Episode 09 – No Princess Left Behind

In which Bow doesn’t even try.

Catra has successfully brought Glimmer and Bow back to the Fright Zone, and Hordak has wasted no time in sending a message to Queen Angela: if she wants Glimmer returned, she will have to surrender herself into the Horde’s custody. Angela is on the verge of accepting this offer, but Adora is convinced the Horde will not hold up their end of the bargain, and instead suggests she lead a rescue mission.

If Adora still had the power sword, this would be easy peasy lemon squeezy, but since Catra nicked the sword last week, Adora is left unable to turn into She-Ra. Luckily, she still has the other Princesses to call on for help: with Mermista, Perfuma, Entrapta and Sea Hawk by her side, she heads out to the Fright Zone to rescue her friends.

Mermista: “You mean we’re the best option available?”

Naturally, Adora has come up with a solid plan, and equally naturally, the other Princesses keep finding clever ways to screw it up. Mermista and Perfuma limit themselves to snarky comments, but Sea Hawk’s over-enthusiasm leads to him getting cornered by Scorpia and having to pretend to be a Horde Inspector, while Entrapta becomes captivated by the Horde’s technology and keeps on sneaking off to study it further.

Even so, once the five of them finally regroup they manage to rescue Bow with relative ease, but Glimmer presents a few more problems. She’s been imprisoned in Shadow Weaver’s chamber, secured by the power of the Black Garnet, which renders her incapable of teleporting to freedom. Adora sends the others off to steal a skiff for their departure, while she makes her way to the Black Garnet chamber alone.

Adora’s plan here is less sensible: she surrenders to Shadow Weaver and says she’ll stay in the Fright Zone in exchange for Glimmer’s freedom. Shadow Weaver instead secures Adora to a table and begins to wipe her memory of her time with the Rebellion, intending to reinstall Adora as Force Captain. Surely you could have seen something like this coming, Adora?

Adora: “I’ve been on better bondage tables, tbh.”

Luckily, observing Shadow Weaver doing this to her friend gives Glimmer the extra power she needs to be able to break the Black Garnet’s power and teleport out. She rescues Adora and the two of them barrel off for the exit – though Glimmer now keeps glowing red occasionally and yelping in pain, and is unable to teleport. This proves a problem when Catra corners them in a corridor, but, to Adora’s surprise, Catra gives the power sword back to her and tells her to clear off. Flush with success, Adora and Glimmer meet the others on the stolen skiff, where they hear the unhappy news that Entrapta didn’t make it out of the Fright Zone, and is believed to be dead.

In today’s adventure…

Hmm, well, what did we learn today? I suppose maybe we could argue it taught us the value of having a good plan: the rescue mission wouldn’t have got anywhere without Adora’s considered forethought. On the other hand, I suppose even with the plan, it couldn’t be called an out-and-out success, so maybe not. I don’t know. There’s no obvious life lesson today, being honest.

Character checklist

I’m pretty sure this one’s got everyone in it: Adora, She-Ra, Glimmer, Bow, Mermista, Perfuma, Entrapta, Sea Hawk, Queen Angela, Catra, Shadow Weaver, Hordak, Scorpia, Kyle, Lonnie, the lizard cadet, and some Horde Troopers. Oh, okay, it doesn’t have Frosta in it. Nor Imp. Or Razz. Okay, fine, not everyone.

Glimmer: “Why so miserable, guys? Look! We’re at warp!”


Yet again, nothing. Maybe this series should introduce Skeletor. He’d sort this out.

Oh No, Bow!

While locked up in his cell, Bow starts to make friends with Kyle, who’s been assigned to guard him. Kyle seems pretty dissatisfied with his lot in life and frankly, it ought to be fairly easy to undermine his loyalty to the Horde. Unfortunately, Bow really doesn’t seem very good at such subtleties, instead preferring to blurt inanities such as “I like your shirt”, which is hardly the sort of statement that would lead Kyle to respond, “Oh thanks, you know what, I’m going to chuck in my life with the Horde and join you.” There comes a point when Kyle seems almost pathetically eager to join the Rebellion, and Bow just makes a snide remark and then ignores him. Come on, Bow: Kyle was handed to you on a plate this week, and you completely failed to recruit him. D minus for effort.

Bow: “No, I don’t think it’s worth even trying to recruit this derp.”

Does it have the Power?

It’s another really strong effort. The rescue mission is exciting, tense, and filled with plenty of moments of genuinely funny humour – mostly from Sea Hawk, who is fast becoming my favourite character, thanks to his truly excellent voice work. The scene in which he pretends to be a Horde Inspector feels like a homage to Filmation, which did this plotline a few times, so that was appreciated as well.

The final scenes are an excellent representation of some of the relationships in this series: Adora and Glimmer’s friendship really shines through, with Adora willing to sacrifice herself in order to save Glimmer, and Glimmer equally willing to damage herself by teleporting through the Black Garnet’s restraints to rescue Adora. Catra and Adora continue their love-hate relationship, with Catra handing over the sword at the end adding another layer to their complexity. I’m really interested to know where this will go: could Catra eventually defect to the Rebellion? Or will she become the jaded unpleasant character we know from Filmation?

Catra: “Fancy a sword, guys?”

The episode does a decent job in attempting to convince us that Entrapta is dead, but I don’t believe it. She was overly interested in Horde technology throughout the episode, and this – coupled with the fact that she was a baddy in the original series – leads me to suspect that she’s going to switch her allegiance to the Horde. It seems almost a throwaway of the character otherwise, but I suppose we shall see.

Either way, this episode is another one that gets top marks. Keep it up, guys.


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