Episode 06 – System Failure

In which some robots give our heroes the run-around.

This week we meet Princess Entrapta, who is well known across Etheria for her technological inventions. She’s currently trying to understand a large cache of First Ones technology consisting primarily of robots, but unfortunately she’s triggered something which has made all the robots go crazy and attack her.

Naturally, the best friend squad are on hand to try to recruit Entrapta, but when they arrive at her castle, they find it apparently deserted. It doesn’t take long for the robots to reveal themselves, and in the ensuing chaos, the team gets split up. She-Ra and Glimmer meet Entrapta and learn about her recent experiments, while Bow finds himself stuck in the kitchen with three cowardly kitchen staff.

Bow: “Quick time-out to play on my Gameboy, lads.”

When a large robot attacks She-Ra, Glimmer and Entrapta, it becomes evident that it’s been infected with some sort of virus to make it turn evil. Worryingly, the virus quickly spreads to She-Ra’s sword – which as we’ll all remember is First Ones technology – and thence to She-Ra herself. She involuntarily changes back into Adora, and spends the rest of the episode feeling ill and thus being completely useless.

Entrapta explains that the virus started when she inserted a newly-discovered First Ones disc into one of her computers, so Glimmer suggests going back to Entrapta’s lab and destroying said disc. This seems a great plan, but without She-Ra to help, the huge number of robots in the lab proves something of a hindrance. Luckily, Bow has by now convinced the kitchen staff to stand up for themselves and fight back, so with their help, Entrapta is able to destroy the disc and deactivate the robots. This has the happy side effect of curing Adora, and of course, the episode ends with Entrapta signing on the Rebellion’s dotted line – but, ominously, she also begins work on repairing the disc with the intention of making it work better next time…

Entrapta: “Just another perfectly normal day in my house.”

In today’s adventure…

Bow convinces the kitchen staff that everyone has their own special skill and they don’t need superpowers to be able to accomplish things. This is all well and good in theory, but the kitchen staff’s skills seem to be limited to throwing food at robots, which admittedly pays off today, but it’s not really something you’d expect to be useful all that often.

Character checklist

A very limited range today, just Adora, She-Ra, Glimmer, Bow, Entrapta, and the kitchen staff, who unless I missed it didn’t get names.

She-Ra: “Maybe there are some more characters hiding down here?”


None of these, probably because Catra wasn’t around.

Does it have the Power?

It’s by no means as awful as some of Filmation’s lower quality offerings – I still wake up in a cold sweat when I remember The Wizard – but this is by some distance the worst of the series so far. The vast majority of the episode consists of nothing more than our heroes either sneaking or running around the castle, trying to avoid the robots, which gets tired pretty quickly. Adora’s illness is also rather tedious, and Bow’s little sojourn with the kitchen staff seems like a less compelling repeat of the story we got only a few weeks ago with Flowers for She-Ra. Saving the episode somewhat is Entrapta herself, who’s a pretty fun character, obsessed with scientific experimentation and utterly oblivious to her own and others’ safety, but unfortunately she’s not really enough to stop this one being a miss.


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