Episode 07 – In the Shadows of Mystacor

In which Adora sees demons everywhere.

Intending to have a peaceful holiday, Adora, Glimmer and Bow are on their way to Mystacor, an invisible kingdom that’s home to Glimmer’s aunt Castaspella, as well as all of Etheria’s other magicians. Unfortunately, the vacation doesn’t prove as relaxing as they’d hoped, partly because Castaspella is a rather needy, snipey kind of person, but mostly because Shadow Weaver has sent a great big shadow demon to follow them and stir up trouble.

Castaspella: “Do you three always look this derpy?”

The shadow demon works by sneaking around behind Adora, letting her catch an occasional glimpse of it, and whispering subversive comments, making her believe that she’s going mad. It eventually leads her to accidentally destroy an artefact in the lunarium, a room in Mystacor’s palace that uses moon energy to keep the invisibility shield working. Luckily, she doesn’t destroy the shield mechanism itself, but Castaspella is nonetheless sincerely displeased, and I can’t really blame her.

Adora gets a chance to redeem herself pretty quickly: that evening, Castaspella is using the power of an eclipse to recharge Mystacor’s batteries, but Shadow Weaver disrupts the ceremony. Adora is the only one who doesn’t get knocked out by Shadow Weaver’s spell, and thus it’s up to her to finish the ceremony and keep the shield up. She somehow does this by waving her sword around and emitting some light beams. I’m not sure how this works, but I’m not sure I care either.

Adora: “Bright flashy lights for the win!”

In today’s adventure…

Today we learn that if your friend starts going a bit mental and insisting that there are baddies hiding everywhere, you should probably believe her. If you want to be a little less flippant, I suppose you could call this a demonstration of the need to always listen to your friend’s concerns, rather than dismissing them.

Character checklist

Again, it’s a relatively tight cast list, consisting of Adora, She-Ra, Glimmer, Bow, Castaspella, Shadow Weaver, Catra, various inhabitants of Mystacor, and there’s also a quick cameo for Hordak.

Shadow Weaver: “I love life in the spotlight.”

Oh No, Bow!

Castaspella is quick to note that Glimmer isn’t wearing a jumper that she’d previously knitted for her. Bow is equally quick to point out that he is wearing the socks Castaspella gave him. I think in Bow’s head this was supposed to be a helpful comment, but obviously it’s anything but.

Does it have the Power?

I’d call this one another relatively lacklustre effort, largely because of the characters it focuses on. Castaspella really is quite annoying: her constant passive-aggressive behaviour makes it inexplicable that Glimmer would ever consider Mystacor a relaxing place to visit, and it makes Castaspella pretty unlikeable. We also get some back story for Shadow Weaver: she was once a sorceress from Mystacor called Light Spinner, but she hungered for power and was seduced by the Horde. That’s fine, but to be honest, the revelation that Shadow Weaver comes from Mystacor doesn’t come with any particular impact: it doesn’t change how we view her, nor does it give any insight into why she does what she does. For me, she’s the least compelling character on the series, and sadly this doesn’t do anything to change that.

Adora is the other lead here, and I wouldn’t say this episode does much for her either. I think that we were supposed to view these events as Adora finally shaking off Shadow Weaver’s influence over her, but I kind of thought she did that about five episodes ago, so I wasn’t exactly invested. Topping it off was the oddly technobabbly ending, which seemed to give Adora victory purely because the episode needed to finish. All this in mind, I’d have to say this episode is a bit of a failure.


One thought on “Episode 07 – In the Shadows of Mystacor

  1. This episode seemed to be that they wanted to introduce Mystacor, but didn’t know what they wanted to do with Mystacor. It is world-building without plot to support it.


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