Episode 60 – Anchors Aloft, Part 2

In which Sea Hawk’s father is barely relevant.

After a speedy recap of last week’s shocking events, we are plunged straight back into the action. Admiral Scurvy has decided to chain all the pirates up and leave them on the island for a prison ship to pick up later, but he is taking Adora and Spirit back to Hordak. The moment Scurvy departs, Sea Hawk emerges and rescues the pirates. For some reason, he dresses up in the Falcon’s burglar outfit in order to do this, seemingly only for dramatic effect.

Anchors 6
Sea Hawk: “God, I look cool.”

Once the pirates are free, Sea Hawk sets them all to work converting the Falcon’s vessel into a solar flying ship, similar to the one that got blown up last week. While they are so occupied, he goes to talk to the Falcon, who is skulking about at the back of the cave, refusing to reveal himself to the pirates. He explains that he is old and ill, and only kept alive by the enchanted air of the island. I don’t know how he knows this, since he doesn’t appear to have ever tried to leave the island, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Unfortunately, Admiral Scurvy has got word of the release of the pirates, and turns his ship around to return to the island. With remarkable good fortune, Swen and the pirates complete their work on the solar sails in time, and head out to confront Scurvy. Naturally, pretty much the same thing happens as last week, since Scurvy’s ship massively outguns that of Sea Hawk. This time, however, Sea Hawk has learned from his mistakes, and tells his crew to get the ship out of range while he boards Scurvy’s vessel.

Anchors 7
Sea Hawk: “Listen guys, you’re all really annoying, so could you just clear off out of the episode now?”

As the battle unfolds, Adora manages to get hold of her sword and transforms into She-Ra, then goes off to demolish the guns on Scurvy’s ship. In the meantime, Sea Hawk tackles an endless array of Horde Troopers, while Davy Jones has a Tom-and-Jerry-like encounter with Scurvy’s cat Squall. All this jollity comes to an end, however, when Scurvy manages to capture She-Ra.

Scurvy loads She-Ra and Squall into a lifeboat, and tries to distract Sea Hawk with a bar of gold, in the deluded belief that Sea Hawk would rather have the gold than a chance to get into She-Ra’s pants. Sure enough, Sea Hawk chooses to rescue She-Ra, and once Scurvy is defeated, Sea Hawk suddenly remembers he has to rescue Adora as well. This means She-Ra has to run off, turn back into Adora, and put herself back into her cell, in order to be rescued. They already did that joke last week. It’s still pretty funny for a repeat performance, though.

Anchors 8
Admiral Scurvy: “Yeah, it is a bit tacky, I suppose. I can see why you didn’t go for it.”


In today’s adventure…

No sign of Loo-Kee for me today, but if you want to know, he was in Falcon’s cave. He explains that we should never cheat in order to win a game or pass a test, a subject which I think has absolutely zero relevance to the story we’ve just sat through.


Character checklist

It’s exactly the same cast list as it was last week, and so I’m going to give myself the day off and not trouble myself to type it all out again.



In Part 1 of this story, Davy Jones was incredibly free with his zingers, so it’s rather surprising that this week, he doesn’t say a cruel word to anyone, except perhaps a Horde Trooper towards the start, but I couldn’t make out what was said.

Anchors 9
Davy Jones: “I’d insult Squall, but I would prefer to stay hidden.”

On the other hand, Admiral Scurvy has a lot to say for himself. He addresses Sea Hawk’s crew as “pirate scum” and “pirate dogs”, as well as calling a Horde Trooper a “stupid robot” and an “idiot”. Furthermore, his entire army of Horde Troopers get referred to as “fools”. He reserves his best insult for She-Ra, who suffers the burn of being called a “blasted flying female”.

Adora calls Scurvy a “monster”, and evidently likes the way it rolls off her tongue, since she does it again later. Swen scores one for the rebels by telling Scurvy he is the “meanest shark in the twelve Etherian seas”, and then follows up by addressing some Horde Troopers as “cowardly tin cans”. Finally, a Horde Trooper gets in an “insolent rodent” aimed at Davy Jones.

Anchors 10
Horde Trooper: “Bit of a disproportionate response to me insulting a mouse, tbh.”


Does it have the Power?

This episode is some good solid pirate hi-jinks, but I’d hesitate to describe it as a classic. It’s certainly got ambition, since it ends with a decent change to the status quo: Sea Hawk’s crew out-and-out join the Rebellion, rather than just helping them out from time to time, and they also have their new ship. For animation purposes, it’s lucky the new ship looks just like the old one, but still. We also have a glacial advance in Adora and Sea Hawk’s relationship, for those that like that sort of thing.

There’s the usual problem with reintroducing someone’s father, though: for some gibberish reason or other, the Falcon can’t possibly leave the island, so we’re free to forget about him. To be honest, after all last week’s build-up about him, this episode virtually ignores him, featuring him in only one scene, and mentioning him in just one other. Bit of a missed opportunity there, I’d say.

While having this story as a two-parter does allow it time to breathe, I have to say it’s not entirely necessary. I was never bored throughout either part, but I don’t imagine it would have been too challenging to condense it into a single episode. Still, I’d give both parts of this story a good thumbs-up, as it’s pretty enjoyable.

Episode 59 – Anchors Aloft, Part 1

In which Sea Hawk finds his father, and an aggressive mouse.

Well, with a title like that, this episode’s just got to be about Sea Hawk. And so it proves. We join Adora, who’s popped aboard Sea Hawk’s ship for a dirty weekend, but all Sea Hawk wants to talk about is his father, who was an awesome pirate captain called the Falcon. Unfortunately, he disappeared 20 years ago. If this story doesn’t end with our heroes finding the Falcon, I’ll be very surprised indeed.

With this scene-setting reminiscence over, Swen spots a Horde tax vessel, and suggests robbing it. Sea Hawk agrees, but it very quickly transpires that it’s a trap, set by a Horde baddy called Admiral Scurvy, who comes equipped with a fat vicious looking ginger cat going by the name of Squall. It’s just as well that She-Ra happens to be in the area – but even with her help, the Horde manage to disable Sea Hawk’s ship.

Anchors 1
Admiral Scurvy: “Having been christened Admiral Scurvy, I couldn’t help but join the Evil Navy, could I?”

The crew evacuate the ship, all except Sea Hawk, who remains behind to distract the Horde long enough for the rest of the crew to escape. Unfortunately, the ship pretty much immediately blows up, prompting the crew to believe that Sea Hawk is dead. In actual fact, he’s somehow wound up on a desert island. His first concern is not for his crew or for his girlfriend, but instead what happened to his treasure chest. Leave him, Adora. You can do better. Well … actually, the only other eligible bachelor on Etheria is Bow. Okay, Adora. Stay with Sea Hawk.

On his island, Sea Hawk quickly makes friends with a needlessly aggressive talking mouse called Davy Jones. Davy Jones has a right attitude on him, but he does at least warn Sea Hawk that the Horde are on the island, searching for him, and he also helps Sea Hawk to hide. The hiding place is a cave which contains an old ship, which Davy Jones proclaims was once the finest ship on Etheria.

Anchors 2
Sea Hawk: “I was actually hoping to chat to Adora, not a lippy mouse.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew have been washed up on the same island, and they are very quickly captured by Admiral Scurvy and his Horde Troopers. On the old ship, Sea Hawk discovers a magic compass, which shows him that his crew are now Horde prisoners, and he resolves to rescue them. No doubt he would say more, but he is interrupted by a man in a purple cloak wearing a burglar’s mask, who challenges him to a duel.

Sea Hawk doesn’t particularly want to fight, but the burglar dude tells him that that is the only way he’ll get his crew back, so Sea Hawk accepts. It isn’t an enormously interesting battle, but it does eventually culminate in the episode’s cliffhanger ending, in which we learn that the man in the burglar outfit is, in fact, the Falcon. My oh my, what a surprise.

Anchors 3
The Falcon: “No one saw this coming.”


In today’s adventure…

Loo-Kee is hiding among the wreckage of Sea Hawk’s ship on the desert island, and he tells us that we will find friendship is more valuable than gold. This is an important lesson that Sea Hawk learned today at the end of the episode, but I couldn’t be bothered to include it in the synopsis because I was rapidly losing interest.


Character checklist

This opening part of a hopefully-only-two-part story features Adora, Spirit, She-Ra, Swift Wind, Sea Hawk, Swen, Davy Jones, the Falcon, loads of pirates, Loo-Kee, Admiral Scurvy, Squall, and the usual rank upon rank of Horde Troopers.


Excuse given for Adora’s disappearance

When it comes to time for the crew to abandon ship, Sea Hawk wants to know where Adora is. She-Ra looks worried, and responds, “I’m sure Adora’s fine,” but Sea Hawk refuses to leave without finding her. She-Ra thus has to turn back into Adora in order to be “rescued”, and even gets a kiss full on the lips for it.

Anchors 4
Spirit: “Oh, gimme a break, you two.”

Later on, Adora excuses her sneaking off by claiming she’s going to find a safe place to keep Spirit, in order to keep him out of Horde hands. Unfortunately, she never gets to the transformation stage, being interrupted in the middle of the phrase “For the honour of Grayskull.”



Davy Jones takes immediate and unprovoked exception to Sea Hawk today, calling him an “overgrown oaf”, a “fat head”, a “dummy”, “Mr Smarty Sea Hawk” and the “sorriest sap of a sea dog” in rapid succession.

Anchors 5
Davy Jones: “That told Sea Hawk. He’ll be crying for weeks.”


Does it have the Power?

Despite my comment above about losing interest, I found this episode pretty entertaining. It’s obviously a tad dependent on how it gets resolved next week, but it’s a decent setup for a hopefully fun Part 2. I sometimes wish this cartoon would be a little less obvious – mentioning Sea Hawk’s father at the start was a dead giveaway that he’d be appearing by the end – but that’s perhaps unfair, given the target audience.

Otherwise, the episode had a few highlights, especially the moment that She-Ra had to turn back into Adora in order to be rescued. The point at which Adora was prevented from turning into She-Ra again was also very pleasing. All in all, I’ll be tuning in next time with a reasonable degree of interest to see how this situation is sorted.

Episode 40 – Treasures of the First Ones

In which She-Ra and Sea Hawk go treasure-hunting.

This week’s hilarious Etherian japes concern Mystic Isle, a storehouse of the greatest treasures from Etheria’s ancient inhabitants, the First Ones. Mystic Isle only rises from the sea once every billion years or something, and Shadow Weaver has calculated that the big day is tomorrow. Hordak is naturally very interested in this, and plots to steal all the treasures and use them to rid himself of the Rebellion. I’m kind of rooting for Hordak here. She-Ra’s been getting on my tits lately.

Treasure 2
Shadow Weaver: “Alexa, show me a funky light show.”

Light Hope gets wind of the plan, and summons She-Ra and Swift Wind to the Crystal Castle. Once there, Light Hope dishes the dirt on Mystic Isle, and reveals that Hordak has equipped himself with a Horde Dreadnought ship. This doesn’t sound beyond She-Ra’s abilities, to be honest, but for whatever reason she decides she’s going to need help.

Help, in this case, comes from her old pirate mate, Sea Hawk, who was last seen about 25 episodes ago heading off to a night of passion with Adora. He’s only too willing to help out once the situation is explained, though he does express some degree of disappointment that Adora isn’t present again. Sea Hawk and Swen cloak their flying ship in an artificial cloud, and thinking themselves unobserved, they follow Hordak’s dreadnought across the ocean.

Hordak’s new friend, Octavia, a green lady with super-long tentacles, quickly detects the ship, and shoots a plasma missile at it. She-Ra’s response to this is, oddly, simply to walk up behind Sea Hawk and grab his hips. It doesn’t help, but perhaps it made her feel better. With a huge hole blasted in the side of the ship, it plummets to an island and is only saved by She-Ra, who manages to get there first and catch it.

Treasure 3
She-Ra: “I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore.”

Leaving Swen and the rest of the crew to repair the ship, She-Ra and Sea Hawk mount Swift Wind and continue their pursuit of Hordak, who has by now watched Mystic Isle rise from the sea and has begun to explore. She-Ra and Sea Hawk confront him, but quickly get embroiled in a fight with Octavia and some Horde Troopers, while Hordak heads off looking for treasures.

Once Octavia is defeated – a process which takes considerably longer than I’d have expected – She-Ra and Sea Hawk catch up with Hordak. As it happens, there was no need to worry anyway: the treasure of the First Ones turns out to be cultural artefacts, such as paintings and statues, all of which doesn’t interest Hordak one bit. I’m not surprised, to be honest; I’m not sure I’d be that interested in a load of paintings that had been under the sea for millions of years.

Treasure 4
Hordak: “Play that funky music white boy.”

On cue, She-Ra launches into her lecture about the value of items that show love, beauty, freedom and truth. Before she can really get going, though, Hordak interrupts her to say he’s going to destroy all the treasures, just to shut her up. In the end, of course, She-Ra saves the treasures, and then loads them all onto Sea Hawk’s newly repaired ship to take them back to Whispering Wood, so that halfwits like Bow can gawp over them.


In today’s adventure…

No sign of Loo-Kee today, though at the end he reveals he was in a tree in Whispering Wood. Surprise, surprise. After last time’s random and meandering rant about drugs, Loo-Kee is far more on-target this week, with a short discussion of the value of art and a recommendation that we all go to our local art museum to see what art is all about. I’d be surprised if anyone took him up on it, since he doesn’t make much effort to sell this notion, but points for trying, I suppose.


Character checklist

There’s a reasonably interesting cast list this week, featuring Adora, Spirit, She-Ra, Swift Wind, Sea Hawk, Swen, Light Hope, Loo-Kee, Hordak, Octavia, and some Horde Troopers. I didn’t notice any other pirates on Sea Hawk’s ship, so it would appear that he and Swen now form just a two-man operation.

Treasure 5
Sea Hawk: “Seeing as we’re the only three people on this ship, couldn’t you two make yourselves useful?”


Excuse given for Adora’s disappearance

Sea Hawk asks whether Adora might be coming along, but She-Ra simply says, “I’m afraid not,” without offering any explanation. This is a shame, since it might have been funny if She-Ra had tried to bait Sea Hawk by saying, “Sorry, no, she’s too busy with Bow. Now there’s a guy who really knows how to shoot his arrows,” or some other appalling innuendo. On the other hand, I’ve now got a mental image that I don’t want, so perhaps it’s best this wasn’t elaborated on after all.



Octavia kicks things off by calling Swift Wind a “foul beast” and Sea Hawk a “braggart”. Sea Hawk retaliates by referring to Octavia as “our gruesome friend”, while She-Ra opts for the more descriptive but less insulting “octopus lady”. Hordak doesn’t think much of Octavia either, calling her a “fool”. His insult to She-Ra is along the same lines: “sentimental fool”, to which Sea Hawk retorts that Hordak is a “tin can”. Finally, She-Ra addresses Hordak as a “cheap villain”, which is the sort of comment on Hordak that is probably best left unmentioned, lest the viewers realise it’s true and desert the show in droves.

Treasure 6
Octavia: “I may have stupid green tendrils, but at least I don’t look cheap.”


Does it have the Power?

Let’s get one complaint out of the way first: Swen’s constant use of phrases like “Stuff me with seaweed” and “Fry me as a fritter” gets irritating mighty quickly. I was incredibly pleased when he got written out about halfway through the episode. I’m sure Swen wasn’t this annoying on his previous two appearances.

Otherwise, it was good to see Sea Hawk again; Etheria seems a more realistic place with lots of recurring characters, all fighting the Horde in their own way, popping up every now and again. It’s nice that the plotline concerning Sea Hawk’s attraction to Adora is being continued, as it helps to give depth to these characters, and makes the series not seem completely episodic.

The plot was quite fun as well, seeming like a far more competent version of the He-Man episode The Ancient Mirror of Avathar. Hordak’s dismay when he discovers the treasures are worthless paintings and statues is worth the price of admission alone. There’s a decent degree of realism depicted too – at one point, Octavia freezes Swift Wind in a giant ice cube, and when he’s freed, he complains of being cold, rather than just leaping straight into action again like he normally would. It’s a very simple but effective touch.

And speaking of Octavia, I’m in two minds. Her design is quite cool and she comes across as a worthy opponent, what with her ability to hold four swords at once. Unfortunately, her voice acting is somewhat below par, and she laughs like a complete maniac all too frequently. Plus, given she’s based on an octopus, surely it would have made more sense for her to have eight tentacles? A final indignity for Octavia is the inclusion of a strange scene in which it looks like Hordak’s giving her a sound spanking. On the strength of her performance this week, therefore, I don’t think we’ll be seeing her again.

Treasure 1
Hordak: “There is no way to caption this classily.”

I’ll conclude with a thumbs up for this week’s episode, which makes three good ones in a row. Who’d have thought it possible?

Episode 16 – Return of the Sea Hawk

In which Adora and Sea Hawk establish some relationship ground rules.

Do you remember the Elves of Seaworthy, from Sea Hawk’s first episode? And did you dislike them quite intensely? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, you’ll probably be quite pleased with the opening scene this week, which features Catra and Grizzlor sailing a Horde prison ship into Seaworthy Harbour, and loading all the Elves aboard as prisoners. This is the first stage of Catra’s latest and probably not greatest scheme – to lure Adora and Sea Hawk into attempting a rescue.

Return 1
Catra: “Tough crowd.”

In Whispering Woods, Adora is revealing to Madame Razz that she fancies the pants off Sea Hawk, but Sea Hawk is only interested in She-Ra. Not unexpectedly, Madame Razz has little in the way of useful advice, so perhaps it’s just as well that they are distracted by the arrival of the news of Catra’s little ploy. Madame Razz heads off to find Sea Hawk, while Adora becomes She-Ra and flies off to Seaworthy.

Once She-Ra locates the prison ship, Catra gets slightly over-enthusiastic and shoots a pair of nuclear warheads at her. Although She-Ra successfully dodges these, she is subsequently captured when Catra contrives to give her a severe electric shock. Catra chains Swift Wind up, and imprisons She-Ra in a forcefield, but doesn’t have much time to gloat before Sea Hawk arrives in his flying ship.

Return 2
Catra: “Looks like She-Ra and Swift Wind have been living it up in Wetherspoons again.”

Despite having every opportunity, Catra doesn’t repeat her electric shock trick on Sea Hawk, and it’s entirely due to this incomprehensible error of judgement that her entire plan starts going tits up. Sea Hawk finds She-Ra in her forcefield, attempting to break through. Well, I assume that’s what she’s doing, but the animation quality suffers one of its rare lapses here and simply makes She-Ra look like she’s rubbing her breasts against the forcefield for thrills. Sea Hawk puts a stop to this, releasing She-Ra just in time for her to have a bit of a barney with Catra.

Sea Hawk trots off to release the Elves, but gets seized from behind by Grizzlor, and needs to be rescued by She-Ra, who sees fit to stand seductively by the doorway and flirt a little bit before doing so. Once that sickening sequence is over with, Sea Hawk loads the Elves aboard his ship, and She-Ra knocks a hole in the bottom of the prison ship, in a blatant attempt to murder Catra and Grizzlor. She-Ra and Sea Hawk then take the Elves back to Seaworthy, ignoring the fact that there’s nothing to stop Catra from just trying the same thing again next week.

Return 3
Sea Hawk: “Sorry about having my mouth gaping open like this. I’m well aware that I look like the village idiot.”

The episode ends with Sea Hawk revealing to Adora that he doesn’t think of She-Ra as a potential lover, but he’d be very interested in taking a walk with Adora. Adora correctly interprets this as, “I’d like to jump your bones,” and they head off screen with a spring in their steps.


In today’s adventure…

Loo-Kee – the location of whom was once again impossible to spot in the episode – informs us that if you like someone, you should tell them, and there’s every possibility that they’ll respond in kind. The word ‘like’ is clearly quite loaded with a deeper meaning here, and I’m damned if I’m taking dating advice from a blue-tailed pixie like Loo-Kee.

Return 4
Loo-Kee: “Listen to me, and you’ll be set up with your life partner in no time.”


Character checklist

It’s a pretty well-populated episode, this one, involving Adora, Spirit, She-Ra, Swift Wind, Madame Razz, Broom, Sea Hawk, Swen, some Twiggets, the Sea Elves, Loo-Kee, Catra, Grizzlor, and the omnipresent Horde Troopers.


Excuse given for Adora’s disappearance

The transformation takes place off screen today, which is a relief, because this is the second episode I’ve watched today, and the incessant She-Ra music is beginning to get permanently embedded in my head. So, anyway, there’s no excuse on this occasion.



Well, this is probably a new record. Grizzlor takes a fair number of fur-related insults, including “furface” and “furball” from Catra, and the rather stronger “fur-faced nightmare” from Sea Hawk. The nameless Horde Troopers get a touch of abuse, with Sea Hawk calling a pair of them “metalheads”, and another being on the sharp receiving end of “fool” from Catra.

Return 5
Grizzlor: “Catra, please, pretty please, can I get a personality soon?”

Early on, one of the Twiggets calls another one a “twigbrain”, and Catra calls She-Ra a “muscle-bound meddler”, though not to her face. She-Ra also calls Catra a “cat lady”, and threatens to trim her whiskers. Sea Hawk addresses Madame Razz to tell her, “You are a little heavy,” which I don’t think is the way to a lady’s heart.

And finally, Catra has it in for Sea Hawk, whom she calls a “fool”, a “rebel-loving slug”, and a “worm”. Sea Hawk bizarrely responds to this latter with, “Flattery will get you nowhere.” I understand his desire to engage in witty banter, but that one needed a bit of work.


Does it have the Power?

It’s got Catra in it, so of course it does. She really livens up the Horde by actually having a discernible personality. It may help, of course, that I like cats, but the writers have really captured a cat’s spiteful nature. I like the fact that Catra seems to be acting as a jilted lover around Sea Hawk; she seems personally betrayed by him, with interesting consequences. I also enjoyed the shot of her drinking milk out of a saucer.

Return 6
Grizzlor: “Catra, could you please stop slurping that milk??”

Otherwise, I can take or leave the plot about Adora and Sea Hawk getting it on, and I certainly didn’t need the bit where Madame Razz got together with Swen the pirate. The main plot featuring the imprisonment of the Sea Elves was simple but effective, and the whole thing was pretty enjoyable. This one gets a thumbs-up.

Episode 07 – The Sea Hawk

In which She-Ra recruits some pirates.

She-Ra is messing about, flying on Swift Wind over the ocean, with no evident purpose. Naturally, she soon comes across a sinking ship crewed by Sea Elves, and is obliged to rescue them and take them to the nearby port of Seaworthy. Once at Seaworthy, She-Ra meets Mayor Gumby, who solemnly informs her that a monster has been terrorising the village for some time. She-Ra doesn’t seem to believe the Elves, though I can’t see why not. On Etheria, the presence of a monster isn’t inherently implausible. Still, she kindly and patronisingly offers to go and find the monster.

Sea Hawk 1
She-Ra: “I’m rather sick of this hole business.”

She-Ra quickly finds a large vessel hidden in a nearby bay, and she decides that this must be the monster. Good thinking, She-Ra! Boats do look like monsters – if you’re mental. Investigating further, She-Ra notes that the ship has some weird sails and flies a pirate flag. Spotting the pirates robbing a warehouse, she opts to turn back into Adora before confronting them. I don’t know why.

Adora manages to move about 20 feet before she is intercepted by a big tall ginger pirate, who turns out to be the captain and is called Sea Hawk. Managing to persuade the crew that she is lost and looking for Seaworthy, they offer to give her a lift – though they’re going via Horde Harbour. One of the pirates, Swen, recognises Adora and asks her to try to persuade Sea Hawk to join the Rebellion.

Sea Hawk 2
Sea Hawk: “I wonder if you could explain this stupid black band round my head.”

Adora puts in a halfway decent effort to recruit Sea Hawk, but before there are any tangible results, the ship arrives at Horde Harbour. Catra and Grizzlor greet Sea Hawk, pay him for some goods, and send their Horde Troopers onto the ship to collect the merchandise. Because Adora is an idiot, she stands around on deck and is immediately recognised by the Troopers. Catra places her under arrest, with Sea Hawk’s reluctant help.

Sea Hawk thinks about what he has done, and finally decides to throw his lot in with the rebels. His first act of rebellion will be to rescue Adora, and with this in mind, he activates his ship’s weird sails, which enables it to fly. Sea Hawk easily boards Catra and Grizzlor’s ship, nicks the keys to the cells, and releases Adora. Adora thanks him by saying, “I knew there was good in you,” in such a sickly voice that I would have locked her up again if I were Sea Hawk.

Sea Hawk 3
Catra: “In the Big Evil Purple Cat stakes, I’m definitely better than Panthor.”

Adora then ducks into a cupboard, turns into She-Ra, and gratuitously kicks the cupboard door off its hinges before emerging. She then comes to the rescue of Sea Hawk, who has been cornered by Catra, before disappearing and turning back into Adora. This is to the great disappointment of Sea Hawk, who has clearly got the hots for She-Ra. He agrees to join the Rebellion, quite possibly only as part of a long-term strategy to get off with She-Ra.


Character checklist

This swashbuckling tale features Adora, Spirit, She-Ra, Swift Wind, Loo-Kee, Sea Hawk, Swen, the other pirates, the Sea Elves, Mayor Gumby, Hordak, Catra, Grizzlor and some Horde Troopers.

Sea Hawk 4
Adora: “Guys, you can’t both dance with me.”


In today’s adventure…

Today, I didn’t see Loo-Kee during the episode, because he was ridiculously well-hidden in an establishing shot of Seaworthy. I was still spluttering about how difficult it was to see him, so I wasn’t really concentrating on the moral, but I think it was about looking for the good in people, even if they seem evil, like Sea Hawk.


Excuse given for Adora’s disappearance

Sea Hawk asks She-Ra if Adora got away. She-Ra knows a good opportunity when she sees it, and replies, “Yes.”



Lots and lots of insults this week. We get off to a mild start when Sea Hawk calls Swen a “sympathetic fool” for offering to give Adora a lift to Seaworthy. Things hot up a bit more with Hordak referring to Adora as a “rebel traitor”, and then all hell lets loose when Sea Hawk starts fighting Catra and Grizzlor. He refers to Grizzlor as “piggy” (more appropriate for Hordak, I’d have thought), and Catra as “whiskers” and “cat lady”, and then – a bit oddly – to the pair of them as “squids”. Finally, he calls Hordak “old bony”.

Sea Hawk 5
Sea Hawk: “Now may not be the time to mention this, Grizzlor, but you look like you’re wearing a stupid balaclava.”

Catra manages to fire off one insult to Sea Hawk, calling him a “treacherous pirate dog”. Grizzlor only achieves insulting Catra, whom he calls a “cheater”. There’s a possibility that this was supposed to be a pun on “cheetah”, but I can’t say for certain without acquiring a copy of the script, which is a level of dedication to which I’m not willing to go.


Does it have the Power?

Yes, I suppose so. It’s still quite difficult to tell which the good episodes of She-Ra are, so with my current low expectations, I think we could call this one a decent offering. It’s perhaps a little soon for another baddy-turns-into-a-goody episode, since we had this with Adora not all that long ago, but Sea Hawk is a likeable character, and certainly comes across as more competent than Bow, the only other male lead.

We’re still not seeing the other members of the Rebellion much; She-Ra seems to be a bit of a lone wolf. That doesn’t concern me too much, given how irritating I find some of those characters. Catra is definitely an interesting baddy; the writers have managed to make her character rather catty, in both senses. Grizzlor, on the other hand, remains a complete nonentity, and despite being on screen for no more than 60 seconds this week, Hordak still manages to emit six pig snorts, so he’s still not in my good books.