Episode 09 – The Youngest Hero

In which Caz tries and fails to be as irritating as Orko.

Remember Grot the gardener from Attack on Onnor? Well, turns out I didn’t waste my time in introducing him, because here he is again. Today, he’s bringing a basket of fruit to Drissy, who laughs like a loon when she receives them. This unprovoked merriment doesn’t continue for long, of course, because true to the episode’s title, Caz lumbers up and moans that he never does anything exciting, so he wants to join the Primus Space Force to fight the Mutants.

Youngest 1
Grot: “If you genuinely think this fruit is that funny, it’s no wonder you’re kept out here away from sane people.”

Drissy and Grot don’t give Caz any encouragement whatsoever, but he still decides to run off to submit his application to Hydron. While he’s in the launch bay, an alarm goes off, alerting Hydron and Flipshot to an imminent attack by the Mutants, so they – along with He-Man – leap into action defending Primus.

The Mutant attack is orchestrated by Flogg and Slush Head; Skeletor remains behind on Denebria, inexplicably creating clones of himself and dancing with them. Soon enough, he gets bored of this really weird behaviour, and teams up with Quake to conquer Primus behind Flogg’s back. This is one of the best ideas Skeletor’s had in a long time, since He-Man and co. defeat Flogg with ease. Skeletor’s attack, by contrast, goes pretty well, at least to start with. He begins by turning his ship into a very bright light, thus blinding (presumably temporarily) anyone who looks at it.

It’s at this point that Caz has a really good idea, or at least the sort of idea that Orko would think is a good idea. He nicks an attack fighter and takes off, intending to tackle Skeletor’s ship all by himself. Naturally, he completely fails, and gets himself captured, a turn of events which leads Skeletor to laugh so much I thought he was having a seizure.

Youngest 2
Quake: “First Drissy, now you. Why is everyone laughing so much today?”

Skeletor takes Caz off to the Mutant mothership and infects him with some kind of virus – and given the current state of the world, I think it would be more sensitive if I don’t make any jokes about that. Skeletor contacts Prince Adam and Master Sebrien to offer to bring Caz home if the shield is lowered, terms to which they rather unexpectedly agree. Even more unexpectedly, once Caz is delivered, Skeletor departs, leading me to suspect that his plan involves Caz infecting everyone else with this virus.

The scientists attempt to cure Caz, but are unsuccessful, so He-Man contacts Skeletor to request the antidote. Skeletor – who is behaving in a smarmily reasonable manner this week – agrees, on condition that He-Man hand over his sword. A rendezvous is arranged, at which Skeletor cures Caz, and He-Man does indeed surrender the sword.

Youngest 3
Drissy: “Hey! Personal space! At least 6 metres!”

Skeletor’s next step, of course, is to attack He-Man, at which point Grot leaps into action, stealing the sword back from Quake. Caz throws a rock at Skeletor, which will no doubt earn him lavish and excessive praise at the end of the episode, after which Skeletor brings that stupid clone of his back into play. This doesn’t deter He-Man for one minute; we saw in Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere that he’s more than capable of dealing with 58 thousand clones of Skeletor, so just two isn’t going to stop him.

Predictably, He-Man wins, with very minor assistance from Grot, and Skeletor and Quake do their traditional runner. Less predictably, no one even mentions the rock that Caz threw, so I was wrong there. Instead, He-Man delivers a little lecture about how the strongest person doesn’t always win and that knowledge can be as powerful as a sword. Caz listens attentively, then flicks V signs at He-Man’s back as he ponces off.

Youngest 4
Caz: “Yeah, TBH I’ve decided I don’t really want to be like you after all.”


In today’s adventure…

There was definitely going to be a moral this time, since it started to play, but whoever uploaded this episode to YouTube evidently didn’t feel the moral was an integral part of the episode. They were probably right, given the tangential and downright insane morals we’ve seen lately. I’m going to give the episode the benefit of the doubt and say that the moral was probably about not looking directly at the sun, given the blinding light that Skeletor’s ship gave off.


Character checklist

Hmm, now, let me see – there was Prince Adam, He-Man, Master Sebrien, Caz, Drissy, Grot, Elcon, Meldock, Gepple, Skeletor, Flogg, Slush Head, Quake, two other Mutants, and some other dudes. I think that covers it.


Excuse given for Prince Adam’s disappearance

Again, there’s no need, since on both occasions, Adam is only in the company of Master Sebrien when the time comes to transform.

Youngest 5
He-Man: “Okay, if it bothers you, I’ll try not to do this pose again.”



Flogg says that Skeletor is “not a true Mutant”, which is definitely meant as an insult, even though sensible folk like you or I would not take it as such. Otherwise, Elcon implies that Gepple is a “scatterbrain”, and that’s it. This series is pretty sparse on the insults.


Does it have the Power?

My conclusion about this series, after nine episodes, is that it is only any good at all because of Skeletor, who is brilliantly written. This week, as ever, he is completely barking mad, and really very entertaining, lighting up any scene in which he features. The rest of the episode is very much take it or leave it, though it is worth noting that Caz doesn’t even come near Orko levels of irritating. Even the scientists manage to tone it down a bit this time. Let’s settle for calling this an average affair, and that there are undoubtedly many episodes that are worse.

5 thoughts on “Episode 09 – The Youngest Hero

  1. I wish I knew why they cut the moral of the tale segment when uploading? There does seem to be an element of the He-Man fandom that seems to be almost ashamed of them existing, and I do not know why; to me they are always part of the charm of the show. I get a warm smile of nostalgia when I see them. I know they are pure cheese, but I always feel if you are going to watch any of the Masters of the Universe shows that you have to buy into the cheese factor.


    1. It did catch me by surprise, the way the morals were cut from these episodes. At some point fairly soon – possibly from hereon, in fact – I switched the YouTube account from which I was watching, and found another uploader who included the uncut versions.

      I too love the morals – even if, in NA, they are completely disconnected from the episode’s subject, which feels weird – and was sad to find that MYP (and indeed the new She-Ra) disposed of them. Hopefully Revelation and the other new series will include them!


      1. How long ago were these reviews written? The episodes uploaded to the official He-Man YouTube channel have the morals, but those seem to have been uploaded quite recently.


      2. At least 4 years ago – I used to write two a day, and I’m now uploading them at a rate of one every 6 days, so I have quite a backlog…


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