Episode 17 – Escape from Gaolotia

In which Skeletor shows his true colours.

Prince Adam, Hydron and Flipshot are undertaking some battle drills in the Starship Eternia, when they receive word that the prison ship Gaolotia has entered Primus’ airspace. This in itself isn’t a particular problem, but since Skeletor has hijacked Gaolotia and released some of the most dangerous prisoners in the galaxy, there’s a slight degree of peril here.

Gaolotia 2
Skeletor: “Nice duds, man.”

Skeletor has also lured Drissy and Caz into stealing a space shuttle and flying out to Gaolotia, where they become the bait in a trap. Prince Adam returns to Primus, where he transforms into He-Man and flies off into space again. Once he’s gone, the scientists bring news to Master Sebrien that an enormous comet is shortly going to collide with Gaolotia, which means He-Man now has a ticking clock if he wants to rescue Drissy and Caz before the comet hits.

After receiving some useless advice from the Sorceress (“the way of the magic will point the direction; may the power of the good be with you”), He-Man occupies himself with wrestling the escaped convicts, which is a really sensible use of time. Drissy and Caz manage to release themselves from their jail cell, which means that He-Man might as well have not bothered coming at all.

Gaolotia 3
Sorceress: “He-Man, have you got something in your eye?”

Luckily, Flogg realises that Skeletor is deliberately drawing the comet towards Gaolotia with a magnetic generator, not only to rid himself of He-Man, but of Flogg and the rest of the Mutants as well. Once Flogg figures this out, he tells the convicts to stop fighting He-Man, and heads off with his new convict army to attack Skeletor.

In the meantime, He-Man, Drissy and Caz run off to disable the magnetic generator. Since the magnetic generator is on the exterior hull of the ship, this necessitates a trip for He-Man into outer space. Guess what He-Man can do in outer space? Yes, that’s right. He can talk. He can breathe. He can remain warm. I remember fondly that one time She-Ra slightly embraced reality by putting a space helmet on, if not a suit. Those days of gritty realism are long gone.

Gaolotia 4
He-Man: “Ah yes, the old unprotected space walk. Everyone’s favourite.”

Anyway, the whole thing comes to a sorry conclusion when He-Man attaches the magnetic generator to Skeletor’s escape ship, and the comet follows him instead. He-Man, Drissy and Caz return to Primus, and – presumably – Skeletor doesn’t die, and manages to talk his way out of trouble with Flogg and the Mutants.


In today’s adventure…

This section is called “In today’s adventure…” because the moral is supposed to spell out a lesson that we learned in today’s adventure. This seems a pretty simple concept, but it’s becoming less and less relevant every week. Today, we get a lecture from Caz and Drissy about the importance of brushing our teeth. This is helpfully illustrated by some animation of Caz laughing, in which his teeth seem peculiarly over-emphasised.

Gaolotia 1
Caz: “Drissy, be honest, do I have a really odd mouth?”


Character checklist

Prince Adam, He-Man, Caz, Drissy, Hydron, Flipshot, Master Sebrien, Mara, the Sorceress, Meldock, Elcon, Gepple, Krax, Skeletor, Flogg, Quake, Critta, Slush Head, Skeletor’s dog thing Kerr, the prison ship captain, and various criminals.


Excuse given for Prince Adam’s disappearance

As is becoming standard procedure, Adam makes his transformation with only Master Sebrien around, so doesn’t need an excuse. Later on, however, Mara asks Adam where he’s been, to which Adam simply replies, “Oh? Was something going on?” In any reasonable world, Mara would have replied, “Yes, there was. Where were you?” Instead, she simply puts her hands on her hips and huffs.

Gaolotia 5
Mara: “I refuse to engage with this topic in a sensible way.”



Flogg’s the only person this week with sufficient courage to insult anyone to their faces, telling the convicts that they are “dim-witted jailbirds” and making a thinly veiled reference to Skeletor being a “fool”. Otherwise, it’s all behind-the-back-bitching today: Hydron refers to Caz as a “squirt”, while Skeletor says that He-Man is a “big softie” and that Flogg is an “idiot”.


Silence, Scientists!

All four scientists get a point today for messing about pointlessly tripping each other up instead of delivering the news about the comet being on a collision course with Gaolotia. They’re on screen for all of 30 seconds this week, and still manage to be appalling. God, I hate them.

Meldock: 19

Gepple: 10

Krax: 12

Elcon: 14


Does it have the Power?

This one feels quite important; it’s the first time that Skeletor’s shown his true colours and attempted to betray Flogg and the other Mutants. Whether we’ll see any repercussions from this in the coming weeks is another matter, but just for that bit of character development, I suppose we can award it a pass. The first half of the episode chunters along at a glacially slow pace, but once we get to Gaolotia it picks up a bit and even manages to be reasonably entertaining. Let’s say it’s a slightly above average affair.

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