Filmation He-Man Season 1

Filmation He-Man Season 2

Bonus episodes of He-Man and She-Ra

Filmation She-Ra Season 1

Filmation She-Ra Season 2


Filmation She-Ra Season 2

Episode 66 – One to Count On – In which we meet Peekablue, Entrapta and a pink lion.

Episode 67 – Return of the General – In which Glimmer reveals she can fly.

Episode 68 – Out of the Cocoon – In which Light Hope goes bonkers.

Episode 69 – A Lesson in Love – In which everyone gets the chance to throw things at Bow.

Episode 70 – Something Old, Something New – In which Etheria falls out of its orbit.

Episode 71 – Loo-Kee’s Sweety – In which we are subjected to the most left-field plot twist in the entire Masters of the Universe franchise.

Episode 72 – The Pearl – In which She-Ra demonstrates yet another unfeasible skill.

Episode 73 – The Time Transformer – In which She-Ra demonstrates a hitherto unsuspected talent for flying.

Episode 74 – Above It All – In which three or four badly told stories combine into one unwatchable mess.

Episode 75 – Day of the Flowers – In which Orko yet again earns a special place in hell.

Episode 76 – Brigis – In which Mantenna gets something right for a change.

Episode 77 – The Caregiver – In which Adora’s nanny suddenly clocks that Hordak’s a bit weird.

Episode 78 – When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed – In which we meet two new recruits to Team She-Ra.

Episode 79 – Romeo and Glimmer – In which the writers don’t have the balls to stick to the ending of the story they’re adapting.

Episode 80 – The Perils of Peekablue – In which Loo-Kee goes off on one about drugs again.

Episode 81 – Just the Way You Are – In which Prince Adam gives himself a new and rubbish nickname.

Episode 82 – The Locket – In which Sorrowful and Sea Hawk make pointless reappearances.

Episode 83 – She-Ra Makes a Promise – In which Bow might as well rename himself Captain Obvious.

Episode 84 – Bow’s Magical Gift – In which Bow waves his wand around.

Episode 85 – Sweet Bee’s Home – In which He-Man is subject to sexual harassment in the workplace.

Episode 86 – Glimmer Come Home – In which Glimmer falls for an incredibly stupid trick.

Episode 87 – The Inspector – In which Adora and Adam cosplay as Horde inspectors.

Episode 88 – Portrait of Doom – In which She-Ra has a near brush with disaster.

Episode 89 – Hordak’s Power Play – In which one of the worst people in the galaxy arrives on Etheria.

Episode 90 – Shades of Orko – In which Man-at-Arms tries to steal Bow’s thunders.

Episode 91 – Assault on the Hive – In which Skeletor shows up for one last hurrah.

Episode 92 – The Bibbet Story – In which Bow hangs out with a gang of half-naked children.

Filmation He-Man Season 1

Episode 001 – The Cosmic Comet – In which Skeletor tries to persuade a sentient comet to destroy Castle Grayskull.

Episode 002 – The Shaping Staff – In which Evil-Lyn and Beast-Man turn King Randor into a goat.

Episode 003 – Disappearing Act – In which Orko first demonstrates his ability to hash things up.

Episode 004 – Diamond Ray of Disappearance – In which He-Man gives Teela and Trapjaw a hand.

Episode 005 – She-Demon of Phantos – In which Stratos appears, but doesn’t say or do anything.

Episode 006 – Teela’s Quest – In which the writers make an unexpected attempt at deep and meaningful characterisation.

Episode 007 – The Curse of the Spellstone – In which He-Man leaves it to a bunch of villagers to defeat the baddies.

Episode 008 – The Time Corridor – In which Skeletor fails to master the art of reverse psychology.

Episode 009 – The Dragon Invasion – In which Skeletor actually manages to get inside Castle Grayskull.

Episode 010 – A Friend in Need – In which we are subjected to an astonishingly rabid anti-drugs tirade.

Episode 011 – Masks of Power – In which Skeletor finally spends some time behind bars.

Episode 012 – Evil-Lyn’s Plot – In which I attempt to come up with lots of rhymes for Widget, but give up after midget, fidget and ridget, the latter of which isn’t even a word.

Episode 013 – Like Father, Like Daughter – In which Skeletor contents himself with shouting insults from a video screen.

Episode 014 – Colossor Awakes – In which the Sorceress is even less helpful than usual.

Episode 015 – A Beastly Sideshow – In which Skeletor sneezes his way to defeat.

Episode 016 – Reign of the Monster – In which we are treated to several million Stratos clones, none of whom are any more useful than the original.

Episode 017 – Daimar the Demon – In which Man-at-Arms uses magic to discover quantum mechanics.

Episode 018 – Creatures From the Tar Swamp – In which Skeletor takes some dinosaurs to lunch at the Palace.

Episode 019 – Quest for He-Man – In which He-Man goes head-to-head with a big purple rabbit.

Episode 020 – Dawn of Dragoon – In which we learn that Orko comes from a planet where the trees have a very unusual shape.

Episode 021 – The Royal Cousin – In which we all try not to snigger at the name of Man-at-Arms’ new invention.

Episode 022 – Song of Celice – In which Skeletor builds a Lego model of Castle Grayskull.

Episode 023 – Orko’s Favourite Uncle – In which Orko and his uncle make my blood boil.

Episode 024 – Wizard of Stone Mountain – In which an idiot tries to seduce Teela.

Episode 025 – Evilseed – In which He-Man and Skeletor team up to defeat a vegetable.

Episode 026 – Ordeal in the Darklands – In which Evil-Lyn does some Photoshopping.

Episode 027 – The Return of Orko’s Uncle – In which I start to lose the will to live.

Episode 028 – The Defection – In which no one does anything for ages, and even when they do something, it’s boring.

Episode 029 – Prince Adam No More – In which King Randor nearly figures out the Prince Adam/He-Man link.

Episode 030 – The Taking of Grayskull – In which Skeletor surreptitiously steals Castle Grayskull.

Episode 031 – A Tale of Two Cities – In which He-Man cheats on Teela with some floozy of a princess.

Episode 032 – Search for the VHO – In which Adam uses Orko as a kite, for no particular reason.

Episode 033 – The Starchild – In which I begin to develop homicidal tendencies.

Episode 034 – The Dragon’s Gift – In which He-Man doesn’t cut down a tree.

Episode 035 – The Sleepers Awaken – In which He-Man persuades some loonies not to be evil.

Episode 036 – The Search – In which He-Man nearly turns evil.

Episode 037 – It’s Not My Fault – In which it definitely is her fault.

Episode 038 – Valley of Power – In which He-Man learns to fly.

Episode 039 – Trouble in Arcadia – In which Prince Adam and Teela discover an invisible city full of sexist women.

Episode 040 – House of Shokoti, Part 1 – In which Ram-Man dispenses his infamously demented moral.

Episode 041 – House of Shokoti, Part 2 – In which He-Man and Ram-Man get tied onto a bondage table.

Episode 042 – Double-Edged Sword – In which He-Man deliberately tries to ruin a young boy’s day by implying that his pet is dead.

Episode 043 – The Mystery of Man-e-Faces – In which a man with lots of faces justifiably tries to kill the Widgets.

Episode 044 – The Region of Ice – In which Skeletor, Beast-Man and Trapjaw go above and beyond in their efforts to be completely mental.

Episode 045 – Orko’s Missing Magic – In which He-Man finds shaking hands with a four-armed man hilarious.

Episode 046 – Eternal Darkness – In which I reveal perhaps more about my psyche than I should.

Episode 047 – Keeper of the Ancient Ruins – In which He-Man throws a whirlwind into a pit.

Episode 048 – Return of Evil – In which we are treated to a confusing but entertaining mess.

Episode 049 – Return of the Gryphon – In which a lion-headed dragon gets thrown into space.

Episode 050 – Temple of the Sun – In which I begin to suspect that Man-at-Arms has recently suffered head trauma.

Episode 051 – City Beneath the Sea – In which our heroes meet some walking fish.

Episode 052 – Teela’s Trial – In which Teela reacts disproportionately to a simple mistake.

Episode 053 – Dree Elle’s Return – In which Orko and Dree Elle bring the series to its most soul-crushing low point.

Episode 054 – Game Plan – In which He-Man plays a computer game.

Episode 055 – Eye of the Beholder – In which Man-at-Arms develops a minor obsession with the Wind Raider.

Episode 056 – Quest for the Sword – In which He-Man deliberately does things the hard way in order to engineer a crisis for himself.

Episode 057 – Castle of Heroes – In which He-Man goes up against Hannibal. Not Hannibal Lector though. That would be weird.

Episode 058 – The Once and Future Duke – In which four characters lose their memories, but regrettably I can’t forget about this episode.

Episode 059 – The Witch and the Warrior – In which that creepy idiot Malik makes an unwelcome comeback.

Episode 060 – The Return of Granamyr – In which 45 minutes’ worth of plot is crammed into 20 minutes.

Episode 061 – Pawns of the Game Master – In which He-Man hits Maximum Sleaze.

Episode 062 – Golden Disks of Knowledge – In which Zodac gets an apprentice.

Episode 063 – The Huntsman – In which He-Man doesn’t go the right way about solving a problem.

Episode 064 – The Remedy – In which He-Man is essentially dispatched on an urgent mission to the chemist’s shop to buy some paracetemol for Man-at-Arms’ old mate.

Episode 065 – The Heart of a Giant – In which Orko goes looking for drugs and finds a friendly giant.

Season 1 Summary – A quick look back at the highs and the lows of He-Man’s first season.

Filmation He-Man Season 2

Episode 066 – The Cat and the Spider – In which He-Man learns about cultural vandalism the hard way.

Episode 067 – The Energy Beast – In which our heroes plan public holidays to celebrate their own awesomeness.

Episode 068 – Day of the Machines – In which Skeletor adopts the guise of a bitchy office worker.

Episode 069 – The Gamesman – In which King Randor risks Teela’s life because a stranger gave an apple to Orko.

Episode 070 – Fisto’s Forest – In which we meet Eternia’s most dubiously named hero.

Episode 071 – The Rarest Gift of All – In which I genuinely lose the will to live.

Episode 072 – The Great Books Mystery – In which Skeletor makes friends with Eternia’s version of Batman.

Episode 073 – Origin of the Sorceress – In which I court controversy by not particularly caring about the Sorceress.

Episode 074 – Island of Fear – In which Skeletor seems to think that six ships contain the sum total of Eternia’s food supply.

Episode 075 – To Save Skeletor – In which Skeletor bites off more than he can chew.

Episode 076 – The Ice Age Cometh – In which He-Man tries to dig to the centre of Eternia, with no particularly evident purpose.

Episode 077 – Trouble in Trolla – In which Whiplash puts in an unnecessary appearance and ends up locked in a chest.

Episode 078 – Betrayal of Stratos – In which Skeletor demonstrates an unexpected desire to learn how to fly.

Episode 079 – Disappearing Dragons – In which heroes and villains alike unite to hurl insults at a mute robot.

Episode 080 – The Shadow of Skeletor – In which King Randor does some moonlighting as a scientist.

Episode 081 – The Arena – In which He-Man channels his inner Captain Kirk.

Episode 082 – Attack From Below – In which Teela experiences Stockholm Syndrome.

Episode 083 – Into the Abyss – In which Teela falls into the abyss, in case you didn’t know.

Episode 084 – Fraidy Cat – In which Skeletor unrealistically imagines that a mechanical bird can defeat He-Man.

Episode 085 – The Rainbow Warrior – In which Prince Adam learns his secret isn’t quite as secure as he thought.

Episode 086 – A Trip to Morainia – In which Skeletor doesn’t put in the slightest bit of effort.

Episode 087 – Things That Go Bump in the Night – In which the new boy on Skeletor’s team proves less than impressive.

Episode 088 – Three on a Dare – In which Man-at-Arms reveals his rather Victorian ideas about gender politics.

Episode 089 – Just a Little Lie – In which Orko learns a really important lesson about lying, and we all learn with him, and we come away feeling enlightened rather than patronised.

Episode 090 – One For All – In which Teela nearly succeeds in removing Orko from the episode altogether.

Episode 091 – Jacob and the Widgets – In which He-Man demonstrably proves there is no upper limit to his ludicrousness.

Episode 092 – The Littlest Giant – In which He-Man reveals an unnecessary talent for baking.

Episode 093 – Trouble’s Middle Name – In which Negator puts in an unexpected and unwelcome repeat appearance.

Episode 094 – Journey to Stone City – In which Evil-Lyn gets her deviousness on.

Episode 095 – A Bird in the Hand – In which Orko causes a right load of trouble, again.

Episode 096 – Battlecat – In which Man-at-Arms releases an ancient demon and blames everybody else.

Episode 097 – The Time Wheel – In which He-Man goes head-to-head with a boring old king.

Episode 098 – Search for the Past – In which Prince Adam leaps out of a moving Wind Raider for no reason whatsoever.

Episode 099 – Hunt for He-Man – In which an idiot child tries to sell He-Man to Skeletor.

Episode 100 – The Greatest Show on Eternia – In which we meet the most annoying character in all of fiction ever.

Episode 101 – Not So Blind – In which He-Man and Ram-Man take a blind boy to a cave.

Episode 102 – Revenge is Never Sweet – In which He-Man tries on a smashing new helmet.

Episode 103 – The Good Shall Survive – In which He-Man takes time out to solemnly inform the audience not to eat baking soda.

Episode 104 – The Secret of Grayskull – In which we don’t actually find out what the secret of Grayskull is.

Episode 105 – No Job too Small – In which Panthor learns that Prince Adam and He-Man are one and the same.

Episode 106 – The Bitter Rose – In which Orko reveals that his sexual predilections go beyond vanilla.

Episode 107 – The Gambler – In which He-Man prevents Eternia’s version of Chernobyl.

Episode 108 – Teela’s Triumph – In which I finally realise that Man-at-Arms is wearing an all-in-one bodysuit.

Episode 109 – Orko’s New Friend – In which we meet another of Orko’s nice friends, which as usual is a real treat.

Episode 110 – The Problem with Power – In which King Randor reveals that he thinks Skeletor is subtle.

Episode 111 – Double Trouble – In which we’re expected to care when some one-time guest star begins acting evil.

Episode 112 – The Eternia Flower – In which we return to the rich and exciting storyline potential offered by the need to stop 5-year-olds taking cocaine.

Episode 113 – Happy Birthday Roboto – In which Roboto and Modulok make their grand entrances.

Episode 114 – Battle of the Dragons – In which a war between dragons is somehow boring.

Episode 115 – Time Doesn’t Fly – In which I just don’t know what was going through the writer’s head.

Episode 116 – Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere – In which Skeletor goes above and beyond in his efforts to cause mental havoc.

Episode 117 – Beauty and the Beast – In which we witness a fairly pointless retelling of a certain fairytale.

Episode 118 – Orko’s Return – In which Beast-Man and Trapjaw make the elementary mistake of kidnapping Orko.

Episode 119 – Visitors From Earth – In which He-Man takes a nice walk in the vacuum of space.

Episode 120 – Monster on the Mountain – In which He-Man deliberately doesn’t do anything to help.

Episode 121 – The Magic Falls – In which Orko loses his magic, and we’re all expected to give a toss.

Episode 122 – Search for a Son – In which we learn that Man-at-Arms has ripped Mechaneck’s head off.

Episode 123 – Mistaken Identity – In which Modulok builds Eternia’s first railway.

Episode 124 – The Toy Maker – In which Skeletor begins plans to open a sinister version of Toys R Us.

Episode 125 – Bargain with Evil – In which the Starchild returns, to unpopular acclaim.

Episode 126 – Capture the Comet Keeper – In which He-Man indulges himself with a good old-fashioned break-in to Snake Mountain.

Episode 127 – The Ancient Mirror of Avathar – In which Trapjaw chucks it all in to join the Royal Navy Reserves.

Episode 128 – The Games – In which He-Man takes micro-management to a whole new level.

Episode 129 – To Save the Creatures – In which Skeletor tries to ruin King Randor’s birthday party.

Episode 130 – The Cold Zone – In which Kobra Khan forgets to pay the leccy bill.

Season 2 Summary – Wrapping up my reviews of Filmation’s He-Man, here’s a look back at the second season.

Filmation She-Ra Season 1

Episode 01 – Into Etheria – In which Prince Adam meets a man with an even worse dress sense.

Episode 02 – Beast Island – In which Bow begins his long and illustrious career of incompetence.

Episode 03 – She-Ra Unchained – In which Hordak develops a weapon with an oddly specific fuel requirement.

Episode 04 – Reunions – In which Glimmer, Madame Razz and Broom unleash the full extent of their infuriating natures.

Episode 05 – Battle for Bright Moon – In which Skeletor comes up with one last hurrah.

Episode 06 – Duel at Devlan – In which someone actually gets egg on their face.

Episode 07 – The Sea Hawk – In which She-Ra recruits some pirates.

Episode 08 – The Red Knight – In which Bow confirms that he’s going to be a very tedious presence throughout the series.

Episode 09 – The Missing Axe – In which I have amended the spelling of the word ‘ax’ in the episode title.

Episode 10 – The Prisoners of Beast Island – In which the writers introduce an S&M inclined dragon.

Episode 11 – The Peril of Whispering Woods – In which Adora forgets that her secret identity is meant to be secret.

Episode 12 – The Laughing Dragon – In which we learn that Bow looks rather fetching in a dress.

Episode 13 – King Miro’s Journey – In which we spend some time with Adora and Adam’s grandpa.

Episode 14 – Friendship – In which She-Ra falls for a dead obvious trap.

Episode 15 – He Ain’t Heavy – In which Shadow Weaver unleashes a powerful hoover.

Episode 16 – Return of the Sea Hawk – In which Adora and Sea Hawk establish some relationship ground rules.

Episode 17 – A Loss for Words – In which Hordak turns himself into an egg.

Episode 18 – Horde Prime Takes a Holiday – In which She-Ra’s arse nearly catches fire.

Episode 19 – Enchanted Castle – In which we learn about Castaspella’s history, which is of course something we all wanted to know.

Episode 20 – Three Courageous Hearts – In which She-Ra goes on a dinner date.

Episode 21 – The Stone in the Sword – In which She-Ra breaks her sword.

Episode 22 – The Crystal Castle – In which the Horde throw melons at Castle Bright Moon.

Episode 23 – The Crown of Knowledge – In which a door asks She-Ra how long her legs should be.

Episode 24 – The Mines of Mondor – In which She-Ra and co attempt a remake of The Great Escape.

Episode 25 – Small Problems – In which She-Ra picks a fight with a weasel.

Episode 26 – Book Burning – In which Adora and Bow put bags over their own heads.

Episode 27 – The Eldritch Mist – In which we get a vague hint that Adora and Adam enjoy an overly close sibling relationship.

Episode 28 – Bow’s Farewell – In which Bow and She-Ra go utterly mad.

Episode 29 – The Price of Freedom – In which He-Man lies around in a cave.

Episode 30 – Play It Again, Bow – In which Bow does indeed play it again, even though he definitely shouldn’t have.

Episode 31 – The Reluctant Wizard – In which our heroes persist in bothering a dude who just wants to be left alone.

Episode 32 – Friends Are Where You Find Them – In which She-Ra meets another irritating child.

Episode 33 – A Talent for Trouble – In which Madame Razz inadvertently refers to Orko’s sexual activities.

Episode 34 – Troll’s Dream – In which She-Ra teams up with some trolls. Actual trolls, not online trolls.

Episode 35 – Gateway to Trouble – In which Modulok defects from Snake Mountain.

Episode 36 – The Unicorn King – In which She-Ra discovers Brexit Island.

Episode 37 – The Anxious Apprentice – In which we retread very familiar ground.

Episode 38 – Zoo Story – In which we learn that Hordak has a sideline in zoo administration.

Episode 39 – Into the Dark Dimension – In which we learn that drugs are turn–offs.

Episode 40 – Treasures of the First Ones – In which She-Ra and Sea Hawk go treasure-hunting.

Episode 41 – Glimmer’s Story – In which Glimmer gives herself a new and demented haircut.

Episode 42 – Enemy With My Face – In which there is no enemy with anyone’s face.

Episode 43 – Welcome Back, Kowl – In which Bow notably doesn’t leap to his friend’s defence.

Episode 44 – The Rock People – In which we are invited to buy some Rock People action figures.

Episode 45 – Huntara – In which Hordak tells some porkies.

Episode 46 – Micah of Bright Moon – In which Glimmer’s absentee father returns.

Episode 47 – The Price of Power – In which a familiar story is told surprisingly well.

Episode 48 – Birds of a Feather – In which Bizarro-Kowl lands in Etheria.

Episode 49 – For Want of a Horse – In which Bow puts in a truly pitiful performance.

Episode 50 – Just Like Me – In which we have the pleasure of the company of yet another dreadful child.

Episode 51 – My Friend, My Enemy – In which She-Ra demonstrates her inherent goodness, and makes sure we all know about it.

Episode 52 – The Wizard – In which we meet the worst character in all of fiction ever.

Episode 53 – Unexpected Ally – In which we meet a decent man who works for the Horde.

Episode 54 – The Light of the Crystal – In which Bow is taken in by a stupid trick involving someone pretending to be a tree.

Episode 55 – Loo-Kee Lends a Hand – In which Loo-Kee takes a trip to Eternia.

Episode 56 – Of Shadows and Skulls – In which Skeletor gains the upper hand.

Episode 57 – Jungle Fever – In which Adora loses her memory.

Episode 58 – Black Snow – In which Frosta gets kidnapped by some giant rats.

Episode 59 – Anchors Aloft, Part 1 – In which Sea Hawk meets his father, and an aggressive mouse.

Episode 60 – Anchors Aloft, Part 2 – In which Sea Hawk’s father is barely relevant.

Episode 61 – Darksmoke and Fire – In which Granamyr pops up again, although I wish he hadn’t bothered.

Episode 62 – Magicats – In which She-Ra discovers an underground kingdom of cats.

Episode 63 – Flowers for Hordak – In which the Fright Zone becomes the Flower Zone.

Episode 64 – Wild Child – In which we get numerous vaguely linked plotlines, none of which work.

Episode 65 – The Greatest Magic – In which my blood pressure is once again subjected to unnecessary strain.

Season 1 Summary – A look back at She-Ra’s first season.

Bonus episodes of He-Man and She-Ra

Bonus Update: The Lost Episodes of He-Man – Six missing episodes unearthed.

Bonus Update: More Lost Episodes of He-Man – A further six missing episodes see the light of day.

Bonus Update: The Lost Episodes of She-Ra – Six missing episodes of Filmation’s She-Ra.

Bonus Update: He-Man Goes to Armenia – Mega-Construx He-Man tours Armenia.

Bonus Update: Skeletor Goes to Azerbaijan – Mega-Construx Skeletor tries to outdo Mega-Construx He-Man by touring Azerbaijan.

Bonus Update: He-Man and Skeletor go to Georgia – The Caucasian country trilogy ends with Mega-Construx He-Man and Mega-Construx Skeletor touring Georgia together.


The He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special – In which the Christmas spirit comes to Eternia. And Etheria. But mostly Eternia.

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