Episode 18 – White Out

In which Sea Hawk and Scorpia find common ground.

Entrapta has picked up readings of a powerful piece of First Ones technology buried deep beneath the ice in the Northern Reach – an arctic region of Etheria – so she and Catra have established a Horde base with intent to extract it. Unfortunately for them, their expedition is interrupted by the sudden disappearance of all their drilling bots, without apparent explanation.

Catra: “Really? The Northern Reach? Why couldn’t it be Tenerife?”

Entrapta notes that there have always been rumours of strange goings-on in the Northern Reach and suggests that this might be evidence that there’s truth to the tales, but before they can investigate further, She-Ra, Glimmer and Bow – accompanied by Sea Hawk – arrive. In the course of the ensuing fight, Catra whacks She-Ra with another piece of First Ones tech – a red jewel which makes her go mental and start attacking everybody and everything indiscriminately.

She-Ra starts by knocking Glimmer, Bow and Sea Hawk into a pit, after which she turns on Catra – but at this point she drops her sword and immediately reverts to Adora. Entrapta quickly concludes that the sword itself – not Adora – is infected by the red jewel, and Catra starts forming a plan to unleash the berserk She-Ra onto the Rebellion. With this in mind, she orders Entrapta and Scorpia to give up on the drilling mission and to start getting ready to return to the Fright Zone.

Catra: “Have you ever seen me look quite so devious?”

By the time Glimmer, Bow and Sea Hawk extract themselves from the pit and return to the Horde base, they find that a group of huge slug-like monsters have attacked the base and demolished half of it. Scorpia and Adora – who’s still a bit nuts, but luckily not murderously so – have taken shelter in one part of the lab, while Catra and Entrapta are on the other side of the base. Sea Hawk goes to rescue Adora, while Glimmer and Bow occupy themselves trying to recover the sword and destroy the red jewel so this can’t happen again.

Obviously, it doesn’t all go down exactly as expected – rather than fighting with Scorpia, Sea Hawk forges common ground with her over how they both feel rejected and ignored by their respective crushes, Catra and Mermista, and they form a temporary alliance to defeat the slug monsters. Speaking of the slug monsters, Entrapta has deduced that they must be First Ones tech which have also been infected by the red jewel virus, so the gang destroy the red jewel. This has the happy effect of defeating the monsters, as well as returning Adora to normal.

In today’s adventure…

Sea Hawk spends much of the episode moping about wanting to be cool enough for Mermista, while Scorpia is occupied with wanting to get Catra to notice her. In a critical scene, they conclude that they don’t have to waste time trying to be cool enough for other people, when they are perfect just as they are.

Scorpia: “Sea Hawk, are you about to jump on Adora’s head?”

Character checklist

A very small cast list today, with just Adora, She-Ra, Glimmer, Bow, Sea Hawk, Catra, Entrapta and Scorpia bothering to show up.


I’m not sure we’ve ever had quite so many insults in an episode of this series: firstly, there’s Catra referring to Glimmer, Bow and Sea Hawk as “rebel idiots”, and then addressing Glimmer as “Sparkles”. Glimmer retaliates by describing Catra as “the worst”, while Adora says she’s “mean”. Adora also tells Scorpia she’s a “big bug”, though I’m not sure if she’s trying to be insulting or not.

Catra: “I think there’s a rather more obvious target for the phrase ‘big bug’.”

Does it have the Power?

It largely does, yes: the story’s fun and exciting, it’s great to see Sea Hawk again, and it’s the perfect example of a standalone episode that moves the overall plot arc along, since it ends with Entrapta recovering the First Ones tech she’d been looking for and taking it back to the Fright Zone, where she’ll be able to further assist Hordak with his portal project. Where the episode falls down, however, is with Adora, who is quite stunningly irritating when she’s got her crazy on. In particular, a scene with her randomly pressing buttons on a keypad while yelling “beep beep boop boop” wound me up to distraction. Hopefully with the red jewel destroyed, we won’t have to revisit this sort of nonsense, because it really is very annoying.


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