Episode 24 – Moment of Truth

In which Queen Angela opts for petty point-scoring over problem-solving.

Glimmer, Bow and Huntara teleport right back to Bright Moon, bearing the bad news that Adora has been kidnapped and the Horde, equipped with the power sword, will be able to open a portal and bring countless armies to Etheria. This initially sounds like incoherent babble to Queen Angela, and even once she’s grasped the situation, she decides to waste time telling Glimmer off for pointless quibbles and then refuses to send a rescue party to the Fright Zone, unless Glimmer herself can come up with a plan. This seems to be simply in order to prove a point about the need for forward planning, which would be understandable if the fate of the entire world wasn’t hanging in the balance, but as it is, it comes across a bit petty.

Angela: “No no, I shan’t rescue Adora. You’ll just have to do it yourselves.”

Feeling like they have no other choice, Glimmer and Bow enlist the help of Shadow Weaver, who offers to improve Glimmer’s powers to the point that she’ll be able to teleport right into the centre of the Fright Zone. To do so, however, Shadow Weaver will need access to Glimmer’s rune stone, and as such, it seems rather as though Shadow Weaver might simply be trying to escape. As it turns out, though, she’s as good as her word, and successfully teleports herself, Glimmer, Bow, Mermista, Perfuma and Frosta to the Fright Zone.

Catra and Scorpia, meanwhile, have returned to the Fright Zone and handed the power sword over to Entrapta, who immediately gets to work determining how to use it in the portal machine. Adora tries to persuade her to think again, and succeeds at least in prompting her to run more tests – which conclude that opening a portal will create a “warped reality that will collapse in on itself, erasing [Etheria] from existence”.

Adora: “This is one of those images that looks like it could come from a VERY different series.”

This does not sound good, and even Entrapta realises that the portal experiments must be halted. Unfortunately, Catra is by now completely unhinged, and when Entrapta refuses to continue, Catra stuns her and orders her to be dispatched off to Beast Island. Catra then runs to Hordak and informs him that Entrapta is responsible for letting Glimmer and the other princesses into the Fright Zone. Believing Entrapta to be a traitor, Hordak then finds himself under attack from Glimmer, Bow and Shadow Weaver – and in the midst of the battle, Catra pulls the lever that activates the portal machine…

In today’s adventure…

Queen Angela was pretty insistent that it’s really important to have a plan and that you shouldn’t just jump into things. I’m beginning to wish that I hadn’t just jumped into this He-Man and She-Ra reviewing business all those years ago. How could I have known then that they’d make more and more series, thus condemning me to a never ending task?

Character checklist

There’s pretty much everybody here this time: Adora, Glimmer, Bow, Huntara, Swift Wind, Queen Angela, Mermista, Perfuma, Frosta, Spinnerella, Netossa, Catra, Entrapta, Hordak, Scorpia, Kyle the barmaid, the fishy Crimson Waste guy, Shadow Weaver, Emily the bot, Lonnie, Rohalio, and Imp. Off the top of my head, I think this episode is only a She-Ra, a Sea Hawk, a Light Hope and a Kyle off a full house.

Glimmer: “New Best Friend Squad?”


Fairly mild but Mermista does address Shadow Weaver as a “weird and scary lady”.

Does it have the Power?

This is an utterly outstanding episode: it comes to a climax of high drama, with a brilliantly exciting final five minutes in the Fright Zone and a fantastic cliffhanger, and builds up to that point perfectly with ever escalating stakes. It’s great to see Entrapta’s moral side – she’s not so blinded by the pursuit of knowledge that she’s willing to risk the whole planet – and Glimmer’s pact with Shadow Weaver makes for a very tense scene: it seems that Glimmer is tempted by power, and while that works out okay this time, it’ll be interesting to see if it’s the root of a later downfall. For now, though, the immediate problem is that portal: I’m desperate to see what happens next.


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