Episode 08 – Princess Prom

In which Catra ruins the party.

Once a decade, there’s a great big party on Etheria that all the Princesses of Power attend, and would you believe it, it’s time for this Princess Prom today. Princess Frosta will be hosting, and Glimmer notes that it’s a great opportunity to recruit Frosta to the Rebellion. So everything’s peachy fine, until Bow drops the bombshell that his date for the ball will be Perfuma, not Glimmer. Glimmer tries to make out she’s cool with this, but we can all see she’s not.

Over in the Fright Zone, we learn that Scorpia is a Princess, and is thus entitled to attend the Princess Prom. Catra is a little taken aback by this revelation, so Scorpia explains that when the Horde first arrived on Etheria, they landed in her village, and her father gave Hordak a magical artefact called the Black Garnet. Scorpia sadly notes that although she’s technically allowed to go to the Prom, she’s not exactly welcome there, and never attends. Catra persuades her that this time, it’ll be different: with Catra as Scorpia’s plus-one, they’ll make the Prom a night to remember.

Scorpia: “Are you sure this isn’t a dreadful idea?”

And so, to the ball. It doesn’t go well, with Adora managing to insult Frosta at their first greeting and subsequently failing to get her to sign up to the Rebellion, while Glimmer gets all stuffy with Bow for attending with Perfuma. Things get even worse when Catra and Scorpia arrive: they behave in a smoothly polite and oily fashion, getting Adora all worked up and making her look like an idiot in front of Frosta.

Things come to a head when Adora realises that Bow has been missing for some time, so she confronts Catra, causing a right scene and leading Frosta to revoke Adora’s invitation. Before she can be expelled, however, Scorpia sets off some heat bombs which bring Frosta’s ice palace collapsing down, and in the ensuing confusion, Catra steals Adora’s sword and kidnaps Bow and Glimmer, while Adora watches helplessly.

Adora: “Always good to reimagine our relationship through the medium of interpretative dance.”

In today’s adventure…

Catra does a nice little speech in today’s episode to encourage Scorpia to go to the ball: just because she’s not one of the popular kids doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get to play. It’s a good life lesson, aimed at anyone who feels alienated, and reassuring them that they can and should still be included. I liked it, and I also like how humanised the Horde are in this interpretation: Catra and Scorpia are real people with different aims, not two-dimensional villains, which means we care about them and their feelings, and the series is much richer for it.

Character checklist

No She-Ra today, but there’s Adora, Glimmer, Bow, Frosta, Catra and Scorpia, and lesser roles for Perfuma, Entrapta, Mermista, Sea Hawk, Lonnie and Kyle. I also have the suspicion that there are a number of background characters at the ball who I should have recognised, but I didn’t. Peekablue and Sweet Bee were mentioned, so maybe they were there.

Adora: “Any of you guys Sweet Bee?”


This series really isn’t big on the put-downs. I didn’t notice a single one today.

Oh No, Bow!

Just when I was gearing up for a whole load of dickish behaviour on Bow’s part, he goes and ruins things by behaving totally reasonably throughout the entire episode. Honestly, Bow, how am I supposed to rip you to shreds if you’re not being an idiot?

Bow: “Captain Reasonable, reporting for duty.”

Does it have the Power?

Oh yes it does, absolutely. This is one of the most flat-out enjoyable episodes of anything – not just She-Ra – I’ve seen in a long time. It’s got it all: a great sense of humour, well-conveyed teenage angst, a building tension, a fantastic fight scene between Adora and Catra, and a killer cliffhanger. There’s something about the Prom itself which feels faintly implausible, but I can’t quite put my finger on why, and I don’t really care anyway. This episode demonstrates, once and for all, that this new series of She-Ra is in good hands, and I have no hesitation in saying that it’s a triumph on every level, and one of the best of the entire franchise. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Episode 08 – Princess Prom

  1. Yes, this was the episode that turned me from skeptic to fan. At least some of the background characters were Dreamworks staff, (hence the suspicious number of be-spectacled nerds at a Princess Ball). Two notable ones to mention though – that’s showrunner Stevenson (up above w/the cyan skin & pink hair behind Catra), & most importantly of all…

    …Loo-Kee appears as well!

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