still don’t know.

Glasnost 2
Master Sebrien: “So, guys, who are you exactly?”


Excuse given for Prince Adam’s disappearance

No excuses this time, but he’s only hanging out with Master Sebrien at the time, so that’s fine.



Skeletor refers to He-Man as a “ruffian”, while He-Man is safely out of earshot. Skeletor also calls Slush Head a “dummy”, which leads to a not-at-all hilarious moment in which Slush Head calls the entire Galactic Council “dummies”. How we chortled.

Glasnost 5
Skeletor: “I’m beginning to wonder if this guy is even stupider than Beast-Man.”


Does it have the Power?

It’s got a few problems, but ultimately it’s a decent episode. The first half of it, focussing on the peace summit at the Galactic Council, is played almost entirely for laughs, and – while it’s not particularly funny – it is good to see the light-hearted side of this cartoon. I enjoyed Skeletor pretending to be seeking peace, even though it did seem inconceivable that anyone would believe him. I’m glad the episode presented peace as being worth seeking, as last time the series touched on this theme – in Attack on Onnor – the peace seeker was simply shown as an idiot.

On the downside, I’m sure you know what I’m going to say. It’s taken a mere eight episodes for this series to fall into the She-Ra trap of having the hero waltz about in outer space without any protection. I’m willing to write this occurrence off if it never happens again. Deal?

2 thoughts on “Episode 08 – Glastnost Schmaznost

  1. If I remember well, in this episode some other mutant was wearing a pair of Groucho glasses as a disguise during the peace summit. Quite pathetic rather than ridiculous…
    By the way, love your reviews!


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