Episode 10 – The Beacon

In which Entrapta isn’t dead, obviously.

The loss of Entrapta hangs heavy on the shoulders of the surviving Princesses, and the newly formed Alliance quickly falls apart, with Mermista and Perfuma retreating to their kingdoms and closing themselves off. Adora, Glimmer and Bow, meanwhile, return to Bright Moon, where Glimmer continues to occasionally glow red and buzz like electricity – or, as she calls it, “glitching”. This is plainly as a result of being hooked up to the Black Garnet by Shadow Weaver, and Adora and Bow urge her to tell her mother, but Glimmer is extremely and a little nonsensically resistant to this idea.

Glimmer: “Me? Tell my mum something important? Why would I do that?”

In the Fright Zone, Hordak is livid with Shadow Weaver for letting Glimmer and Bow escape, and also because she’s kept him in the dark until now that She-Ra is Adora. Catra enjoys seeing Shadow Weaver’s fall from grace, and her day only gets better when she discovers Entrapta hiding in a vent, and is tasked by Hordak himself with Entrapta’s interrogation. Catra quickly deduces that Entrapta and her technological know-how might be a useful asset to the Horde, and begins work on turning her allegiance Horde-wards.

Entrapta, as we all know, is happy to chat to anyone about her scientific experiments, and soon lets slip that she believes that integrating First Ones technology with that of the Horde would produce weaponry and other machinery with unlimited power. Catra is naturally extremely interested in this notion, and when Entrapta reveals that she thinks there’s an enormous stash of First Ones tech somewhere in the Whispering Woods, Catra heads off to investigate with all due speed.

Catra: “Bored now.”

Back at Bright Moon, Adora has turned into She-Ra and has been trying to cure Glimmer’s glitching, but without success. Glimmer and Queen Angela eventually have a heart-to-heart, in which Glimmer reveals that she blames herself for her glitching and that the Princess Alliance is over. In response, Angela explains that she feels responsible for the death of King Micah. While this pity party is going on, Adora returns to the First Ones’ ruin that she visited with Madame Razz, in the hope of learning more about her powers with the intention of healing Glimmer. The episode ends with Catra observing Adora entering the ruin, and preparing to follow her inside.

In today’s adventure…

Glimmer spends most of this week trying to hide her glitching problem from Queen Angela, but when Angela finally finds out she has nothing but sympathy and promises to sort things out. It’s a clear demonstration of the notion that you should tell your parents, or someone you can trust, when you have a problem.

Glimmer: “Yeah, I probably should have mentioned this earlier.”

Character checklist

It’s mostly an episode for Adora, She-Ra, Glimmer, Bow, Queen Angela, Catra, Shadow Weaver, Entrapta and Scorpia, but we also get cameo appearances for Mermista, Perfuma, Sea Hawk, Frosta, Hordak, Grizzlor, some Bright Moon guards, and some Horde Troopers.

Oh No, Bow!

Bow seemingly can’t cope with the concept of Glimmer and her glitching being the centre of attention, so at one point he constructs a gloriously complex scenario in which the glitching is all his fault. It’s crazy – and I suspect he knows it – but the result is that he gets the attention and sympathy that Glimmer was previously getting, so that’s score one for the big drama queen. I usually like this version of Bow, but this behaviour was pushing it.

She-Ra: “Don’t provoke me, Bow.”

Does it have the Power?

This one feels a bit clunkier; where the previous episodes have seemed to flow seamlessly, this one has an air of having somewhere to get to and simply running through the required plot beats to get there. It doesn’t feel as natural, somehow: the plot mechanics seem very much on display. It doesn’t help that I’m not a massive fan of Glimmer hiding her glitching from Queen Angela, since her reasoning for doing so seems pretty weak, and that’s what the majority of the episode spends its time on. The scenes in the Fright Zone are better, depicting Entrapta’s seduction by the dark side skilfully, and finding time for a great visual joke in which Scorpia casually tries to repair a wall while Catra and Entrapta are deep in conversation. In summary, we have here an episode that’s essential viewing for the big story, but it’s not by any means a standout.

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